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i don't like or likely like you but you still like me why!? well that's fine for me ^_^
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i don't like or likely like you but you still like me why!? well that's fine for me ^_^
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Figure Fantasy | English




Mitrasphere | English


i play this game before since logres NA still exist 🗿

Warau Ars Notoria


remind me logres, or grand summoner desu [難過]

Big Bad Monsters


good bye big bad monstah



ero wat !? [難過] is dis monster super league? dev [汗顏]

Blue Archive | Japanese


so this game was korean, but the one who take it was japan i am pretty confuse here [汗顏]

Genshin Impact


whatever gameplay seem good [no]

graphics can't be change maybe i can't tell the different low or high is same lol!?
best voice same as before 👍
gameplay is nuts to look! if u change camera angle i won't rekomendade lol 😂
SL : doesn't feel good to follow but not bad! 🤪
still no value cause pretty damned bug and force close so anoyink, beware ur phone crash or need repair so soon beware poor yer phone [怪笑]

SINoALICE | Japanese


[no] as yes [no]

i don't like this they not have movin character to do own journey on map, to searching secret place like game do n more tricky mission [難過] this just talk n battle infinity [暈] doesn't have this n boring that crap [發困]

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


since you all need emulator first, cause there plenty of player device still not using 64bits
find better emu for playin dis game [難過]

OVERHIT | Global


to bad the game super lagging ಠ_ಠ exnos + 4gb ram wouldn't do smooth even already setting all low 🥶

just okay 🙄

more like nutaku game [難過]

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


i hope this game disgaea similiars to D5 [哇噻]console n pc 🤔 if it not it would be waste 😅 since D5 have multi language before 😐 did this downupgrade ver. [難過]

if i mean delete 10 tickets reward just using 30SQ reward for login 7k 😅 and make a 10 tickets can draw gacha 10x in one pull just like 30SQ draw [開心] or adding 60 SQ = 2x10 roll and 90 SQ = 3x10 roll draw gacha it would be good 😆

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wacaut guis dis game still have trash connections as ever is making game not fair, ( jumping or avoiding ) the bos still easly hit you even ure already afar from range attacked is basically cursed and useless, expect rank damage in bos raid, u can lost connection suddenly in mere gameplay ofcourse you also lost your rank damage position i had no idea no fixed server even for global [發怒][no] Read Note
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