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I suck at rhythm games...
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I suck at rhythm games...
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18TRIP (エイトリ)


It finally came out!! Really loved the game style<33 the characters were all gorgeous[色色] I really liked the gameplay, I was confused at first but I learned it for like about a minute and it was super easy, I enjoyed it lmao.... Also this is the first time that I heard an MC (us obviously) with a voice since its kinda unique for these types of games to have the mc fully voiced... There's just one problem, it's about the game where when you already finished downloading the resources, it will be all just pitch black[汗顏][汗顏] I tried restarting it for 2 times and somehow it worked and it became normal again lol.. I hope they can fix this issue soon since lots of player keep babbling about this issue that is going on right now[鬼臉][鬼臉]

Promise of Wizard


I LOVE THIS! I GOT QUICKLY ADDICTED TO THIS WHEN I FIRST PLAYED IT LMAO[大哭] I also love the characters !! All of them is so pretty and cute, especially cain my boy is so goddamn hot hehehehhe, but there's so much to do in here and it confuses me all the time but so far so good! The gameplay is quiet easy and so simple, yet, its fun to play it! Would recommend it to my friends even if they don't have much interest in this kind of gameplay😵

One of my favs<33 I really like the character design here and they all look so gorgeous[大哭] I haven't read the story yet since I'm not that good at nihongo, but I'm willing to read it if I find some english translation [不滿] Also I was confused when I firtstplayed it since I'm not that good at simulation games, but now I know how and its literally super EASY (like fr)I was too late and that I didn't even get to play the AAside;((

Break My Case


UWAAAHH I love this game sm<33 this is the first time I played a puzzle game and it was the best! The graphics, the music, the character design OML such a perfection😭 Currently I have 3 characters that I really love<33 It's not too laggy it just so smooth af!! I've been playing for 1 week now and I still don't know how to get more of those pinkie thing that you pull on the gacha banner༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ I haven't read the story so I'll give the storyline a 3 star for now(⁠´⁠ ⁠.⁠ ⁠.̫⁠ ⁠.⁠ ⁠`⁠)

The lore here is crazy af! Especially the main story lmao, I have a mix feelings for eichi and its love & hatred😭 Im just shocked to know all of the crime he did just to let down other people's dream😮‍💨

Moving on to the game, it's so good just pure perfection! I love every unit here☺️ the grinding here is quite unique compared to the other idol games, you really need to buy some time just to get your oshi's event/tour cards😭 also the stories reward is so freaking CHEAP?? Like you'll just get 1 dia for every chapter of the event story, also if your acc is an end game like mine, my advice for you is to just save the dias you've got there for your oshi's cuz it's so hard to get dias😭😭

Aaaaa i love this one!! The characters are so hot & cute😋😋 Its easy to grind an SSR thats'swhy I love it..The lore kinda confuses me tho lol, and when I also watched the anime it's still confuses the shit out of me but I still keep watching it lol... Overall it's a good game^^ maybe they should put an adjustment to the notes cuz I can't really see it and I'm just using a phone so it seems so little to me when I'm playing😭😭

Compared to jp this one kind of odd... I don't really know what it is but its just so complicated playing at this server😭😭 the players keep picking the same songs like end of hatsune miku, yaminabe, whats' up pop, ifuudoudou, shoujo rei;) do they not know any songs that are not one of these😭😭 Also I have a concern everytime there's a cheerful carnival, it keeps disbanding for every second and its annoying as hell... I hope you can fix this issue since its literally annoying af, when you're just trying to tier for an event but it keeps disbanding bruh😮‍💨 Jp still on the top

This is the second rhythm game I've played after prosekai and its still always gonna be one of my favorite games🥺 I love the character designs, their personalities, the visuals, the lore, the gameplay EVERYTHING about this game is just perfection... I just hope that they are more people that are willing to play this since I can't just keep on playing coop with the bots😓😓

I can't stop playing this game! when I first played this I can't understand any of it and it confuses the shit out of me lol... Nice UI too Its ez to understand it since lots of rhythm games ui's are so confusing like the whole screen are filled with a bunch of something😭 I'm just disappointed that they changed the UI when the 3rd anniversary came... I've been playing this game for about 2 and a half years already but I still can't get used to the new UI;) from colorful to bland so I'm disappointed;(( But overall still one of my favorite and also gonna be the top 1 for me!!

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