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Dyunn IDOLiSH7 | Japanese

Game Card modified, 1 cards shared

Player Name: 🐗Haruka Isumi💚
Guild: Tired but happy

Introduction: ❤️‍🔥HARUKA ISUMI UR CARD❤️‍🔥 Finally, after seeing so many time on the screen where their posing for login & such. I have the warm and fuzzy feeling inside me becuz of HARUKA🥹 He became so handsome gosh! Ofc, I cannot believe he would came like he would. 👊😭 I'm sorry I missed out lots of the event. (looking on phone while the silver balls are dancing) :') Teacher, please don't look under my desk.. The music played in auto-loop was heard. 🎉🎉🎉Happy ZÓÒL Anniversary~ P.S Haruka helps me (Open A New Door💖)

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