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Blue Oath | Japanese


3d model are heavyweight but gameplay doesn't better than abyss horizon.
Confusing ui, fast-paced game, bad angle camera, animation effects are wacky, skill animation are has no impacts. Music, sound effects, & voice actor are not well developed.
Overall i'm not enjoying, kinda boring, and for me i'm not interest in any characters in this game.

Azur Lane | English


Bad-development ui and very stiff animation, very laggy gameplay even though it's just 2d game. Oh don't bother gameplay are just boring and nothing compared to danmaku. What good about this game is just characters illustrations.

Hime Mahjong | Japanese


Modern character design, good random number system, tsumo , yaku, & dora rate is normal. hard for gain yakuman, very challenging.

Yurutto Mahjong




😘Nice RPG

Best turn base rpg, 3d graphic.
Free SSR, and easy to get diamonds.[微笑]

Identity V | Global


I Want play with gore mode. survival horror.
And please fix high ping, lags, bugs. its so annoying in the game.

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