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Genshin Impact


Game seru pokoknya best lah lumayan setiap update patch simpan primogem buat summon char yg kusuka .daripada summon melulu setiap banner 10x doang tapi gk dapat. mending nabung( itu baru pintar) mudah mudahan keluar hero yg keren dan jurusnya OP secepatnya. primogem lagi banyak hasil nabung[哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]



it good game actually but it first game. so bored to search truth story. but hopeless. it easy if like spend some time, if hard i have tips. Go search all his part body from all other dungeon like first go to second boss( if meet another boss door) go until you need 4 part and last you can meet last boss in hell. you can earn diamond if you finish the story in any difficult

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maklum gk pernah isi maklum baru 1bln masi kurang bagus gk ada awakened, hero masi ampas semua Read Note
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