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Sin Chronicle


it should have been good game if not for the lag.
I like the battle style, it's like Sen no Kiseki, and it's good I think.
I understand but can't relate to people who say "Graphic is meh", "Gameplay is boring" etc, . I think they watch/play too much game like Genshin/PGR or something else that have superb graphic and have a quick action based game (is that how it callled?)

if I have to say, the graphic is Graphic Great, I don't really think great graphic have to be as "high quality" as Genshin and co, there's a lot of game who have "lesser quality" graphic like WoTV, or even FFBE itself, but I do think it's intentional, I don't know how I should put this, It just I think not all game supposed to be have High quality modern graphic to be considered as a good game graphically.

and I hate when people say turn based game as "meh" gameplay, or "boring". just go play something else goddamit, don't go comparing this kind of game with other fast paced game, it's like comparing chess with paint ball/air soft, it's a literal different genre.

it's sad that there's many people (in general) underappreciate turn based game, even tough it's a really fun genre.

but aside from all that above I do agree this game is not really good, I mean, it's like I said, it's somehow so laggy when it's not supposed to. this would be a great game for me if is not for the lag.

oh man..... , and I'm very excited too when I see Hanae Natsuki-san's gameplay, to think it's this laggy. I hope this is some kind of bug so they can fix this up.

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