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i uninstalled this game around 3 days upon release. it was a waste of space. it's a valkyrie profile wrapper on...something not valkyrie profile. in other words, it was trying too hard at pretending. it was absolute trash. compare it to the original which was made decades ago on an inferior platform i dare you. Being a mobile game is no excuse given how powerful phone specs can be nowadays and considering the kind readily available engine platforms are available on it. don't count on nostalgia too much.

Astral Chronicles


it is one of those games that you will play while it is new and forget it sooner or later. it is not a keeper nor is it one where you'll want to invest longtime. the story is pushed on you with a localization dialogue that distinctly has an ifluence from a country i won't name. basically a good translation but bad localization. the graphics are ok though but don't leave your another eden or dragalia lost for this.

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