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I love playing Gacha Games even if the pity system is the worst.
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I love playing Gacha Games even if the pity system is the worst.
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Good Pizza, Great Pizza


I love this game to a certain extent. It's a good game, super relaxing game. Though its hard to remember what the customer is asking for their pizza but overall is a good game.

I absolutely love the storyline and the art of the servants are absolutely gorgeous and handsome 🥰🥰. Plus, I love learning a bit from their legends.

Edit: I just finish solomon story and holy shit that was amazing. I dont think I ever felt so much emotion after finishing the story. Though the second to last battle was so difficult but nevertheless it was still enjoyable. My favorite will be Camelot and Babylonia.

Magia Record | English


I'll be honest, I wasn't able to download the game at Qooapp but in google play store. I enjoyed the plotline so far. Obviously, the gacha is awful like any other game and is based on luck. But I do like the transfromation sequences it has when summoning a new magical girl. But overall, its decent.



It's a good game. Though it tends to lag and sometimes it crashes but other than that it's good. I love the graphics of the game and the soundtrack is really catchy.

SuperStar BTS | Korean


I recently began playing this game and honestly, it's kind of fun playing it. Though to be honest the one thing I don't like is how much it lags when playing one song but again I'm not sure if it's the game or my phone causing it. Overall, it's a good game with good songs to play.

Hilda Creatures


Its a good game since its a laid-back type of game. I enjoyed it for a while but it became kind of a hassle of trying to meet everyone since you could miss it while doing something else.



I absolutely love the characters, they are adorable [色色][色色][色色]. I also love that the game challenges you as you continue to progress the game. Overall, a fantastic game [微笑][微笑][微笑]

I absolutely love this game so much. It has catchy music, a2nd the outfits that each member have are so cute. [色色][色色][哇噻][哇噻]

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