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hewwo?? hewwoooo???
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hewwo?? hewwoooo???
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Tutorial is long as hell and in Chinese. Why the hell is language change not at the start...?

Matsuro Palette


What a demanding lady!!

This game was lovely. Gameplay wise, it was simple and easy to understand. It was very engaging and unique, though! Never got boring.

What really shone in this game, whoever, was the story and the art.

Starting with the later; Matsuro Palette has a really unique and beautiful art style, very reminiscent of Touhou. It's charming, and plays well in the game over scenes.The expressions the girl makes when angry also remind me of Umineko's Beato.

Now, the story... it was amazing. It was tragic and sad, and although it does have a Good End (and a bunch of Bad Ends) it feels... bittersweet. The girl in the painting never gets her true good end, forever trapped and with memories of the real girl and herself mixed. In the end she lost herself a long time ago, and the girl who she was is no more. No matter what you do, that will always be a fact. As will the end of the model for the painting, stripped of her individuality and mistreated even in death by a man that couldn't move on.

All in all, it's a very beautiful, well done game and I absolutely adore it.

Okay, so. Alice Closet is a really really good game. But this Global version has some very visible issues.

The first one would be the translation: It's FULL of typos, starting by how Seilan's name is not properly capitalized, how some names are not correctly formatted into the dialogue box (creating weird spaces between names and other words) and the english in some parts is... Questionable.

You CAN, and WILL be able to, understand the game and it's plot, but it will be really noticeable that some things are not properly done.

Secondly, if I remember correctly in the JP version you could choose your first Alice out of the main three. They gave you the option to get Sakura, Margaret (whom I believe was named Margherite) and Iris. The prologue was, iirc, playable. In this version, they default to Sakura AND the whole prologue is a video that goes *way too fast*. It's difficult to catch what they say, to be honest.

And finally, the last problem is... they added ads. Even though they are fully optional, some of the screens have got some very annoyingly placed "Ads" buttons, which honestly just... look ugly, out of place and annoy me www

But all in all, it does seem like a really good version, so I recommend wholly to give it a chance!!

This game is... bad. It's a walking ad. You change from dresses to hair? Ad. You want a locked item? Ad. You change a part's color? Ad. You look away one second? AD. It's just ads. every. damn. second. I couldn't complete one chara, had only put hair and dress and I got like 4 ads!!! I ended up uninstalling right that moment. Great potential wasted by ads every 5 seconds.

Escape!! Ghost School


Ah, such a soft game! It was heart warming, yet sad and melancholic. I recommend it greatly! It's short (took me aproximately >30 min) but it's very sweet and that makes up for it! All in all, try it! You wom't regret it!

SINoALICE | Global


Thank you Pokelabo for recovering this game from the depths of that company's hell [大哭] What to say that is not known? I mean, it's SINoALICE. Most of us have already played it. There are a few changes here and there,but it's still the same amazing game!!!

i★Chu Étoile Stage


Finally, I can see my babies again!! Kokoro, I missed you so much~ Wait for all your fans!! Waaah, we still can't play, but just knowing we'll soon see them all, it makes me happy!! Please, everyone, give IChu Etoile Stage a chance!!(≧∀≦)ゞ

This is one of the best games that has come out recently.

For starters, the rates are pretty good. All my initial rolls got the guaranteed ssr plus two to four sr cards! Of course, they could be better, but for 300 dia per 10roll, they are quite great.

The story is incredibly funny, and seeing fans translate it is really entertaining! Crowley's "how kind am I!" catch phrase is really funny, it makes me wanna punch him wwww The characters are also very cute and charming! The Deuce/Ace/Grim dynamic is very very fun, they are so so dumb wwww

The protagonist doesn't have pronouns, either, so you can really insert yourself in the story~ It's not centered on dating/otome mechanics, either, so it's quite more fun!

Gameplay wise, the rhythm part is real fun, and I love seeing Grim be dumb. The fighting part I haven't gotten the hang of it, but it is quite fun too~

As for music & art, both are SUPERB. The characters truly are made by Yana Toboso, and the music sets very well with the game's story.

All in all, not a game for all but a super great game nonetheless 💕💕

A good game ruined by the worst translation and optimitzation I've ever seen. Some sentences seem straight outta google translate, they dont introduce any chara so suddenly you are becas and there is some gal called guinevere and you've gotta fight with mechas? the gacha is... man. its shit. the art is pretty good but can be overshadowed by many other games lol sound is meh. gameplay could be better optimized but is not bad. all in all? this dnglish ver is awful.

its great, fun and grindy. just think of im@s shiny colors or im@s mobage, and thats exactly what you have here, only they include a simple rythm mini game. do not expect llsif, as this is a breeding + management game (shiny colors, enstars, dream!ing, cue!, engirls...) so yeah, if you go thinking its a rythm game you are gonna be very, very let down. if you do not think of this as sif or cgss... then you'll have fun. set your expectations right, and dont moan about it not being sif. it would be like shitting on shinymas for not being cgss, or shitting on ichu etoile for not being ichu. (tho truth be told, lantis and klab put waaaaaaay too much enphasis on the rythm part of the game, so its understandable ppl expected that wwwww)



Pretty good but also pretty... normal. Same as always: cute girls, meh gameplay and pretty easy storyline. Good to pass time, but it's not that much of a grand thing. EDIT: the summoning screen is straight up the fgo one and i just noticed 😂

Bullet Break


t's... something. The characters are incredibly cute but the 3d models are awfully laggy and move incredibly bad. The music is not bad and the gameplay is interesting. It's not the typical slingshot, and it can be irritating but it's nice. All in all, not too great lol

A super great game! Even tho I can't always play it (hello, low tier phone memory 😔✊) I absolutely ADORE it. It's fun, refreshing, and though the story ain't nothing out of this world, it's enough for a game that plays more with the short stories and the valkyries personalities. The gameplay is absurdly great, if you get the hang of it. Took some time, like at least ten tries, to get it but once I did? It was the best. Still a bit difficult to get the combos right, though. The character designs are also superb, and the quality of music is 👌👌👌 A bit on the expensive side, but most gachas are today. Anyways, all in all, super fun and great game!!!



i ADORE dream!ing. cute, casual and with a great story not based around a player character, but rather around the boys. the gacha is super fair, events are rewarding and quite easy. its just a really great and fun game!



I don't understand S***! But if smth were to happen to these cuties I would k*** everyone in this room and then myself! I hope Light gets a global release someday~ It's really cute! And I love the gameplay, and the characters~

Helix Waltz | English


This is everything LN is not! I don't mean to say that LN is bad, but Helix Waltz really surpasses it. HW is a highly generous and tricky game. Speaking with characters doesn't end in random lines: you get to pry for intels, to answer questions to get favor, and to dance with them. Characters have their own story, which you can see in their favor quests. The clothes in this game are simply gorgeous. Combining some is kinda difficult (im looking at you, hunter make up from bird event) but it's always rewarding to see different styles. It's also pretty easy to get quite a good number of clothes without spending anything, though I have already lol As I said, the game is super generous: it gives lots of eggs, money and dias. Getting high scores is nit difficult. The only complain is, events are a bit unfair for f2p. You can easily get quite the good number of clothes in an event, but it's difficult to get the needed beer emblems bcs of unfair matching. All in all, great game!

Tokyo 7th Sister


One pf the best, if not the best, idol games out there. Incredibly challenging, but easy to control if you give it time. Gorgeous art that gets better everyday that passes. The music is incredible, with lots of different styles, it's difficult not finding at least one group you will like. It's also easy to farm, events are rewarding, and all in all it's super fun. Long live t7s 😤

Aurora Legend | English


can't even play lol it either tells me there is no server, that the app needs to be updated, or simply force closes with no message... plus, you cant even enter the actual event with qooapp bcs it doesnt read the game as installed lol

Eto Kare


if you dont know japanese, this game is absolute shit. to have been 2 years in development... and for it to need ADS to support the game, it's very... shitty lol just go to yume100 or touken ranbu: dudes are better and there are no ads lol



Gods, I downloaded this with fear because of all the bad reviews but its actually so good?? It has lots of cool features, lots of freebies, gorgeous art and music...

The combat is incredibly well thought, and using skills in the right moment is harder than you may think. It also has auto play! So if you need to do something, you can still play and get things~ Though as always,be careful with auto play: it uses skills when the AI thinks its best which... is not always the right time lol

Gacha is very fair, and although I havent gotten any G6 via gacha, its easy to get G5 dupes to combine. It also has an user rating system to rate heroes, which is really good.

The storyline is very interesting, if only it goes way to fast and makes it difficult to follow the text. But even then, you can get a feel of a well thought storyline, even if it can be a bit cliche sometimes.

All in all, it's a really good game! Everyone should definetly give it a chance!

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