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GOETIAX | Japanese


It has to be pointed out when people make bad games, and I feel like I need to say something about this one. Hey, mobile game devs! You mind not putting in mandatory tutorial sections at the starts of your games? But if you just have to have one, do you mind making it work?

I'm currently stuck in an infinite loop in the tutorial because the game didn't register that I had cleared the stage. So if I go to the home screen, I just get shoved back to the world map. Your game is literally unplayable, and I hope that your company fails. That way, future game devs will learn not to lazily release broken games.



Where do I even start? I suppose it wasn't a good sign when I started the game and noticed a bunch of typesetting errors I would expect from an indie rpgmaker game.

The menus and UI are super unresponsive. Meaning I keep on accidentally pressing buttons I don't mean to press. I don't even get how this game can lag when it looks like a pre-2010 sort of game. the graphics for 2018 are shameful.

And to cap it all off, if you leave certain menus, then the music will continue regardless and start up a second track of music. Thanks for the headache DMM, stick to the likes of Kancolle.

PETS Academia


I don't really understand what everybody is flaming this game so hard for. It's not perfect, but I've certainly played worse. First of all, I'm going to say that I love the tone of the game. A bunch of skills in the game are silly things like scaring your enemies with a bunny popping out of a magic hat. Really fun and lively animations.

I also like the heavy inspiration this game takes from Kantai Collection. Granted, It's a bit difficult to understand what kind of recipe will create what kind of unit. But that sense of discovery is part of the fun after all.

No, I really don't have any problem with this game on principle. It's just a little annoying to find so many bugs though. One bug I got was when I tried going into one of the dorms, the image flipped, all of the text was misaligned, and none of the buttons worked. Now I'm scared to even try going into the dorms in case I have to restart the app and hear that horrible music again.

This game is a lot less like traditional mobile gacha games like Fate GO or Brave Frontier. It actually plays sort of like an MMORPG with a gacha system slapped on.

Anyway, the 3D models look presentable. I don't have much to say about the sound either. One thing I will say is that skills in this game feel very dull to use. None of them stand out compared to some of the cool stuff that you could see in other ARPGs like Dragon Nest.

There's a fair amount of content, and events are very open and welcoming to newer players, but do reward players that challenge the harder battles.

The gameplay loop is fast and satisfying to a point, but I feel the spark of enjoyment fades very quickly.

I love the characters' personalities and voice acting. Graphics are fine, but I'd rather the graphics be toned down than the game taking up more space on my phone. I like the gameplay, but I fine it strange that a tactical RPG has an auto mode. And the gacha is very fair based on what I've seen.

Loading times can be a bit long at the start, but they get better. What doesn't seem to get better are the bugs. Sometimes I open the game and my resources just displays weird, broken text. The camera during combat is completely broken. And sometimes, when you want to press the attack or end turn button, it will register the click on the tile behind it instead.

If the bugs get fixed, I could see myself calling this the best mobile RPG on the market right now. Very fun, just needs a little polish.

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