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Dyunn IDOLiSH7 | Japanese

Game Card created, 11 cards shared

Player Name: Gaku Yaotome 📸🍉
Guild: His dad hawt🫡❤️‍🔥

Introduction: 🍉💎Happy Birthday Gaku💎🍉 THANK YOU Gaku! I never thought I would get all three! Finally! A bday UR and next is gonna be Ryuu🥺 Hopefully. Why you gotta be nice Gaku... Anyways sorry late cuz connection is bad but gosh thanks so much for bringing yourself to me dear Gaku! I don't need u. jk. love you lots!💖 Since I let auto-mode to do the job.. I needed his baby BG and now it's perfect. He so adorable & Sousuke looks hella young and handsome🙄🫡🥹🥺❤️‍🔥📸 really now..

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