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Alchemy Stars | Global


i've been wanted to play this game since they announce english release but was unable to since my old device can't run this game. I started playing after i saw announcement about 1st anniv so i missed a year worth content. This is my review after a week playing.

The illustration are beautiful, they picked good artists. Although i got new and way better device to play games but somehow its always laggy when i use live2D in homescreen, and the animation arent that great compared to other games where they can even move limbs and do complex movement with live2D.

Musics are really good, i really love the piano since its also related to the plot.

Story is cliche, in a good way. Its a fantasy world where "boy meets girl" going on adventure around the world on a flying ship while making friends along the way, it's a plot that already used in numerous video games and other medias yet it still gives me excitement. i really love this kind of story, if it's not because i need to grind for level to clear stages i would already binge reading it all in a day lol.

Gameplay is amazing, i love this kind of strategy based games. it feels good when i manage to pull out highest possible combo in a turn xD. Also the auto feature have pretty decent AI, too bad they spam skills as soon as possible lol.

my only complaint is the GUI, its awful to be honest. I often misstap in many places and its kinda annoying.

Blue Archive | Global


i've played the JP server before, then moved to EN so i can understand the story better which been pretty fun so far. i know they are getting to darker part eventually but i hope it'll still got more "happy" cuz i'm kinda sick of gacha games reselling tragedy or sad story over and over again..

that aside, the visual and music in this game is beyond amazing. both illustrations and animation are very beautiful.the game modes are a bit disappointing though, PvP are pure RNG going full meta doesnt mean anything if you got bad skill rotation. also raid isnt truly a raid.. it's just you fighting against really tanky boss alone, you even have to compete the score with other which full of competitive whales..

the cute characters are the only thing keeps me going in this game, although the gacha rate is terrible. probably one of the most terrible gacha experience i ever had.

a simulation game where you raise a horsegirl so she can win race and sing on stage. i actually pretty pessimist about it back when it was first announced, turned out its pretty fun game and the race is quite intense despite my zero knowledge on real horse race (it's illegal in where i live.. ).

been playing for a year and i'm loving it. looking forward for rumored english version.

Visual are great. i like the design concept but 3D models seems a bit lacking for me, and some animations are actually felt awkward..

Soundtrack are amazing, i've known Vanguard Sound for long since i also play Girls' Frontline. i know they make high quality music.

Story is really cool and interesting, i always love post apocalyptic world setting. the sids story between players and the other characters are also interesting. although lately the story been focusing too much on chinese oriented characters which i dont dislike them but theres just been too much..

Gameplay is cool, they have a lot of unique mechanics especially in later stages. although i think its a bit overkill for smartphone games. there are a lot of mechanics that doesnt really goes well with smartphone.. PC client when kuro?

Gacha is a bit complicated.. while the gacha system is really generous with very high chance to pull rate up chara and low pity limit to reach guaranteed pull, the game actually isnt the most generous.. they does give free stuff and currency for gacha is easily farmable but if you are F2P the amount of free pulls you can do in let say a month is very very few compared to actual generous games that can gives 10 pull each week just by logging in or doing daily. but since the range of each limited banner are quite far it is technically possible to get all the limited characters without charging. For people who willing to whale on this game i'd say its really worth it though.

Arknights | English


first impression isn't that good because the game bugged so hard on my device and customer service being unresponsive. the only thing i could enjoy right now is the visual..

+ great game

- the dev kills your waifu one by one

it looks really similar with FGO but got totally different once i played it, i liked the story and music the most. and choosing growth path for each character is exciting. gacha is also pretty generous, it isn't hard to get 5 star characters, and the power gap between rarity isn't too big, even 3 star characters could get even stronger than 5 star since they are easier to grow. the only part i hate is how hard the grinding, you'd have to farm for everything from raising exp, skill level, raising weapon grade, etc.

overall it's a nice game if you like fantasy genre. it also connects to the PC game Phantasy Star Online 2 which you'll get bonuses by playing IDOLA.

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The One and Only #WhoYouWannaMarry 
Anna Mochizuki from Idolm@ster Million Live -Theater Days
yes this is from the latest update, she got june bride card this year
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