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Gacha Life


i even dont mind spend money at any "gacha series."

the best :)

add english subtitles please

Tokimeki Idol


song can played even have no stamina, can talk in game character, in certain ways, somehow i got favorite char at first gacha... well this game worthy enough for me.

Triple MonsterS


seengaknya kasih pilihan milih bahasa di game. klo bisa bahasa inggris

maybe i cant login since this currently beta version. lets see if at official release my andro can play it or not, since it weird, my andro os version 6.0 and ram almost 3gb cannot even open this game

Dolls Order


more in game events and features may help this game grow.btw, make the gacha more healty please

this game are good. 4* unit are not must have unit, but it will help a lot. just make sure use at least use full 3* gear, if possible, use char that can use red gear.
the rest are depends at our gaming skill

i also hope at least easier to collect stuff to do gacha(that ticket things).

good game

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alhamdulillah[賣萌] thanks real god or whatever your name  Read Note
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