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Disgaea RPG


Never ending maintenance...

Pretty ironic, the only good thing about this game is gacha rates and music, everything else is below average...

GOETIAX | Japanese


a lot of maintenance going on, maybe devs didn't expect for the game to flood the servers lol

Game is pretty meh but amusing to a certain extent, also hella grindy~



Been waiting this game since pre-register launch and now I can't bucking play it because doesn't run, inmediately prompts an error code through sending an e-mail. Error code = 60. Anyone knows anything about this?

Game is amazing sadly gacha is painful.



Game is kind of fun, but gacha rates are low af for a SSR (yeah, pretty much just like every other japanese game)

Eternal Dungeon


Pretty meh

Goddess Kiss


this game looks like it's another browser game port to Android, or it is either poorly done...

This game is labeled as a Single Player game, so there is no pvp/competitive stuff. Very beautiful JRPG, totally worth your time!

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Hory shet, this game's like Another Eden!? Cuz I'm so on it!! Read Note
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