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Some countries can't use it :(

iFree Touch


Frankly、i don't know what's the purpose of this app.
i came at "owo what's this ?" speed and just thought it's somekind of live wallpaper or advanced AI stuff that let you do tasks.
And once i open i can't understand at all (yes、i'm not improving with my japanese but at least i can read hirakata)、no sound、sloppy animation、stoic character、and... it does involve real money.

Custom Cast



I hate to say this but i actually dissapointed with this game、my hype just... gone、i don't care what other people said but i have had enough anime turn based game in my library、it's not even an actual turn base when you only wait for a skill to cool down and just spam it...
what's making me totally dissatisfied is the gacha requirements、5 kind of shits you need to gather and you can get less than 5 each node at random rate... man、why they do this.
not gonna complain about other features. But、come on、i reallly love the anime and hope it'll get a decent game.
but i guess it's only my hope huh...

Mega Miracle Force


If its not for the nep and seeing more of her adventures.
i'm not gonna play this
but as a loyal follower of Purple heart、i'm gonna sacrifice my time and some penny if it means i could stay by my goddess's side

Dawn of the Breakers


If you ever tried Getamped、you should already realize this is only humanized version of its gear/weapons.
The story is kinda fun to read and the way they implement it into mobile with unique playstyle is worth the try
Tho、the dice disc has no chill.

10 Project | Japanese


The graphic is really make me skipped a beat、UI is nice、characters are cute (chibis [ ♡v♡])、but no males(well、i didn't get any male so far). Though for a simple tower defense that i really miss since a long time this game is really great.
Kinda hate it cuz everytime i get a new character i should translate it 1st
Well、no complain for it since i get used to screenshot translate.

Is this game worth a try? yes!

Dolls Order


As an arcade geek and mech musu trash this game is total bliss from Gumi

Darkness Rises | Global


nice concept but as expected of rpg adv games
its getting pretty boring later on
either its the gacha result that really dissapointing or nothing to do after you done the dialy quest

at least, you can fish and leave your phone heat up till it die

Tried it
After a few story i uninstalled it
it really gets your hopes high
but i don't expect much from turn based games

Google Translate


no, seriously, why it recognized here ? xD


Unmanned War 2099


pvp is kinda dead but once you get a match its kinda hard to keep up with the people who pays for gacha, and getting decent weapon is really hard because the stamina like limitation.

RWBY: Amity Arena


i hate clash royale and what i hate even more is one of my favorite series is getting mixed with it...

Houkai 3rd is already good game name, just why they change it :T

Granblue Fantasy


Can't describe what is "hell"?
this game help you to find a better understanding for that word/place

one of COLOPL's masterpiece, just the downside its potrait view, it would be better if it comes with landscape or an option to change the point of view

if this is not a gacha game its one of the best turn based games

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