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sad that alot of the gamemodes are behind paywall but still good game
really wished sandbox was free [難過]

Been loving the game so far although have host connection issues on wifi

very true to source material in graphics audio and Gameplay, Worth playing for both new comers and fans of show.

Graphics and Audio are excellent goes without saying, Gorgeous Chibi Characters and animations, Beautiful Camp Environments and Gear/Item Models, Relaxing BGM and Really cute Sound effects. Fully voiced and animated story and incredible OST and UI Graphics.

-Gameplay is Resource management Camping Simulation with goal to mid max your camping statistics to suceed in events, very engaging and has many strategical elements to it, very well executed gameplay loop both in theory and practice.
My only issue with it is the length of the camping expedition in comparison to cost of stamina/energy making it end up repetitive in long sessions where you're trying to use all your refreshing resources.
This is abit early to say but i get the feeling the scripted nature of these Camping expeditions may lead to less replay value for them too, Definitely looking forward to Randomized versions and perhaps a Doubling of both stamina cost and Rewards for scripted ones.

Other gamemodes include IRL Camp Ground pokedex and ingame custom camp creation, former only available in for JP citizens. Along with Circles(Guilds), Picture and Profile Of the Week Rankings, Costume specific Stories, Upgrading and creation of Camping Gear and all Gacha Items, and of course Gacha [開心].

-Story is mix of 3d Chibi Animations(Very Cute) and Visual Novel dialogue sections along with 2d Frames from original Anime(wish they were tad more frequent as they play at 1 frame per second, Great addition nonetheless) Haven't watched Full anime so can't tell if there's any creative Original parts from Devs side but it doesn't feel like it.

So far Game is looking really F2P with manu sources for pul currency.

first week has been rough on data usage, 2gb worth of update as game renews its engine every 2 days [汗顏] this is getting pretty silly



Great game though i wish the UI on missions menu was more interesting and that it had more preformance related options

Botworld Adventure


wow is this an under-rated gem, pokemon-like game with tiny robots that has dynamic real time Gameplay that's very fun and clean, amazing visuals in 3d environment with cartoonist look. very VERY expansive world that i was not prepared for going in and music is just excellent with really immersing story too, not only is the game f2p but it's playable offline too!
i wish i was joking when i put 5 atar in every category but I'm completely serious this is an incredible game and it earned each full category, you have to try it! [哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]

didn't wanna rate the story since it's a pretty one sided commentary on middle eastern conflict from western perspective, ended up just skipping most cause i didn't find it funny [汗顏] great game though



this game has some of the cleanest and well made charts in all mobile rhythm gaming, i used to make charts for them and i can catch on to those tiny quality of life they have in pattern and highlights, the fact it also has extremely well made custom gimmicks with the UI that is more often than not purely for visuals makes them brim with quality, add in the fact these gimmicks are sometimes unique or altered per difficulty as well and all i can say is Incredible work by the mappers and everyone involved and highly recommend this game for people starting out at rhythm games or for mappers to enjoy this absolute treat of an experience [色色]

Dungeon Overlord


Surprisingly fun tower defense game! not usually a fan of that genra but this experience was entertaining

the merge system and ability to change tower placement freely makes for more engaging Gameplay and there's plethora of gamemodes to choose from

game also did fantastic job by having a sweeping function for completed stages since TD games are infamous for how long their stages take

only issue i had is with game audio breaking when i log in with my account(guest one if it's important) which made me play without audio entire time [暈] i left that category empty for that reason, feel free to try it out it's a great TD pick!

N-INNOCENCE- | English


authentication error sadly can't play



Gameplay dragging functions are so frustrating to do when it randomly lets go if im not literally stomping my phone hard enough for it

wonderful game with very fun tile rpg turn based combat


Lonely Survivor


fun bullet hell survivors game



i wish the game had ability to sweep stages you 3 stared
great game though [微笑]



i wish the mania editor would be easier to use with some hotkeys to go back and forward in time in beat snaps, and ability to select multiple time lines too for syncing entire timings

Probably the best bullethell touhou replica on android of all time! must try it!
it supports english too by the way!

Graphics: The Graphics have never been a strong part of touhou games but even still i think menus are are great and easy to maneuver character sprites and art are wonderful too plus the spellcards are as pretty as always [開心]

Sound: Remixed songs of touhou that all i have to say 5/5 touhou music is blessed, great sound effects too [微笑]

Gameplay: the game lets you set your own sensitivity and has a black bar at bottom so your finger doesn't cover up where you're looking! they did fantastic job at replicating most of original patterns and spellcards [色色] and innovated with sone cool mechanics on some rare occasions! it lets you play any touhou game from scarlet to hidden star [開心][開心] two unlockable stages being i presume pc98 entries and evey game is a boss rush version of the original with extra bosses included in [懵懂] extremely fun and can practice any of the spells on any game! wide selection of playable units all with their own abilities and gimmicks(seija is the best [開心][開心]) and the best part [懵懂] there's a music room! This game is insanely good [開心][開心][開心]

Story: except for fact there's no story hahaha but i dont think they really wanted to replicate story of zun too so it's understandable [色色]

Value: everything is free to play!!! [賣萌]

The war Fernet


The translation isn't finished completely for english but i think the game is great! [懵懂]

Graphics are pretty tame very little in animations but UIs look great and clean and character and background art is really nice too

Sound: i enjoyed the music in the game and sound effects but i wish there were some character voice lines [可憐]

Gameplay: turn based grid map rogue game, great in terms of playability and fun [開心] i enjoyed Gameplay the most and map variety was fantastic too glad they added so many in [懵懂]

Story: can't really say for sure since translation wasn't complete [難過] but the narrative seemed great and plot was interesting not too dragged out or straightforward it was nice [微笑] hope to properly redo it fully after completion of english version!

Value: the game seemed f2p friendly with pity and currency and packs were pretty good deals too [開心]

pretty exciting new game and i'll happily recommend it once fully translated! [厲害]

Checkmate Heroes


really nice idle game themed after chess! (no actual chess Gameplay only theme [厲害])

Graphics: the game has some of best idle game 3d animations i've ever seen! superbe unit animations and good graphics [懵懂]

Sound: i loved the music in the game was really nice and never got old [開心] character voice acting is also incredible but there's only one line per unit that i could see [難過]

Gameplay: auto battler grid based game with units commanding little armies of their own, my big problem with the gameplay is that it has no skip function unless you overly out power a stage in stats [難過] so the gameplay got pretty old watching same units fighting over and over, it didn't help that gameplay had no dynamic camera or anything and i could only watch back of my units [為什麼] definitely could use some work but game makes up for it in variety in gamemodes [開心] that all have same unskippable battles [發怒] but they're much appreciated ,there's pvp too [微笑]

Story: there was an attempt but game didn't really worry about its story much, you play as what i would call god that frees heroes trapped in chess pieces, very little story aside from couple lines of dialogue at start and end of chapters [可憐]

Value: Game seems pretty f2p although pull currency seems hard to come by [開心]

Overall fun game and i really really hope they add a skip function! [懵懂]

incredibly fun rhythm game! with captivating story and very customizable Gameplay!

Graphics: the ingame and menu UIs are very clean, polished and pretty with smooth animations! character art is really nice too [色色]

Sound: A mass amount of songs of all genra with many popular rhythm game artists's custom songs, story and menu bgm is wonderful too [開心][開心]

Gameplay: Down scroll 5 lane game with no gimmicks aside from scroll speed variations [哇噻] that's all i ever wanted i didn't ask for horizontal lanes or floating notes or flick notes i just wanted normal click and hold Gameplay [色色][色色] and game perfectly delivers! (i find it hard to hit out lanes accurately though maby increasing their hitbox would be nice [厲害]) many many otions to play with from scroll speed visual sync audio sync adding stickers to in-game screen pretty much everything is changeable in options [色色]
sadly no multi-player yet [難過]

Story: found the story a refreshing breath of air, finally a good rhythm game narrative with interesting plot lines loveable characters and beautiful art sprinkled in [色色][色色] all while playing fun songs in-between, just amazing experience!

Value: i found it was easy to get new songs through research system as rewards for clearing missions and game has tons of songs by default anyway so i'd say it's a great f2p game [開心][開心][開心][開心]

Overall i dont think kalpa does anything special to deferentiate itself from other rhythm games but it absolutely perfects all the base things other games were struggling on [開心] you'll enjoy it for sure!

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