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I'll just put my first impression here (played it from PC ver and mobile)
This game looks like a game that came from 2012
I watched some gameplay on youtube before release and tbh not interested even a bit. Tried it and thank God I wasn't hype for this game

As usual people just got baited by the name or franchise "DanMachi" because it's a popular anime
Also they gave you infinite reroll which is pretty good for gacha games

I'll delete this game after reviewing. Good luck and enjoy for who will continue playing this game

*updated review

First of all I'm playing on pc,smooth no lag 60+ fps
I've played since release and actually starting to enjoy the game even tho it's really easy

It's a bit lacking but still playable and understandable because it's a new game and looks like new developer
I don't have problem for co-op

I only have 1 problem which is gacha. First of all I'm a spender
New games starting to follow genshin pity system and this game is kinda worse
They give small amount of gacha currency and have 4 tickets currency to do gacha. Normal char/Limited char/Normal Weapon/Limited Weapon
Most of stages rewards are normal ticks,hopefully they'll give premium currency on the upcoming event
Ofc they give us gems for first time clear and dailies/weeklies but still just make it 2 kind of ticks ffs

They will do mt with some fixes and balancing and also new events so looking forward to it

Overall game is great
Most of my friends enjoying the game too

I used to play angry bird a lot and this game great "upgrade" for it and also has smooth gameplay
Has some knowledge ingame about animals
On paid side, this game has great offers for spender especially low spender and way better than most of gacha games

Overall great game! Love it

Game is simple,just chill ~

If i give an example,game is similar to uma musume at least the basic
People saying tutorial is too long,yeah i agree. But you'll get infinite reroll without tutorial if you already done with it 1 time

Full voiced characters and chill music like the anime.
Been playing for 2 days and no bug/problem at all. Using emulator and mobile phone

TLDR ; game is great

Honkai: Star Rail


Played since release and the game is great so far
Because it's a popular game especially from Hoyo so i don't wanna explain in detail

TLDR : game is great and better than genshin in term of content
1.3 will have more contents and QoL updates, definitely W

Neural Cloud | English


First of all if you don't like roguelike then this game is not for you
I played CN server for like 3-4 months so i kinda familiar with this game for early release and i love it
I played as F2P on CN and spender on global so i put review from those both perspective

I'll keep it simple
-F2P friendly
-Gacha guaranteed ssr/*3 : 60 pity and 180 spark for rate up.
-Fair gacha rates i got both rates up dolls and some *3 for total 60 pulls (multiple bannners),if you're not getting *3 means you're unlucky not because of rates so blame urself
-Can farm shards so you can max stars all characters

Overall it's a great game

Genshin Impact


Great game,bad developer
I played CBT and hype for release because of combat gameplay and endgame content but they made the game so casual and not planning to release endgame content

So yeah enjoy ur fishing and farming and also TCG lmao
Uninstalled even tho i spent $10k+
No regret

Day 2 playing,almost lv20
So far the game kinda meh,
Progress-based game so more money you have,more ez to clear content
The gap between spender and F2Ps are HUGE. I mean it's not first game like this but still the monetization in this game is insane,BP,mission pass and some "value" packs
I always spend money on every game that i tried and will continue spend more if i like the game but this game is a NO for me. I just bought monthly card and done and will play more for few days probably

Idk why people hyping this game so much lol
If you guys want to see a*s and b**ba,just play n*taku game or just watch he*tai instead or get a girlfriend šŸ¤·

Grimlight | Global


I'll keep it simple
-Gameplay is nice with nice soundtrack and KR VA
-Game looks P2W. Why?
Gems income is so low. There's weapon banner
Character banner pity reset every rotation

So idk if this game worth to play or not. I'm not mention bugs because the devs trying to solve it

Soul Tide | Global


Finally global version
Played CN version and i loved it.
One of the best exploration gacha game.

That's it. I want to play the game
Just check youtube for gameplay.
Pretty fun and unique imo

This is why i don't really like idle game.
It's just 90% collecting characters and 10% gameplay
This game selling point? Cultured people know the answer
Well you can find this kind of artwork everywhere so nothing new
The gameplay just gacha and upgrading characters and go auto.
Hardstuck because your characters are weak after "max" upgrade? Go gacha to get dupes and limit break to increase combat power. Typical idle game

Oh btw those bunch of reviews and comments are just forced. They'll give free pulls if you put review. Really nice marketing and baiting people lol

Gonna play for 1 week and then drop it.

Epic Seven | Global


I play for B00BA

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Started to play again just for fun

Alchemy Stars | Global


Played from day 1 and i love it
I love a game using brain and skills more rather than money

Revived Witch | English


I play this because of Yostar.
-Great gameplay,kinda like octopath traveller and i love it
-Nice OST
-I love F2P friendly game even tho I'm a spender.

Git gud

Legeclo: Legend Clover


First of all if you can't play the game/forced go back to the title,change your timezone to JST. Now it's running smoothly

I like this game because i basically love to play SRPG game.
- Gameplay quite good although i'm still on early game.
- Graphic,sound,VA all amazing
- Gacha is decent
They have H version for this game but i'm not playing there because i can't translate the game there.

Overall it's pretty good game for this genre.
If you don't like because of this "SRPG genre/gameplay",just pass this game. Don't be like a d*ck and put bs review because it's not ur taste
They already put the genre on page details and i already told you in this review.

I'm trying to play not doing some work.
They not letting non-jp players to play so why bother support them.
This game is just re-skin gameplay from other games but using code geass as their selling points.

World Flipper | Global


Ok to the point
-fast reroll removed
-less rewards/less rolls
-gacha system no f2p friendly

+fresh gameplay

Definitely greedy game

Time Defenders


First of all game is not optimized and clunky. It's like unfinished game. I dont mind the ping because of overseas server but as i already played tons of games (pc and mobile), I'd say this game is "hard to play" or to enjoy at least for me

I'm using emu bluestacks 32 (RTX 2070) and OnePlus 6T,so far "good" games are working smooth on both my devices such like Genshin,Honkai,PGR,Arknights that needs good phone/pc to run and I'm running with high-end setting for those games

- Gameplay : I kinda like the TD gameplay but camera angle is lil bit weird,clicking the characters is way to laggy
Idk why most of ppl got bugs but i never find any bugs so far

- Sounds : I like characters VA but ingame sound is lil bit luckluster

- Story : I don't understand Japanese

- Graphics : Well this is OK i think similar to King's raid (same dev tho)

Gacha : SSR 3% kinda high, 0.1734% each character and 0.4% for rate up. Have character and equipment gacha both have 300 pity. Idk in the future but the rate banner only last for 1 week. Fcking RIDICULOUS

The mechanic ingame is kinda p2w,i didn't expect that from vespa. I just finished ch.2 using base characters but the system to reach endgame upgrade is to get dupes
You can feel the power spike after ch.2
The resources is really limited in this game and makes the game kinda unbalanced
Maybe it's still early game

At least at Arknights i can clear annihilation 1 on day 1 and some story chapters

Edit TLDR : So i decided to drop this game because as a TD game,this game require you a lot of grind to keep up and to make it worse equipment system. Means you cannot use low rarity characters to keep up the difficulty
As the times go on you need full SSR team with their signature equipment to keep up the hardest difficulty. I mean come on DON'T make it like King's raid equipment system to a TOWER DEFENSE game
If you enjoy the game then good luck. I have real life so i don't want to waste my time to a bad game that i can't enjoy
If you think this still a good game (copium),just check other reviews (playstore,taptap,appstore)

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