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Merge Girls : Idle RPG


This game is awesome, it is a rly good experience for whoever likes to play gacha games, it has good rates of you getting better characters than you had previously(leaving the ones you had before usually still very useful, just in other ways), doesn't make you pay in any way(of which is rare nowadays) anf if you get slightly tired of the game or you're just exhausted overall, you can just play for 5 minutes to complete your daily quests.
It is overall rly good. Just please don't trust the reviwes that say that the SR characters become bad after you have SSR (of which is a big lie for most), that the game is p2w, of which it isnt, or that the servers make it unplayable. Everything on that list is just people who didn't like the game or want to make people it is a bad one, it isn't. I am proof of it, I've been playing this for exactly a year now.

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