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Once a gamer, always a gamer!
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Once a gamer, always a gamer!
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Finally FF7 Ever Crisis is available! This is such a blessing for veteran players, nostalgic walkers, newly FF gamers and much more. This game puts all what you love about FF7 into a compressed yet enjoyable and satisfying experience for both console and handheld gamers alike.

Story 4/5
The game does an interesting job in telling its story in a more compact yet detailed state. It entales the story of the original FF7 and other games of its timeline in a easy to digest setting. I undeestand the need to stretch some of the story since its a mobile game, but it does not hinder anything too extreme so far. The only downside I can see is since its a mobile game there is a limit to how long the story flows. Some original story content is cut into monologue cutscenes which I have no personal beef with imo.

Gameplay 4/5
Modt of the game involces story telling accompanied by battles if available. The battles is very reminiscing of the FF classic battle mechanics as well as the new FF7 battle system mixed in. The battles are still turn based, but is present in a real-time setting making you think of your strategies on the fly. Each skill requires a set of bars to activate which works well for a mobile game mechanic. Special skills have an animation which is a cool touch, especially limit breaks.

Music 4/5
The OST is my favorite because it uses original and modern tracks, as well as remixes which works really well to set the tone of the game My fav is the battle theme of FF7 battle, it just hits at the right spot of memory lane. And who doesn't love the victory theme? Right?... Exactly!

Interface 4/5
The game's main menu and interface are very straight forward and easy to navigate. The titles are present and with tips and descriptions to guide you through the game. Very friendly to new FF7 gamers and a cake walk for veterans like me hehe.

Features 4/5
Game content mainly includes story, solo mode and co-op. Story is where you play fixed characters in chapters to progress he lore. Solo is for upgrades and resource grinding to boost your characters. Co-op allows you to play with real players around the world to take out bosses as a team. It is fun and you wpn't get bored and can choose any one of them at your own pace.

F2P 4/5
So far the game is generous with gacha gems and tickets. Since it just launched therebare a lot of rewards to go around. It does take time to grind, but it is a gacha game after all so take your time and don't rush and stress too much. Even without the meta stuff, you can still get through easy by upgrading, leveling up and enhancing your characters and gears. So no worries!

Overall 4.5/5
An awesome game and very addictive. You have so many things you can do and grinding is a cake walk as long as you are patient. So enjoy and just play the game nice and easy. Plus a summer event is available now! So have fun!!!

A really well-made 3D third person shooting game. The graphics and 3D character models are gorgeous and very clean. The gameplay is realtime and action packed especially when hordes of enemies attack you which is a fun and intense experience.

The game has gacha elements where you pull for different characters and skins, plus weapons with various passives to boost your characters skills and damage. Each character has a use and gun type like shotguns, rifles, pistols and sniper rifles. You are allowed to bring three units and you switch them around in battle to keeo you at an advantage in battle.

I do have a few criticisms though that I do want to point out. The game can be played on an emulator and well probably or has a PC client already, which are better gaming platforms than on mobile. It does get a little difficult to maneuver and aim, unless you are used to mobile shooting games. Another thing I would like to point out are the stages feel very empty. There isn't any incentive to explore to find any unique items other than some notes that might just provide lore.

Is the game f2p friendly? In the long run, I would say yes. The game is very grindy, but it is easy to acquire upgrades and dupes. Though it will take some time to gather in-game currency to do a multi in the gacha. So far since the game just came out, it doe provide a plentiful and generous amount of tickets for the gacha, as well as other items, weapons and characters.

Should you play the game? Definitely. It is unique and very attractive to modern mobile gamers with graphics that appeal to this generation and year (as of 2023). Though it is recommended to play on PC if you really wanna enjoy the gameplay. Otherwise, playing on mobile is still doable, just be careful of overheating your phone but thankful you can tweak around the settings to cater to your mobile and your personal needs. Enjoy!

Darkest AFK


From the edgy and rough character designs to the dark and rugged gameplay style, it does a very good job in grasping a world filled with darkness where hope is but a miniscule entity that it feels impossible for our characters to achieve.

From the name itself, Darkest AFK, a familiar game comes in mind, but I feel most of its elements are showcased in certain character designs and the torch mechanics in the labyrinth mode.

In its own self, it is a rather fun and old school flash game sort of deal, but with the gacha and idle mechanics we have come to love (and hate) in today's mobile gaming world. The story is very simple yet detailed enough to emphasis what journeys our heroes venture on in each chapter.

There isn't anything eye-catching with this game, but the art style and gothic like theme is very captivating imo of course.

In battle you can bring three characters of your choosing. The basic team build includes one attacker, one defender and one supporter, but as you progress further you are free to play around as you will be able to obtain units who play two roles depending on their skill sets.

The game is fun way to pass time and it appears to be f2p friendly with cash being placed on the table if you are into skins and getting your favorite characters asap. Othewise, you can enjoy what the game has to offer at your own pace. Overall, I recommend to give the game a shot if you are into this type of style and genre. Enjoy!

This game is an example of the hardcore idle game from head to toe. From the got go, the progression rate is very slow and takes a lot of patience to move forward. The story mode is decent, but the repetitiveness gets boring than it should be. Character designs are impressive as it should be, and the music seems to be the best thing so far that the game can provide. The gacha rate is decent, but the problem lies in collecting gacha currency which feels too dull and grindy for f2p players. The game isn't bad, but it does deliver for being an idle genre. Other content is very "jump in and jump out" type of situation, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. Definitely a side game for those into the Tower of God. Otherwise, if you find something that fancys you, you might as well enjoy the game at your own pace.

Game's pretty decent, but when it comes to traditional JRPG elements it does an excellent job porting that concept to a mobile game. It's a full grind fest which is very tedious in today's generation of mobile games, but now with updated features and content it is made easier with repeat battle options and lots of tickets to tackle the stat grind. The story is very generic imo, but it is a nice touch to create a universe where all Saga characters meet and interact. The game is very f2p, especially during holiday, occasional and anniversary events. The soundtrack is amazing making the battles kinda bearable as 80% of the time you will be battling to get stats, resources and gems. Overall, a great game when you have the time to invest in it. Otherwise, I advice to put effort during holiday and anniversary events and just spam the gacha to collect characters.



A really well-made game to start off the train for 2023 mobile games. The content the game provides is its attractive point thus far. Lots of features like dating, townbuilding, arena, endless tower, story and event modes, no stamina progression, profile customizations, etc. The game does a lot to provide a decent and comfortable gaming experience for new and veteran mobile players. Overall enjoyable and a good game to pass the time and make steady progression.

The story is very immersive and the voice acting provides depth to the emotion accompanied by the amazing ost. The gameplay is traditional turn based with modern features provided by the octopath series. The artworks are gorgeous and the pixel art are very detailed and nostalgic for many old school jrpg gamers. The gacha system is fair and the game is f2p friendly when it comes to providing players with gems and other useful items.

Not the most f2p idle game out there, BUT it is still friendly enough to provide you resources to progress through the story and other features.

Long story short, story is worth the read. The voice acting adds more emotion to the dialogues. The soundtracks are very catchy and hype. The artwork is, in simple terms: much wow very wow waifu big wow. So yeah, game's hype is the real deal 💯

Those familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei timeline and its sibling the Persona franchise, more or less, should expect to see familiar demons and monsters as well as the battle mechanics and the elemental advantage system returning in full out action.

For those unfamiliar, well you are in for a treat. Imagine bring able to summon and control creatures of legend and lore and facing them to fight other said creatures of legend and lore. Choose from a cast of characters whom you can form a team of four demons while providing passive buffs and debuffs depending on your human of choice.

The story is quite interesting and picks up real good and pumping as you are engulfed with its dark and serious undertones. As for events, the story can break down to various themes from comedy all the way to drama.

The gacha rates are more on the low side, but you do get gacha tickets and freebie summons on events or special occassions like anniversaries. Advice: pull Guts from the Berserk banner (if there is a rerun) cus I started with him and he is still in my teams after 2 years of having the game cus he is just that strong! xD

Anyhow, it's a mobile game that aged well and it still continues to hold strong till this day.

ECHOES of MANA | Global




This is an updated review as of 07 March 2023.

As conflicted and sad I feel about making this sudden decision, I have ended up with the conclusion to stop playing and delete the game for good.

I always spoke highly about this game, especially regarding its story and art. The strategic planning it takes create the perfect team for different content was a blast, and the main and event stories were captivating in their own right were one of the outstanding features of this game.

Just recently Counterside has transformed to Counterside origins, and just like all other servers, SEA followed shortly after. The initial change was HORRIBLE, and even after a few alterations of that, the game for some reason lost its charm. Even with rewards being spoon fed to players, I really didn't see it a reason to stick around any longer. I believe isn't bad at all in its current state, but the execution and action implemented were very messy and surprising, to say the least.

I get that the developers may have future plans that need to be pursued by the company, so whatever they did to counterside did lead to some major changes. The results? In the short run, really disappointing. In the long run? Only time will tell.

I do wish all the best for players who continue to love and play the game. With how life is, the pacing of the game is just going to slow me down. The old version was the perfect blend and the interface was just very simple yet perfectly placed imo.

Anyhow, after 400+ hours of playing counterside (according to my phone)... This is goodbye. 👋

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