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Hender Wiz 9809563

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Great sound, original gameplay, superb art, but mediocre story

Dungeon exploration remind me of another eden, battle animation is smooth live 2D. Gachas can be unforgiving, need roots for fast rerollin.
Battle is turn based, Auto AI is dumb.
Also can get limit break mats from pvp shop -helpful for F2p but it take time.

non competitive single player rpg

Epic Seven | Global


Gacha rates and lowstar usefulness remind me of FGO, but this one is better,
with yuna engine the game run smoothly with almost no loading. Animation are decent looking forward to more content

Azur Lane | English


most generous gacha ratea yet still have quality

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scheduled to release today, August 27
but due to Google approval problem will likely delayed. 300gem compensation prepared for each day delayed
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