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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim KonoSuba: Fantastic Days! | Global

Game Card modified, 3 cards shared

Player Name: Akbaru
Guild: Konosuba INDO-Player

Introduction: Finally i play this game... im bit late.. and i lost pre-register reward.. but no problem... i like KONOSUBA.. after play 4 days... really great.. good for f2p... i think nothing different from Japan🇯🇵 version or Chinese🇨🇳... many comment hate Nexon.. without love to play this konosuba game... this game from Nexon🇰🇷 still same from Japanese🇯🇵 and Chinese🇨🇳 version.. you just need Power and Luck[Gacha](without money or with money) to play this great game.. size game : 2GB+ (For Now) {anyway Nexon.. pls add Indonesia Language) My Waifu (Arue - Amy - Darkness - Yunyun - Aqua - Melissa)

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