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just an Lazy gamer
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just an Lazy gamer
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Poor Princess


sad if i could read the story this would be good idle since no gacha

the graphics and sound are good but the gameplay it self is kinda crappy for action game there massive straggle rate to adjust your self cant switch while atking cant move while atking have cooldown in dodge
gacha it self is good whats good? begginer only cause that way you can reroll endlessly till you get what you need and plz do note dont bother trying to awakening a char you need 10 copy of it same with ur
ps.if you gonna focus on auto it better get defender character ur so that your char wont die while letting it auto

Newbie Life : Idle RPG


crash simulator

Dumb Ways to Climb


good copy of only up which now we got for mobile



Kinda good music game but bad idea to put those x near the tap button since almost small slide or the phone user got abit phone problem will touch it

Lilt Way


kinda weird rpg mixed with music

graphics it self is good
the map layout is nice
the gun and skill does not seem to fit well in there rolls
there no reroll system i guess except if you want to do the chapter 1 fully
ai mobs are to dumb its make it less trilling for an gun game fighting dumb ai
ps dont try mix english lang with japan VA XD

Kemono Friends:Kingdom


An cute animal morphed to an fury girl where unit rarity means alot
pretty much you need to do stage manually only when you clear it you able to farm it
an tactics game mixing old popular cannon aim along with tactical planning of your unit to maximize your damage and survival
sadly cant reroll qoapp ver
has some bug here and there but still fine

Now not worth playing saw the game greed is to high
3 coutinues event you got no time to saveup for any of the event cloths then the event force you to have event gears to finish the 1.3m score total in given time

Idoly Pride | English


The graphics and music are good just got nothing to say to gameplay

Ok now i get it why gameplay dint show in vid
Gameplay Rpg style where you have team of 4 and many more later .Battle system it self is atk dodge cast 4 skill you got from gacha you can wear any weapon and your ally can wear there own type of weapon and you can pick there skills
Graphics so bad its like you returned to 2000 to 2010 era
Gacha: the gacha it self fine 2 paid type 2 non paid type which common
Beggining reward:gives ya full lv ssr card skill for staff type which might force you to use staff

Higan: Eruthyll | Global


The gameplay is fine which is simple
The story is confusing since so many skip and no buildup happens just jump right in and time to time you have to deley your unit killing to read the in battle story
Gacha is good at start 40 draw can be gotten but hell for rerolling since all needed acc no guest
reroll tip try open your acc after that login to the game go out of the app and wait for few mins or on and off wifi then go back in there you can skip right in 2nd part battle
Graphics is good
ps.little kiana meme at ume tutorial

LINE: Monster Farm


Kinda able to restore how monster rancher works only few diffrences
1.all unit are gacha
2.card system which give stats
3.skill gain is base on ranking(per run) + train gain other unit stats so have to diverse training unit(reccomend to get 2 accuracy monster to train first)
5.shorter tournament only final one theres battle
6maybe there no exploration dont know still got 2 things locked
7.No death which is best get boring the more you play cause your play style are locked by card and monster



Just slap an picture in put out bgm then no other option no speed no ms no volume etc

Sigma Battle Royale


Cant tell score cause just freefire copy

Neural Cloud | English


Rougelike Tactical got Arcana tactics vibes +Arknight
Almost all character got live 2d
Can use even lowest rarity unit like arknight to clear stage
Theres fragment farm but gonna take long at least can max 5 star all unit
Massive amount of dorm for fashion base lover
Has challenges for hardcore tactician
Got auto stage clearer after chapter 2 at ch 3-6 and can go stop there till you got achivement to lv 5 to do all story auto
Tutorial stage is to long for those rerolling
You need goodluck to clear stages if you dont overpower it yet
Factory to much dull for an material farm
Story is confusing maybe need to play first girl frontline
Need to build base alot before the free lotto works well
Cant fully Ungabunga the game need character team balance
Ai cant do conflicated character control mostly only will use your offensive character skill rest are ignored
Skin are cash locked

Levistone story


Its English only downside almost all ppl cn
dont forget to click upside down arrow in timeline to see the update of G.M
Good Dungeon crawling game
Pro:Has many jobs skills per each of the 3 classes
Has no stamina system
you can get 5 weekly gacha draws if you join multi dungeon daily
Easy to switch character (you get everything back except exp which only 90percent)
Cons:To much stuff inside cash
You can only join pvp if your cashing if not just click to lose to get weekly reward
The connection not stable
You cant use any other tabs( floating)while playing the game cause it pause it
No reroll

20 Minutes Till Dawn


An Very good Rougelike survival
Pro:Has many builds to play with which make for few hrs of fun
the hp it self is good and has use now
/ not like other rougelike hp became useless later cause 1hit
Cons:The screen to dark which you need to make your phone brightness high
There 2 movement Walking =while shooting
and running=when not shooting and while reloading hard to get used to at start
Pretty much same enemy over and over (dont know if true since still at stage 4 out of 15)

Path to Nowhere


The game story is good and character design is good
But the movement control is bad they could add some tap only option than hold drag which make some deley in your movement
2nd badside is that you need to full potential to make best use of unit best example summer which skill drone locked via potential

Memento Mori


Afk RPG game typhical pure cash base

the game music is good one you can listen to it while afking in lobby each character got there own music

the story is very short only it gives your appetite up what witches and churches do then suddenly get cut XD ps there still small background in character

gameplay is pure smash and slam one where you just need to get highest rarity best unit to progress and mostly cash since you gonna start to get stuck later from red orb which use for limit break
if hardcore player better get to top 16 guild or you get 0 guild stuff

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wish newer map come soon dint know it was last map  Read Note
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