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My existance is unnecessary
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My existance is unnecessary
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Ah!~ This is the best game I've ever tried! The stories are so deep-written, that I accidentally learnt how to speak Russian!~ The graphics are godly, and so are the prices! I really recommend this game to people who love romance and languages~ [色色][微笑]

the egirls doxxed me for not buying them sprite [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭] great app tho!! quality sucks and stuff but its good [不滿]

includes waifus but i dont like them that much. -69/10, the songs are good, but the men crappy so ill stick with minori instead ;-; also dont understand japanese the only thing i understand is baka and kawaii and whatever there was

(ps: this is a joke review i actually love psekai plz) [大哭]

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Do you feel tired of all the waifu farming? Just want to stop all this fight for Robin from Stardew Valley and become a waifu yourself? [汗顏] Well, this game is JUST for you! Make characters, turn yourself into a waifu, occasionally become an Onlyfans streamer...okay i went too far.

but still, play it if you wanna be a VTuber or some sort, it's very fun [害羞]

the waifus suck :/ [發火]

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