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| artist | animator | hobby writer | casual gamer | loves pastel, goth, and sea life | call me Kai or Macaroll
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| artist | animator | hobby writer | casual gamer | loves pastel, goth, and sea life | call me Kai or Macaroll
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Been playing this for years now. I've uninstalled and reinstalled this game for reasons like switching devices and what not. I haven't done a review of it, so here you go.

Graphics: The use of Live 2D was a good idea! It really makes the girls come to life! As an artist/animator myself, I appreciate the effort they put in the super cute characters!

Sound: It's repetitive, but hey it's really chill jazz and lounge! And I never get tired of those genres.

Gameplay: Not much. All you have to do is dress-up your girls, join contests and events, get more clothes, play the gacha, shop for clothes, play the mini games, and do these same things again and again. I'm a casual gamer, so this my-own-pace kinda game is my jam, to say at the least.

Storyline: Story? What story? Kinda forgot what the main story was. I think the girlfriends came from the app the main character downloaded and that's it. The other stories are from events and they highly differ from each other.

Value: If you love casual, dress-up games with good design and animation, this could be one of your picks. It's a very slow-paced game and it took me years to gather the outfits I have. It's worth it for me because I get inspiration for drawing with this app.

Stray Cat Doors2


Finished it today! Played it for like a month! The new puzzles were awesome and one shouldn't think too hard on them.

As with the first game, you can replay the puzzles again and the extra stage puzzles are a cool addition too! It also has a very heart-warming story like the first game! The ending made me cry, not gonna lie.

The staff at Pulsmo pulled all the stops here! Hope they make more similar games!

Overall, my rating for everything would be a perfect score. SCD 2 didn't disappoint! 🙂

I was looking for a relaxing game which you can let it be. And Cake Town was perfect! I love sweets and at the same time playing dress-up or interior design or town-building games and this was a good mix of both!

Graphic are cute and well made.

Sound is relaxing and chill.

Gameplay is easy and straightforward.

There's nothing much in terms of a storyline, it's basically just build your cake town.

Overall value would be that it's a cute time killer. You can't move the houses or the trees, but the many adorable (and yummy) skins make up for it! You can even play this offline, but if you want the extra boost for resources, gotta go online and watch 18-30 second video ads. Other than that, the ads aren't intrusive. And the in-game currency (gems) for the skins are easy to come by.

Extra Notes: Play this if you like interior games, town building games, sweets, and cute characters. This is a good relaxing, stress-relieving game.

Just installed it this week and I'm already having gameplay issues like everyone else. There is some good points in this game, however.

Graphics: As with all Tales games, the art is nice with memorable characters. The fullbody 3D models are good. Reminds me of the Vesperia models actually.

Sound: Amazing sound design as always!

Gameplay: Still lacking because of the recent bugs and issues, but other than that, the new gameplay is refreshing for a Tales game.

Storyline: Kanata isn't your usual MC and so is Misella! The story has yet to unfold, but the first few stages are great so far!

Value: Can't say anything yet since this is a new game.



As much as I love JJBA, even this game has its upside and downside.

Graphics: Cute, soft, very engaging and inspiring to look at! Loved the chibi style they used for such a serious looking anime. I'm happy they included Kira and the rest of the villains. ❤️

Sound: Nice choice of music, even the sound effects are quirky at times. They're perfect for the overall whimsical and cute atmosphere that the game gives.

Gameplay: Repetitive at times since all you do is a match-3+ type of game. Still pretty hyped when the characters unleash their special attacks though!

Storyline: It's not translated, so I can't give a proper review of it. But if it does follow the manga/anime storyline, then there's nothing more that I can say but, 'Bravo, Araki-sensei!'.

Value: I only really play this super casually these days because I already got some Kira and Josuke variants and they are my fave characters in the franchise. I want to get their other alts or variants, but I'm okay with them for now.

Escape!! Ghost School


very heart-warming game!! finished this in less than an hour or so. i've played the Danganronpa games, together with the Zero Escape series and Stray Cat Doors, so this was a breeze! the art style is cute to boot! and the fact that it's offline is a plus so you can play it anytime. thank you for this game! 🙂

There's a lot of things to list but here goes!

Graphics: Chibi models for the characters, in my honest opinion, would have been better than just character tiles once the players get into the actual gameplay. Even simple chibis would have done it. Kinda like what Fire Emblem Heroes did. It's hard to draw, I know, I'm an artist as well. The actual character art is amazing and unconventional for visual novels and even I've seen my fair share of various art styles. I can say that this game's art is unique in its own right.

Sound: The music scores are great but repetitive. If it's to save up on data and in-game assets, I understand. It would be unique if the characters who have the Special Quests (Friendship/Love/Date/Event Quests, etc.) had their own themesong upon appearing or unleashing their 4* or 5* variants in the visual novel section of the game. However, I love that the game has a built-in BGM player and that you can listen to the amazing OSTs whenever!

Gameplay: I love strategy games though it's pretty repetitive at times especially if you play this a lot with a few breaks in-between.

Storyline: The story is good so far (I'm only on chapter 6). The only thing that really needs improvement is the translation. I could read a little Japanese, however, I suppose the extra stories are well-written too based on the Special Quests I've tried.

Value: Gameplay wise, I advice to just breeze through it and get to the visual novel parts. I'd say mostly the illustrations, music, and storyline are what kept me to keep this game (I'm still new and been playing since March or April 2020). I'll definitely be sticking around for the art since I need to practice drawing varied body types to improve as an artist. I already have some favorite illustrators from this game too!

A3! | English


Even though he's a useless manager, I'm an Isuke Matsukawa stan!

Stray Cat Doors


This game is beautiful all throughout! The puzzles were challenging enough, but I finished it in two days. This is the perfect, relaxing, though-provoking game I was looking for! Saw the trailer for SCD 2 and I am hyped!!! I pray the developers push through with this!!! Such a lovely game! 🐾



First of all, graphics wise, it's really good! Sound quality is nice, gameplay is entertaining. Story line is a good break from the series with Shallot as a main character! The gacha rates are great too!

Edit: Been playing this for a while now and the art is why I've kept it for so long! I love the coloring style they chose!

So sad that it's gone. Loved everything about this game!

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