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Played on CN server since day 1 and stopped playing 1 week ago because irl stuff.
Game is good not great. SSR rates pretty good,only missing 3 SSR in cn server (2 from gacha,1 from battle pass),got all awakening characters and i'm f2p there :)
They will wipe your CBT data, so i'm gonna play when official release.

NieR Re[in]carnation


As a fan of SE especially NieR series and FF series,i don't know how to express about this game.

The gameplay is decent,well maybe practically boring.
Gacha rate is decent.

I only love about this game is the music. Well as usual NieR series is so great about their soundtracks
For story, I want to know but it's a language barrier.

Idk man. I'm kinda happy and disappointed at the same time.

Blue Archive


Graphics : Beautiful!

Sound : Banger music and great VA! 11/10

Gameplay : Similar to priconne but more fresh. More mechanics,depths,and playstyle. Game has Story,Raid,and PVP mode. Check yt for more details.
Personally i enjoyed the game.

Story : I don't understand the language. I'm using translator to play and some database/wiki on website

Gacha : SSR/3stars 2.5% rate,120gems/pull,no pity. Got free 50 pulls early and easy to reroll.

The only thing that i hate is I can't spend money. I always spend money if i like the game.
I hope they planning to release on Global/English version.

Conclusion,game is F2P friendly. You need some strat and understanding about the mechanics in this game. Easy to earn gems. Chill game,you even can just AFK to listen the music.

Lastly don't forget,
Waifu > Meta

Assault Lily Last Bullet


This is definitely Sinoalice v2

Game is good and i like it.
The only problem for me is legion schedule. Idk if that PVP like in Sinoalice or other game mode that needs to online on specific time.
I can't communicate with jp people.
And their timezone and our timezone is different so it's hard to keep up.
If it's just story and other contents except Legion/guild,i think this game is really good and fun especially if you already played and like Sinoalice.
The downside of Sinoalice,is their Guild. If your lvl or power so far behind,you can't compete and maybe no chance to do Guild war/colloseum.
And if this game same like that,so hard for new players to join guild/legion.

I'm dropping this game just because of language barrier. For gameplay and other contents it's really good,just have some bugs.
Gonna wait for english version if they plan to release like Sinoalice.

Memories of Wilderness


Cash everywhere. Almost every tab you'll find them.
You want to upgrade characters? cash
You need dupes for characters stats boost? cash

The amount of microtransaction in this game is f-ing insane.
Everytime you got SSR, they'll offer you chara dupes+other mats for power boosting
Battle pass,premium daily login,lvl up pack,and many more.
This game has no effort at all. Just pay and no need to grind.
At least make some contents that you can only get from grind.
Chara dupes give huge amount of stats boost.
And to make that worst,they making more servers.

Idk why this game has high rating.
Maybe people just dumb to choose which game has really good contents in it.
Looking for quality games not just cash grab POS games.
If you're rich kid that loves gacha with no effort gameplay,this game is for you

Ps : I only play this game for 2-3 days and drop that day.

I'll keep it simple

Gameplay you can check on youtube. You need strategy and units. So get characters as much as possible.
Upgrading characters is pretty simple like other game. Either by clearing stages or use mats to upgrade.

Artstyle and graphics are really good tho.

PVE : So far you can clear most of stages with low rarity characters and low rarity are easy to evolve their stars.

PVP : Heavily P2W. Idk I'm on wrong bracket or what but my early pvp experience was hell and still. Many players have SR-SSR with 4stars+ even full stars SSR like wtf. You know what that means if you played other gacha games.
There are 2 different PVP, vs bots and real-time pvp. Each mode have different rank and rewards.

Now we have free 10 pulls everyday. Rates are decent 3,5% SSR and we have PITY at 150 pulls
Will get many free gems and tickets if you progress further (achievements,mission,stages,and more)

No english language in case if you didn't read game title.

Conclusion : If you want to play casually,enjoy the game with strategic gameplay,collecting characters, this game maybe for you.
If you want to play competitive without spending much money,then don't play.
I'd say this game is F2P FRIENDLY because you can clear most of contents for now.

Shining Maiden | English


Ok last review (3rd time)

- This game need a lot of GRIND so if you feel stuck just grind other stages to upgrade your characters. Well it's easy to adapt if you played a lot of grinding games

- 4-5 stars R characters in this game is more powerful than 0 star SSR characters. Ngl rates for SSR is pretty bad. What i mean is rate for other SSR is pretty low so maybe you will get more dupes for same SSR.

- Gems in this game are so easy to get. Don't worry about it

- Gameplay you can check on youtube. For me it's really good not great,strategic,waifuable but ngl this game copying other games concept. Gacha games nowadays they're copying each other, I've tried almost every single games that's why i said that. So it's just depends on other players interest,not all players like genre like this y'know

- Finally my conclusion,game is F2P FRIENDLY just need a lot of grind. Like myself i played GFL,GBF,Arknights,Genshin,Honkai,WoW and other grindy games so i feel like this game is not that much grind if you compared to them.

It's still SOFT LAUNCH so no free pulls! You still can reroll either using gmail or guest. There's method to do that but i forgot where i found that
My suggestion just play normally and enjoy the game 🙂

Another game with security login required.
Need phone number/email/stuffs bla bla bla

緋紅之境 | 新馬版


I only like the characters design and artwork.
Gameplay and other aspects in this game is really bad.
It's 2021 already,why still making game like in 2010-2015.
And to make this game worse,gacha rates sucks. R-SSR start at 1 star,are you joking? How many dupes we need to make it full stars lmao
2h+ of rerolling and got 2 SSR from first 10pulls,after that playing for 1h and uninstalled.

DEEMO -Reborn-


I've been playing rayark games for a long time (cytus,cytus2,deemo) and all are amazing!
Actually i already played this game on Steam and now this masterpiece released on mobile,of course insta buy.

First of all i love tensura.

To the point :
Graphics decent
Gameplay decent
Not seeing bug so far

Gacha rates really LOW! Can't reroll
What's the point making a game that have device locked feature? Account bound to your device even tried reinstall the game.
I know some games that did the same. They gave us so many freebies on early game,can't reroll and then became P2W later on.

-Too many servers
This game just released and everyday they open new server. Like wtf?!
New server full and other server not. And if you create another server it's become like that again.
It's like year 2000ish system.

-Rates is really low. Can't reroll. Device locked/1acc per device
What's the point giving players many freebies on early game and get trash?
I've made 2 acc. Both account did 70 pulls and got 2 SSR/acc.
SSR in this game is quite OP.

Game like this not gonna hold long. New players will join new server and other server will become graveyard,like

If you release this game early,maybe will become one of my favorite game.
Nowadays so many good games for example Genshin,that won 3 awards.
No offense but I'm dropping this game only because of the language.
I need to play on bluestack to translate every important things except story (i watched the anime and manga)
It's action kinda game so i need to walk,check the quest and more and lastly translates all of that.

So far no problem for me.
*First of all i love ReZero so that's a +1 for this game in my perspective.
*Gameplay is fun and the battle animation is great
*Got my twins,ofc this game is waifuable
*Graphic is great
*So much free stuff if you progress further

The only problem for me is language. I need to play on bluestack to translate.
Game is not smooth but it's acceptable (although i want smoother battle animation). It's not lag or stutter or something like that so don't worry (at least for my pc and mobile phone)

Old player actually.
Starting fresh and still love this game!
I need to play on bluestack for the translates and infinite(?) ingame download [不滿]
Please make this english version/global

Just started and loved it!
The only problem is just VPN. Just make it like Priconne and all good

My long waited global server ruined because of Nexon ffs

God of High School


Big NO for VIP system,that's it.
VIP system means P2W game. I'm willing to pay for this game if it's like Battle pass,monthly card,or even more.
When i saw that VIP and VVIP,i immediately uninstall the game.

Gameplay and graphic is decent.
For story i already watch the anime and manhwa.

Shining Beyond


Played since beta released but only for 1 week.
Game is very F2P friendly at least
It's just boring and so many game is better than this now
If this game released on 2015, maybe gonna be one of the best game

Yes more boobies game!

-Gameplay actually decent for turn-based game
-Gacha rates for *5 is 2%
-UI is great,like combination of Persona 5 and Danganronpa
-Graphic is pretty good BUT when in battle it's become chibi and like sd graphic. Not saying it's bad but become blurry for some reason
-Characters? Yes boobies waifus

And lastly this game has an anime and ofc fan services :v



After playing for 1 day,i decided to drop this game.
Just meh not worth your time and storage.

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Imo If this comes up with so many servers again like in CN version, game gonna die fast.
Whats the point having 50-100 players every servers? I like the gameplay and game design tho
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