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RPGLover88 Higurashi When They Cry Mei

Game Card created, 4 cards shared

Player Name: SSR Characters ✦.✦
Guild: English Players

Introduction: Dunno if Im extra lucky today or if its just the SSR rates that are super high in this game, but I got 1 SSR from the tutorial gacha, then I used 3000 gems before the maintenance and I got another SSR and finally, thanks to the looooooooooooooooong maintenance, we received another 3000 gems. I used those gems in the gacha and BAM! another SSR! XD As you can see, I LOVE Rena. XD But jokes aside, I want to give fellow f2p players some advice: If you already have the character you want, DO NOT WASTE YOUR GEMS IN THE GACHA TO GET DUPLICATES. There are universal character shards in this game.

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