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Artworks are awesome. Voices are a nice bonus.

The gameplay is simple and dynamic. The only bad point is the inability to fully control your characters. Being able to do so would probably make the game too easy though.
Multiplayer is quite good since people can't get kicked out after they join. It doesn't matter if they fck up the run since there is no stamina.

The story is also great for a mobile game, the trailer was top quality and the OC Sufika is interesting enough. Though it won't really make sense if chimera ants are added to the game since this game is supposed to take place between GI and CA arcs. But let's wait and see :)

It may not be the extremely awesome HxH game we all want but it's still quite good for mobile and the story is already better than other gacha games. Plus it's incredibly f2p friendly![厲害]

I also made a wiki with translations, feel free to check :

Also join our Discord!!

As usual with Klab, the game has trash rates... The gameplay isn't really awesome in my opinion. Characters design is great though.

I don't recommend this game if you are a f2p player. It will become like Bleach Brave Souls or Captain Tsubasa Dream Team : you will be able to play PVE but PVP will be really hard unless you are lucky. You will also have to farm a lot if you want to perfect your characters.

You should only play this game if you really love Yu Yu Hakusho and the gameplay.

Also if you are f2p, I would advise to wait rate up events/anniversaries/download milestones to summon. Rates will be better and top tier characters might be featured.[厲害]

Great graphics and interesting story but it's more like a gacha game than an actual MMORPG. Pretty sure no one would even play it if it wasn't called "SAO" lol

Why did it shutdown!?[發火]
It's the best gacha game I ever played[大哭]

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The best Grovyle [憋屈]
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