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Remember, everything is Decade's fault.
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Remember, everything is Decade's fault.
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Vanguard ZERO | English


Honestly with the timing of real life Vanguard series, I'd expect this game's story to promote V series and BanG Dream's bands. Instead, I'm greeted with JAM Project and full dick-mode Kai.

Just like Duel Links, Vanguard Zero simplify some aspects of real life Vanguard (Perfect Guard, Shield, Triggers, and more) to make the game not dragging on. Whether you can bear the changes is up to each individual.

Gacha is like Duel Links. You open packs with chance to get or not get the card you want. Key difference here is that you can craft the cards with ingame currency, but most likely you'll get it faster by opening packs instead of crafting it (since said resources are not even guarantee drops).

If you're curious about Vanguard, this game could be the first gate to Vanguard as whole. Just be wary of rule differences between Vanguard Zero and actual Vanguard TCG [厲害]

If you want to *actually* learn how the new format works tho, you can watch this instead (still the best "new to game? let us explain how things work" episode so far)

With the game closing down after 5 years of service (which is a rare sight these days), I guess it's time to talk about it.

Mobius FF use FF1 as its story basis, but going further the line the story started to being distorted. It's best for you to enjoy it yourself. Or watch the story on YT, I dunno. I mean, realistically you won't have enough time to blaze through the story from start to end (15 days left of service as per this writing)

Gameplay has its ups and downs. Old cards did become obselete, but not at a banner-per-banner rate. Jobs did have the same issue, and HoF helped alleviate the issue just a bit. Magicite did become farmable in the late years of its service.

As a player.....I can't help but to feel that the game could be more. Could be better. Some mind-boggling decisions (some are corrected later on), story difficulties often are wack between chapters, and how they rerun FF7 collab a tad too much. I do hope Mobius characters will live in another FF games. Don't you dare to forgot what Graff's VA said about his character, SEnix! 🤨

But all of that aside, I'm grateful for the game. It accompany me during hard times and good times of my life. As my Wol grew, so do I.

I guess.......thank you SE.
For the 5 years of constant struggle between Wol and Chaos.

Granblue Fantasy


**Public PSA**
There is language settings in the Options menu.

Well well well, 6 years and still counting.
One of the well-known mobages despite not being released in Google Play, also the one that make gacha law and regulations in its home country. One that raise the standard bar for other mobages.

Is it bad? Is it good?

+ Growing list of characters voiced by some of the well-known seiyuus in Japan industry. They even got Deku to voice a cat.
+ Story picks up after chapter 55, and overall lore keep expanding itself
+ Grid-based progression that is followed by other mobages
+ Lots of freebies and free rolls during certain events
+ Collab with some interesting franchises like Persona, AoT, Sakura Taisen, Idolmaster, Love Live, Street Fighter, etc
- Be prepared to sacrifice some part of your social lives
- Being Lucifer fan is suffering. [大哭]

Due to the app's inherent flaw, using browser or SkyLeap are recommended.....unless your only method to buy MobaCoins is via Google Wallet.

I activate my spell card.

The game evoke nostalgia left and right. The 3-field only might be jarring, but you'll grow to appreciate it. Events are there, some entertaining, some are not.

To properly build a deck you have to buy packs, level your legendary duelists, and duel said legendary duelists. While this might sounds convoluted, it helped to remove the sense of p2w (which is still there tbh) and more on investment. Jaden/Judai is one prime example of this case. You HAVE to invest a lot of time to fully use his deck in maximum power.

I guess one of the biggest downside for the game are the pack prices. I know you have to make money, but with 50 crystal per single pack (a pack = 3 cards, fyi) building deck is often harsh. We are not even talking about rates here.

Other than that, not using the old TCG rules can be jarring at times. The more you play this game, the more you will miss 5-field monster and spell/trap zone badly.
I set a card face down. I end my turn.

Comparison to FGO makes sense on first glance; but when you actually dive into the game, it does have its own identity.

Story are interesting and compelling with hints and nudges toward the parent franchise. Man, SEGA's storytelling in the mobile division are really improved. Good thing PSO2's storywriting also picking up its pace these days.

Gacha rates are....gacha rates. No comment on that part. 😐

Music is as good as it is. You can count on SEGA to not screwing up in music division.

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