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Eat ass, skate fast
MihuChan 9538000

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Eat ass, skate fast
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Reverse: 1999 | Global


зима my beloved 👍

The "B" in Team B stands for "Bangers"
Similarly, the "C" in Team C stands for "C*nt served"

Just another anime based gacha, this time multiplayer based.
The max rarity rn on the gacha is 4☆, but honestly I have a hard time differentiating the actual 4-stars from the 4-star-but-it's-actually-an-evolved-2-star characters I get on the gacha.
Story so far covers the only arc ever in Aot games, Trost.
Gameplay is pretty much "just press auto and do something else"
The chibis and the room decorating part are cute though.

Major problem is everything is too slow and takes a lot out of the experience. I can spend 2 minutes max playing a stage and another 5 waiting for the load to let me tap the button to claim rewards. I guess we'll have to wait a while until they fix the bugs and slow servers.

Levi insults you in the tutorial which made me very happy, thank you heichou step on me pls


Promise of Wizard


Faust you depressed whore I will love you since you can't love yourself now please come home

Pretty epic, been playing since day 1.

There's a lot of content now that's worth playing although it's hell gathering gems

I'm a bit disappointed with the stamina system, since 1 hour for 1 point is... Ridiculous

It has Doppo though so it's fine

Edit: I am deep in HypMic hell, hardcore Matenrou stan. I read the event stories religiously. This game is the best thing humanity has ever known

Very good for a mobile moba!
The graphics are amazing, gameplay is fun, the characters are unique and interesting for the most part, and it has a lot of popular voice actors in it!
The menus were a bit confusing to me at first but I got used to them pretty quickly
A lot of people complained about the framerate but personally I've had no problems, though I do agree that it's a bit stupid to merge THREE continents in ONE server.

Jumputi Heroes


Pretty fun game, good variety of series and characters from each
Auto battle is convenient and the game is very welcoming to beginners
It actually feels like the gacha is fair whAT AN ACTUALLY FAIR GACHA GAME WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO

whAt?! You've never played Tuber Simulator?!

Gintama App


Catch up with news about Gintama, read the Gintama manga in both original b/w and full color and watch raw episodes of the anime. You can even read the novels!
I think that my favorite feature is the unlockable character icons; once you read a certain amount of chapters containing a specific character, you can unlock their icon, to use when commenting, and their character information page!

Finally a gacha game that isn't pure hell
They can get pretty generous with gems and characters actually
The gameplay is simple and the Matsus are cute
A really fun game for its genre I'd say



Finished all mission stages except the last two on hard mode and all events in two days and unlocked all point only decorations and now I have nothing to do with my life 11/10 IGN

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


Husbando material. Husbando material everywhere.
I would literally die for Nagi-

Pokémon GO/ Pokemon GO


I hadn't seen sunlight in years, but this game changed me--

The gacha is hell.

Sometimes after an update the game won't download the updates, so you're stuck in the title screen while it's either stuck on 0% or a flashing between the "Downloading files" and the "Couldn't download files, please contact support" text

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Hi so for some reason I've been getting this communication error occasionally...
My connection is good so I am unsure of the cause? 
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