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All great except for gacha rate & pity. Gameplay is exactly like 7DSGC. Free 2 6* as well. [色色]
Project:1024 All Attack Animation

Last Cloudia | Japanese


I don't really like the gameplay. Your 4 characters automatically keep charging at the enemies and all you can do is using the skill(infinite use but with cd) and magic (require mp but there is no way to regain them?). There is no option to dodge or move your characters whatsoever.

I don't know how it Gacha rate is or how it actually works but you get free 20 pulls at the start. I find the rate weird cause I only got 1(SSR) character out of that 20. 19 Others are all artifacts.

Story/graphic/music are pretty good actually. Such a let down...



Gacha rate is brutally low but the game give out a lot of free summon ticket and gems. Gameplay-wise, it's just everyday matching 3+blocks game. It is somewhat fun but also repeatative. Some of the bosses have annoying mechanic where you have to waste 1-2 turn not attacking because during those turns they have defense buff or attack absorb buff on them. (Minus points for not being able to play it on PC emulator.)

Grimms Echoes | Japanese


Laggy and you can't play it on any emulator(pc) either.

Tokyo Conception


1) Highest rarity rate is 3% but there are only 4 of them. You have enough free gem to pull x10 but it doesn't offer you garunteed rare unit or even rate up. Paid Gacha has way better treatment.
2) Stuck on loading even with common stuffs like opening up your mails or upgrading your units.
3) I don't see any special event/boss. It only has normal story mode and material quest. Maybe you have to lv up your ID more?
4) Still don't see Arena/Pvp/Multiplayer/Guild.

-No VA during cutscene
-Gameplay is too slow-paced. It takes forever to beat just 1 stage.

+Reroll possible.
+Art design look really good but some character model look a bit stiff.



Can't even login. Not sure if the server is down or maybe it needs vpn?

Teria Saga


Great gameplay + ftp friendly.

Labyrinth of the Witch


Traditional rogue-like. Very good. Now it also has English language. The downside is that it has login issue.

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