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Neural Cloud | English


Alright, here goes.

Graphics: character illustrations are good. If you've played GFL before, you'd know that the characters' outfit are tastefully done; no over fanservice. That's also true here, although not completely. Characters like Vee and Aki give plenty of fanservice, especially the latter.

The in-game graphics are also nice, though the fight stages do feel same-y as early as going into chapter 2. The battle sprites are chibis; some will get turned off by that for sure, but the chibis are not in any way bad. They're colorful and do a good enough job of expressing the characters' personality.

Sound: I don't really play with sound. This is made even more convenient with the game having a "mute mode" or something like that. However, from what little I heard, there's nothing that caught my interest when it comes to the BGM, although I think I heard some that are a bit similar to the original GFL. The same can be said about the VA. Nothing remarkable.

Gameplay: it's a rogue like. In short, in each stage you'll have to advance through some "rooms" filled with either enemies, recovery room, the shop, or wildcards. After defeating an enemy room you'll have the chance to get a buff for your party, which consists of 5 frontliners and 3 backliners. You can also NOT get a buff and get a currency to be used in the shop. There's a lot of things that simply can't be explained through reviews like this; I suggest trying the game to see it all.

The battle system itself is an autochess. The battlefield is divided into grids and you place your characters to each grid. Some grids can give special effects, such as unlimited range for ranged characters, giving a shield, and even teleporting. There are also player skills, which is additional crowd control skills not tied to characters.

The only similarity this game has with Arknights in terms of gameplay is that they both use chibi graphics. Neural Cloud plays very differently from Arknights, it's useless to compare between them. I'm only including this since I saw someone saying this game is "70% arknights."

Storyline: it is a "side-quel" to GFL. Yes, side, not prequel. GFL spans from 2062 to 2064. Neural Cloud's story starts in 2063. You don't have to know anything about GFL to enjoy the story, everything is explained to you in each relevant story piece. However, these explanations might be too wordy to you, or well, at least it does for me. There are a lot of tech-y terms used that might not make sense to an average person such as "hash rate" and "operands." Despite this, I'd say the story is still good, though a tad generic. There's sufficient intrigue that keeps me hooked on the story, and there aren't many down time between each story events so you won't read too much filler. A downside of this is that character interaction suffer as a result. You only see them interact with each other in high stress environment.

Value: first, the store. It seems standard. There are lots of limited-time offers where the value is $1 per gacha pull. The monthly card is also standard, $5 for a 10-pull and some more.

Now, the gacha. It is very generous. As of this review, there are only 11 characters of the highest rarity (3 stars) and one of them isn't available in the gacha pool (future release?). The rate is 3.6% total with 1% for the rate-up character. They gave at least 30 pulls from launch mail alone. I've pulled 100 times with 4 3 stars to show for it. There are both pity and spark system: if, after pulling 59 times, you still don't get a 3 star, then your 60th pull will be a 3 star. After 180 pulls, you can exchange the points you get from pulling (1 pull = 1 point) for the banner character.

Also worth noting that some of the strongest characters in this game are of the 1 and 2 star rarity. Lam, Simo, Betty, and Sakuya are better than some of the 3 stars. All characters also have the chance to get ranked up. Maximum rank is 5 stars. If you've ever played priconne or blue archive, it's basically like those games. The character shards can be farmed, aside from being bought from the shard shop, so don't neglect the lower rarities.

Almost forgot about this, but there's a one time "banner" where you can choose a 3 star and trade some gacha currency for it. I put banner on quotations since it's not a gacha per se; the only thing you'll get is the chosen 3 star. You're not pulling for anything here.

Extras: although it still has the "girls' frontline" name on the logo, the game does have some male characters in it, though they are a minority (5 characters out of 41). Most notable one is the aforementioned Aki. Dude's one of the best warrior in the game, and once you get him to 5 stars, you'll be treated to his glorious bare abs. Yeah, this is the fanservice that I was talking about. However, dude's also the only manly man type; the other 4 males fall into the pretty boy type. I even confused one or two of them for a girl before reading their background story.

Another thing, the reroll process is very painful since the tutorial is very long while also not being skippable. You'd be better off playing with what you get since, like I said, many of the lower rarity characters are very good, plus you're also given 2 free 3 star characters. The free tank, Croque, is especially good. Sooner or later you'll get most of the characters and you're also able to farm the character shards.

Edit to add: I forgot to say that this game is buttery smooth. Loading screens are minimal, and the UI is straightforward. Another thing that might interest you is that Owl City has a collaboration song with this game. Yes, that Owl City. You might not believe your eyes if 10 million fireflies... and so on.

I guess that's it for now. This game is definitely one of the better releases this year. If you're looking for a gacha game with an unusual gameplay (haven't seen any other gacha with roguelike as the primary gameplay) then PNC would be a good game to try.

Idk I'm just going for the rewards, maybe I'll edit this later

First things first: THIS IS AN IDLE GAME. Adjust your expectations accordingly before going in.

Graphics: worse than I thought. Even after you chose high quality (this game weirdly defaults to low quality no matter how good your phone is) the graphics are still bad. The character sprites are somehow still kind of blurry, and the environment still look pixelated somehow. Anyone who has watched trailers of the game will expect lots and lots of butt jiggle, but in reality, many of the girls' behind are covered by either a coat/jacket/shield/whatever OR by your thumb since the gameplay is press and drag.

Sound: I haven't played with sound enough to rate it. However, from what little I heard, the jp dub is good. From what I see in reddit, people at least praised the voice acting in multiple dubs, not only jp, and the BGMs are also allegedly good.

Gameplay: it's a rail shooter. Think house of the dead or time crisis, if you're familiar with arcade games. Whether you manual or auto it, both have advantages and disadvantages. Auto will aim at random enemy, even if the boss has already appeared. Meanwhile manual, you'll get bored fast since the girls' skills are so bland; it's either increase some stats, or just pure damage skill. Your skill activation speed is also inferior to auto, except in cases where you want to hold it. However, there are some contents where you have to manual, and from my experience in CBT, those will at least be more interesting since the difficulty is higher.

Story: it's good. It's not too edgy, yet it doesn't take itself too lightly either. There's a balance between serious time and the jokes. This is what makes it shine compared to other idle games since it actually has a good, coherent storyline.

Value: only the one time packs are worth it. You shouldn't ever buy crystals directly unless you're a whale. The battle pass is also overpriced in my opinion, not to mention the grind for it is also awful.

Additional notes:

1)the loading screens are atrocious. Initial loading after you boot up the game is very long, the game also asks you to choose a server everytime you log in even though you've already made an account. The in-game loadings, while not too long, are numerous. Main menu to stages? Loading. Go back? Load again. Go to the base? Yep. Enter a stage and exiting it? You guessed it. It is so irritating.

2) beginner gacha experience is horrible. Note the "beginner" word. First, you can't delete an account. Well, you can, but there's a 30-day wait period. Next, you can only access the gacha after clearing stage 1-4. ALL. MANUALLY. Fortunately you can skip the tutorial dialogue to speed it up a bit. THEN, when you finally got to the gacha section, your first 10-pull will always include an SSR. Nice, right? Nope. As of launch, NIKKE boasts 44 SSR characters, with performance ranging from broken to "why is she an SSR?" and there are a LOT who tilt to the latter. If you don't care about rerolling and only want the ass, you won't have to experience this hell, but others who care to get at least 1 good character, like me, will suffer. I rerolled 14 times and by that time I'm already sick of repeating the stages so I finally relented and just use what I got.

For account changing process, one thing that is good is that you can use salted emails, so you don't need to create a bunch of emails to reroll. One email is enough.

After you got through that, the launch gift is really underwhelming. 20 rolls in total for a dupe intensive idle game (which genre usually shower players with pulls) is very lackluster, especially compared to another game that I reviewed recently, Path to Nowhere, where you easily get around 30 or 40 pulls at the start.

Tl;dr it's an idle game. A very, very polished idle game, yes, but still an idle game. At least there are SOME actual gameplay here. The fan service is nice too, although it's held back by the aforementioned drawbacks. All in all if you like idle games, or if you've always wanted to try one, NIKKE is good to try.



Graphics: its great, especially if you're looking for something different from the usual anime-style illustrations that this industry uses. For the in-game graphics, it's average, I guess. It's 3D, not chibi, so if you're sick of gachas with chibi, then this game also a good choice.

Sound: I don't really care for the music, but from what I hear it's nice. Nothing groundbreaking, of course. On the other hand, the voice acting is really nice. It's available in 4 languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. I've only heard EN and JP ones, and what I heard so far is really good. The main story is also fully voiced except SOME of the MC (us) dialogue.

Gameplay: well, it looks like tower defense, except we can move our charas, so it's more like RTS rather than TD. Also, the difficulty is not as punishing as Arknights. I've seen some recommending AK instead of this game, but so far this game doesn't force players (not me, at least) to look up stage guides in order to clear a stage like I heard many AK players say. However, there ARE some inconsistencies in difficulty. For example, players will experience a difficulty spike at stage 2-9 (for clearing the challenge) and then the difficulty will decrease again.

Another point against Arknights is the fact that this game respects players' time. It has the sweep system, held back only by stamina. So you just need to wait for a few seconds to collect the materials you need, compared to AK which doesn't even have auto repeat.

Storyline: well, it's the standard dystopian setting that's popular within this industry. The game also uses many of the usual plot device like "player is amnesiac". However, it uses those plot devices rather skillfully. Two chapters in, I can say that I like the story. I hate the characters that I'm supposed to hate, I like those I'm supposed to like, and I think there might even be some variations of the story since the player is asked to "choose carefully" at some dialogue choices. I don't know how big those variations are, or if they even exist, but it at least gives gravity to our choices.

Value: well, the packages look to be fairly priced. There's the usual battle pass, free and premium, with an l2d skin on the premium one. The monthly pass is also standard, $5 for one 10-pull spread across 30 days. I think I'll stay on free though, lol. For f2p, I think it's kinda good? I've been playing for less than 2 days and I've accumulated enough currency for 50+ pulls. That's including the free tickets I got from logins. Apart from that, the launch celebration missions gives you one S-rank, the highest rarity. That S-rank is also allegedly one of the best of all. Oh lastly, there's a discounted beginner banner that only cost 8 tickets to do a 10-pull, and what makes this banner great is that the first 10-pull is guaranteed to give you an S-rank.

The con for me so far is something at the start: you're only given access to all the launch gifts after clearing stage 1-4. That makes it harder to reroll. This problem is also exacerbated by the fact that there's not guest login AND a 15-day waiting period to delete your account. This means you have to create a bunch of e-mails (can't use salted e-mails) if you want to reroll.

That concludes my review for this game. It's worth a try if you like TD.

Edit: for those who want to start, try getting Langley. Dps is king here, killing enemy faster and earlier means you don't have to worry about the stage challenge (no SAN reduced). I settled on Zoya and I kinda regret it cuz she's melee, not ranged lol. There are some stages that forces you to use long range more with only 1 or 2 melee. If you don't want to waste time rerolling then that's okay, EMP is also amazing even if she's only B-rank.

Looks like another coomerbait game, will update after I play this a bit.

Update: this... This is just another one of those "raise your kingdom" idle shits. You got the "harem," the "collect soldier, gold, etc," every single thing is the same as any other game of this type. The only good thing I can say about this game is the illustrations and that's not even by much. Bleh.

Tales of Grimm


Well... It's your typical idle game. The graphics is unique, taking fairy tales to a grim setting. The sound and music is well, what you'd expect from an idle game. I'll focus on just two things: the story and how generous it is.

Story: this idle game has actual, coherent storyline. At least until where I'm at now (world 6 iirc). The story is also somewhat good too, if a bit all over the place. This alone puts this game above other idle games where the player mindlessly defeat stages after stages without any text whatsoever explaining what's happening.

Generosity: it's really generous with the premium currency. I don't know how much I actually earn in a day, but after saving just for a few days I can already do a lot of 10-pulls. However, like any other idle games, just premium currency alone isn't enough; getting the actual good charas also has to be taken into account. And this game is... So-so, I guess. You almost never get the good ones, and the sh*tty ones just keep appearing. However, this is somehow mitigated by personal rate-up events. Players can choose one specific character to have a higher rate and pull for them using the usual premium currency and special event token. After a certain amount of pulls, the player is guaranteed to get the character too (pity system). What's more, you can switch between characters without resetting the number of pulls to get to the pity. So yeah, I guess in this aspect it's better than other games which only have general gacha without rate-up.

That concludes my review, thanks for taking your time to read this, if anyone's reading.

Looks like another idle game, wonder how long it can appease my itch to roll gacha.

To start, everyone should know that Nexon had a scripted interview about the game, and they said that they have no plans of altering the images in game. Yet in the latest patch, they censored two CGs in one of the newest story chapter, one by cropping, and one by completely removing it. Then, in the apology letter they published, they said that it's because of external influence and they will do it again if they deemed it necessary. Keep in mind that this is a game that uses characters as its main charm point, so future, riskier characters might also suffer from this.

Now, on to the review itself.
Graphic: the character designs are top notch, and the recollection feature, which gives a personalized CG for the majority of characters , is also top tier. However, the in-game models are chibis, and some people might dislike this.

Sound: hands down one of the best soundtrack collection you can find in a gacha game. Even when you just open the game, the music is very catchy. Many of the game section also have different bgm, all of which are great.

Gameplay: similar to Priconne, if you've played that. Auto attack, and you control the skill usage. The first few stages will be easily done using auto, but the later stages need your full attention, especially because you need to challenge higher level stages than your account level (which ties to your students' level) to unlock the farming stages for more powerful equipment. There's also raids, where you compete with other players to get higher scores, so obviously you can't auto those to ensure better score.

Story: some who read the early story parts might get the impression of a slice of life, cute girl doing cute things kind of story. While that's not necessarily wrong, the main story goes beyond that. Dunno how to explain it without spoiling it, so just try reading it yourself if you're interested.

Value: the gacha has a spark system; that is, you'll get points as you pull, and once you gather a certain amount, you can trade it for the rated up student. The required amount is 200, which is actually an improvement that JP version got after some time into the game's age (the initial amount is 300). If you're an f2p, it is NOT recommended to pull unless you have enough crystals to spark. This is especially true now as ALL the students released so far are not limited, meaning they're added to the general student pool. The limited ones will be released later, like bunny girl version or swimsuit version, so you might want to save up. Now you might ask, how do you get a good lineup then? The only option is rerolling, and it is made quite easy as there's a button literally for that. Try to get 3 or 4 of the best students, then farm the others (you can get student shard from hard stages). Unfair, you say? Such is the life of an f2p playing a gacha. Whaling is always an option, but personally I don't want to give Nexon any amount of money lol.

Finally, PvP: the pvp in this game is fully automated. You can't control when or where your students use their skill. There is also meta students, which once you get to the higher ranks (5000 and higher) everyone will have the same lineup of students. Thus, it comes down to RNG. Whose tank will survive, and whose DPS will kill first. However, the rewards you can get are quite small that it is NOT worth it to be frustrated over this. I personally stay on 3000 something and it's enough to get all the necessary item in the pvp shop (mainly stamina).

Now you might see this review as "glowing", so I'll give a list of the negatives I have for this game:
- the censorship I mentioned before
- the adaptation of the game's main story is sketchy, as people who are proficient in Japanese have noted that there are several key dialogues that didn't make it to the English version
- the rate up for the students are bad. While the overall rate for 3-star students are 2.5%, the actual rate for the rate up students are only 0.7%. This means you're likely to pull many off-rate students before getting the rate up.
- the pace for global version is accelerated to catch up with the JP version. This is bad because less time available = less crystals to get.

Thus concludes my review of this game.

Nice game. Can't seem to find how to reroll though. Even when I cleared all data of the game, my profile data is still retained. Would be nice if someone can tell me.

포켓몬 마스터즈 EX


- The graphics look nice for a mobile game.
- Don't really have a strong opinion for the music but I guess it's decent.
- Gameplay is really refreshing; there's no iv, ev, or any of those competitive crap. You just take 3 of the trainers and their Pokémon partner to battle it out.
- Story is...lol it's a Pokémon game, when does any Pokémon game have a decent story? It's just like the other games. A league, an evil team trying to steal Pokémon, same old same old.
- Now, the gacha. The rate for ssr is unusual (for me at least), a whopping 7%. Quite high. So I think it's really nice.

Overall, it's a really nice game, either for Pokémon fans or just someone looking for a nice gacha game. Try it!

P.s. ignore the dumb rating made by that speedwagon something something, it doesn't even make any sense.

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