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decent gameplay not good not bad / graphics suck and no story



dont donwload its soft lunchs and its over which you cant play

Bubbles & Dolls


downgrades ver of adult game
(dmm for many freestuff)
erogegames for english

Another waifu collection series/Tactics types where you can auto or manually put stuff ps you cant gain both pre register and new event code so just pick 1/pay heavy if you want to get cloths 99dollar

Simple idle game for waifu collection nothing else (stage below 3k you dont nees to do return just use 5 star at above it you start to need to return manually)

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby


horse waifu raising theme/ all thing can be skipped not like i image where you will watch the whole race and use some ability(2 option watch and skip) /2 gacha card type and unit type / tutorial is long though you can skip to reroll on what you want/overall better wait english or if your got patient to translate each one you can play it



rare no cash game type main theme achero/pro no cash dress changes base on your skills wearing/cons dress has scoring system which can affect score at end along with damage taken ,need to grind to get all skill so better go buttom right special fast

NieR Re[in]carnation


Great new nier game but sadly not like the old one where you manualy do your stuff /you can move
the char and change the target lock on if you dint lock on any enemy you wont atk / goodluck on ppl who gonna reroll since its mix of semi auto and gacha heavy base

An vs puzzle game at first you will meet ai but later on you play with players good time waister/pro item keeped if you win but if lost its gone/cons still not fully finish -onces you dc you lost or if enemy dc while your score lower you lost



after playing i notice first boss got 20k plus hp while i only do 60 plus damage and when upgrading item only give 1atk and hp which pretty much show that only max gear can clear game easyly except if your maso and wanna long grind bosses//////Archero theme type (Omnyoji) Pro:can move while firing and there dash buttons skill base on what yokai monster you wearing for your lv ups /Cons:long time wait(If free to play better donwload now and just do daily login and daily 2 ads free roll before playing later):Slow movement and even touch damage ya low hp/Music is calming thats why its 4

Berserker Online


An idle game with new style which your in open field though i think its very old game allready since i saw so many top ppl who allready at 20m power /you just need to grind some time daily to get your daily 2 ticket which = to 1 roll since all char you need to raise lv to get all skillpoints you need to get stronger/ps reroll alot do delete data guest login till on your free first roll you get pet if not you gonna have nightmare watching ads every 10 mins

Eternal Fantasia


all i can say holy holy shaky shaky my eyes are so dizzy from staring at screen when fight happens

B100X - Auto Dungeon RPG


Grind grind grind fest though better go offline and never view the cheater on leaderboard who finish 1k stage in 100 turns

Cyberspace Ncrypt


An Offline idle 6 team tactics which automaticaly battle 3 front 3 back the char looks is good while item amount you can put per char is 9(some slot if you equip right item can activate that char unique active skill) wep is perma which you upgrade to make it stronger so each char has it unique bonus and all stuff can be get by grinding if want to make it faster just on your internet there be ads box button for ya (for ppl who want to leave there phone on)

Phantom Rose Scarlet


Good gameplay rng type card game though you need to be very carefull on your card placing cause theres no undo/Story is about revival and betrayal cant say any since spoiler though do take alooke off pic well to know story since no words

Honest Opinion Good Point ? Non the free infinite gacha roll is stuck to 3 star unit only so you need to still delete your acc to reroll real gacha just to get 4 star from free opening day gift 2.5k gem/music same as other same only except the hug mode is Osu mode falling rhyme adaption instead of 1 left right keyboard now 2 finger /gem gain is low in song area i checked only 30 for expert /Reason for this opinion isekai got its 3d moving model theme even if you need to cash /djmax got its new mix of ryhme where you have to look at your slide but got greedy and remove alot of gem gaining /honey works got its full free to play type game style cause of high gem gain but have need alot of adjusting in beat ms since its hard to hit(so overall it cant beat the 3 new music game since fantasy theme is mmorpg music type genre like Dance on audition maintheme since you can dress your charup)

MOG Supernatural School


Single Player Base to Base Tactics game /Its an game where you send unit to destroy enemy base but instead of player as your enemy its Ai you can see in top ranking only got 12 lose and i tried till i reached silver im top 96 allready which means no player playing it so only good point it got is cute unit

Abyss Tower


Gameplay is good rouge run type the atk is auto you just have to get close while other atk is mario style where you have to jump on head/1 problem in this game is you need to rewrote your brain cause the button keeps alternating there purpose base on direction you facing so need some time for muscle memory to stickup to play well[睡覺]



Just gonna rate for sp since like grisaia story just cant play if not english since wont know this game version story

아레나 마스터F


classic type of sidescroll hack and slash with auto system/not viable for reroll system since you need to clear 2-10 stage before can go gacha/i dont know if later on theres custom cloth but if not looks dull

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event cloth dante i feel like even electro code got invaded by dmc Read Note
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