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Lol no
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Such wonderful innovation that cannot be completed without the one and only Watame-sama.



When I checked this out before it was just pre-reg I thought it was decent gacha game by the looks of it. Now It's released this is more of a seiyuu management gacha game, Art is super amazing i like the girls designs and most of all the fact that they made a non-existent animes on-the-works with extras like designs, scripts and scenes is outrageous. Sound is pretty good fully voiced and BGM is alright. now gameplay... idk tapping once and watching something to happen is what you call gameplay but to progress in the game you need to level up the girls and setup attributes/skills and so on. Story is alright, It's like Im@s but this time you're a "Manager" some girls approached you to be a "Voices Actress" and you have to train them and set them up to some auditions.
Overall... It's not for everyone but you just want to play for spare time you can try this out, the game size is about 2.5Gb total when you download all.

Lord of Heroes


Liking it so far, apparently It's in english for me i guess It's auto language detect.

Senki Strike | Japanese


I've somehow mastered Worms in psx and psp so this is ok for me, but with mecha anime girls this time.

I like their take with this one, this has the good ol' konami rhythm arcade games vibe into it. Characters has nice design but Peaky P-key group are pretty much the fitting DJ cast for me in this game others looks like they formed a band or idol group. That's all what i'm gonna talk about since this is just the sample but still a fun game and i'm not a master to rhythm games.

Hehe I don't whale so huhu ye

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Really fun game; amazing visuals and graphics, amazing music quality, and one of the best hack n' slash action games on mobile devices. Storyline is fantastic since this is next part of the game called "guns girl: school dayz" it's a little difficult to follow if you haven't played the first game. I really enjoyed the game but there are times doing a certain mission or task is kinda getting annoying or repetitive. But still highly recommend this game to those enjoy action and hack n'slash games. But the gacha and gem farming for f2p players gave me physical and mental distortion in my body in other words it's frikkin hard af.



The game is fun in some parts, i expected a fast-pace game but apparently it wasn't like that I like the quality and designs of the characters the music are nice since they're mostly from the series. The story i don't know what's going on. so pretty much ok for me.

The game is really fun to play, 1st story and sound is very nice it's based on the LN or anime but unlike what's happening in those you have dialogue choices in this one like a VN and sounda are nice but what i always like are character voices and every girl in here have voices and has the same VA of the anime. 2nd Gameplay and Graphics the gameplay is a side scrolling beat em up' i enjoy those and the graphics are nice artwork and CG's are amazing. 3rd the "GACHA" idk about the gacha since i dont read canto or mandarin i dont understand any but the rate are balance i think, has symbols of character cards when you draw in gacha i guess they're the cards. Overall the game is nice and recommend to fans of DAL but if you prefer Eng... idk about that. ( ̄︶ ̄)

The game is so good, well this is my second idol base game I played the first one is Cinderella girls apparently this one isn't a rhythm game it's like a qte game for what I see, visuals nice, I love the art in this, cute and hot girls, the story depends which idol you chose to produce is nice but there's a limit to it if you failed to gain 1st or 2nd in your live the story ends there (ACTUALLY you need the achieve a certain amount of fans to finish not just getting 1st or 2nd), music is nice and everyone in the game has voices is what I like about this (except you) the gacha is sometimes nice with you but getting a rainbow in this game is serious difficulty well I manage to get one primary thanks to free rolls but afterwards it all depends to rng now.

latest edit: apparently the game is getting newer features so this review only covers the starting basics a little but it's still a ok game, But i did stop playing.

Witch's Weapon | Korean


The game is alright for my perspective, graphics is good, the artworks stuff like that are gorgeous and the music in the game is fantastic, gameplay it's a top view game with sort of auto battle mechanic (I'm still learning the settings and features in the game). The enemies are alright, some are just plain annoying others are just there to get killed by 1-2 hits, the gacha it's alright there are some really strong weapons but have a low rating of just rare so it's really nice to get one. story... idk it's about a guy turned into a girl and some terrorist uses bio-weapons to destroy the city and stuff like that... I'll just say "YEP" the game is alright.

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I do think sometimes the air is a litttle bit chunky here... Read Note
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