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just an gamer
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Good rougelite survival kinda refreshing than usual endless survival where when your high you can just afk
Cons :map is limited size
/hard farming for crystal
/need korean naver cafe to join event
/there obstacles in map which if you dint notice you endup trapped
/mobs never dissapear
Pro: there bossess in map to get some skill(dont stay in 1 boss in map it get stronger each death)
/movement is smooth
/most skill focus in defending and close to you than regular rougelite survival
/item and exp never dissapear

To much Ads if wanna play this go off wifi or data
or just play the better copy of vampire hunter (survival days legend)
Gameplay unbalances your own hp is high while some of atk damage is so low and mobs pretty much occupy most place

ECHOES of MANA | Global


Game is Great type of side scroller hack and slash
but time consuming since auto is long and for those who gonna start this game from start goodluck rerolling and mostly saveup crystal for char you like for later releases

Clash Of Sky丨English


common idle game yet the graphic is good

Good pass time mini games
but dont expect to see players seem pure ai you fight with tested by making my char stay not clicking for few mins opposite player dint left and most score they got are instant even though you guys exist the round diffrent time

Magical Girl Story


Very Hard bullet hell survival need alot of grinding to progress

Dungeons of Dreadrock


Short But Great Puzzle Abit of Brain teaser if you finish it in 1 go

Bullet Hell Heroes


Fun Copy of Touhou abit more harder than touhou cause no invu period while casting ultimate
sadly most unit got pay locked but dont need them to play it

good cute idle game just ignore the arena ranking to enjoy the game but weirdly do be warned what you saw in skin buy list is not what you will get

VeryGood Music game weirdly not like other music game i played where i can play all diff finely and no lag this one nope can go till few hard only
Sad Older phone can only play till few hard song Since key wont tap most of the time in higher song list

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


kinda dull game but you only need to spend 30mins on it and no cashing needed so its decent idle

Bloons TD Battles 2


An Adaption of bloon td 6 for vs mode but p2w type and theres ads every single match can ignore the ads and p2w aspect
What you cant ignore is that the DC amount is extreme
you mostly dc each single matchs

Good Simple pixel game
no rush like common music game
the longer your alive the more music beat there is

only gameplay is main problem here since camera is harsh
the gacha is generous 5 percent for ur
story is good and
each story episode done gives you at least 20x pulls in gacha
free to play friendly
not casual player friendly cause you need good control and response to play the game cause sometimes you have to predict enemy atk when its off screen and you can only use arrow below your character to guide you of there direction
If you decide to play it onces you fully done at character episode and got all its crystal and chest and you notice that your space is low just go in tittle screen and clear cache since each episode is massive

main theme comedy
2nd theme romance
3rd theme rpg
/better go for the pc ver cause you die waiting for just 1 route when theres many route(4hrs wait per day sleep)
1 route takes 3 to 4 month in game

ISEKAI Demon Fantasy


extreme cash game though if you want to collect girls you can still play it but if want to be competative you need money

Game got partial english on it story and menu .
gameplay type combo system card type where you chain from lowest number to highest.
character are cute.
only downside of this game is the game to massive 4gb plus and its another gacha game.

Mahjong Soul | English


just 1 problem theres sure lose if you get dc midmatch cause sometimes say match cant found
/rest its very good mahjong game which you can play alot since the coin wont limit you since they give alot

Magic Dungeon


very good rougelite game but gone heavy grinding midway and you cant progress anymore if you dont grind

Touhou LostWord | Global


Good Touhou spinoff where each char have 3 voice sound and there own original touhou game(makes me shiver when hearing) music when used there special atk though theres only 2 downside in this game/1st limited reroll you gonna get locked out when you do reroll alot /2nd theres limited amount of chapter (3 1tutorial+2chapter )which you can finish in 1 day then just gonna grind your fav waifu char till updates comesup/over all great spinoff gacha ver (good thing its not bullet hell[鬼臉])

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Can only happen at spear event
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