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It's super cute with an unconventional cast of ikemen that includes: Furries, aliens, robots, sleepy grandpa dragon, and a talking hair. There are traditional humanoids too, but I don't really care about them :P You can set your gender to Male or Other as well, which is quite thoughtful! I think Housamo is the only other game that has done this.

Gameplay is pretty simple, but also requires some level of foresight to get the highest score, which of course means more rewards (or maybe i just suck, tower defense+inversed pong ain't my usual thing). At the start, you can also skip certain segments of the tutorial, making rerolling your first single draw a somewhat tolerable affair.

All in all, I honestly hope this game thrives! The characters are so endearing! I have faith in you, developers!!! ...Or at least, don't crash'n'burn in less than a year.

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