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Dyunn アニドルカラーズ

Game Card created, 7 cards shared

Player Name: Shiranui Hayate💜🐈‍⬛
Guild: Buy me sum time

Introduction: I think Hayate loves me 🥺 💜 AnidolColors Maybe I think of him for too much before I do the grinding Xd I was attracted (perhaps) seeing him being different (cool❤️‍🔥) without the long sleeves than the others. And I didn't know he would actually jump in front of my eyes for first time roll 🥹👀 Now I have no diamonds left for not playing the whole month :( Still, Why I'm feeling lucky all of a sudden but exam is coming for me👊😭 damn u Pray for my luck Hayate! Pray for me y'all 🙏💜 #AnidolDays #ShiranuiHayate #HayateShiranui

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