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I Like games....... wait i think all of us do...
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I Like games....... wait i think all of us do...
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Ok, the game is great and All, but there are some parts i want to talk about [可憐]

1. I Like the Graphics of everything, the Visuals are Amazing! the Transition between Waifu 2D and Chibi 3D are cool! 5/5 [哇噻]

2. The Music/OST, it's normal imo, the only good Soundtrack is probably only Unwelcome School imo, teel me ur opinions! 4/5 [懵懂]

3. Gameplay is has different modes, i like the Missions since i like actions and i like to play it manually instead of using Autoplay. but i hate the Story Mode since everything is kinda boring to me. 5/5 for the Battle and 2.5/5 for the Story mode since oth are considerewd gameplay [汗顏]

4. Story, ah yes, i almost mixed Storyline and Gameplay together, my bad. Anyways, Story is kinda meh for me, i'm not a fan of a relationship between Student-Teacher relationship, basica,,y i'm not a fan of a relationship between a 15-17 year old Girlsand a 20-25 year old Male Teacher. I dunno probably becase i'm not a Cupcake enjoyer. 2.5/5 [發困]
(Honorable mention, even tho i kinda hate the point of the whole story, it has different lore for: Character's, Groups, Schools, Teams, etc. So it has so much story that you can take in, if you like story games with alot of lores and stuff like this, this game is may be for you!)

5. Overall, the game is great! I like it and not hate it that much, i always skip the story tho i=since it makes me dies of cringe, but the gameplay is very fun! The gacha system is very fair imo, i'm not a heavy spender but no matter what gacha game i play, i've always atleast make 1 single purchase and buy a beginners pack if it's available. The game is not so F2P friendly imo, you can still grind but it takes some time [鬼臉]

6. During the gameplay of this game, i've never touch grass for 1 week, glad i'm finally finished reviewing this game! [開心]

Kemono Friends:Kingdom


There is nothing for me to Add here, it's already good. [無語]
I LOVE the fact that before you enter the game, you can setting the Graphics and Quality first! it reaaly helps me alot who played in a quite old piece of hardware! [懵懂]
The game is Fun in general, the gameplay is not so bad, the gacha system is as usual as any other gacha games, the artwork and artstyle is cute too. [微笑]
So basically, i have nothing to complaint, the game is fun enough to be playable. [暈]

Furry Indonesia solid solid solid

Google Translate


This is probably one of the Best Game i've ever played, there are ALOT of Features in this Game! [哇噻]

Gameplay is 10/10. Mwah, i love how i can translate any language to any language [色色]

Soundtrack 10/10, You can feel the intensity when playing this, some Soundtrack is also FIRE!!! 🔥🔥🔥

Graphics 10/10, The Graphics is INSANE!!! Careful if you're using Low-End Devices [無語]

Storyline 10/10, Makes my heart sank, the Story in this game is very Dramatic [大哭]


(All Jokes aside, without this App i can't play any Game that uses Chinese Only as their language, so yeah thx to GTranslate ig)



This game is sadly very pay to win, they do have a Chance Up tho but it's so low that you wouldn't even see the difference, the only way to get a Guaranteed SSR is by using Payed Soul Stones, yes you do can get Free Soul Stones but you can't do the Guaranteed SSR Spin. [發困]

This game uses Server Specific Account System.
Whenever you choose a certain Server, you can't use your Specific Account for one Server and use it on another and so you need to use/make a New Account for that New Server. I like this system since it allows me to make a New Account on a New Server playing with a New Player, making the Experience more Fresh since i hate Playing as a New Player on an Old Server. [開心]

I must say that the Art Style of every character is Insane. [色色]

As for the Story, it's also pretty Entertaining, the feeling you get after Defeating the Final Boss of a Chapter felt so Fun! [鬼臉]

The Music is just a Generic RPG Battle Music, something that you would find very often in any RPG Games, not that Hype but it does the Job. 5/10 (2.5/5) [不滿]

But well yeah, that's pretty much it from me, i don't really like the Game since it's Heavily P2W for Me.
Story is Fun, Character is Cool, Server System is Cool, P2W is Not, my bad if i Offend anyone... [可憐]🙏
It's just my Personal Opinion for this game! [微笑]👍

Echocalypse | SEA


i did not expect this game to be good, but it turned out to actually be good [汗顏]

well at first i thought this game would just gonna be "GACHA until your life savings got reduced to atoms JUST to get some SHMEXY ANIME GURLS!!!" type shit [發火]

well... it kind of is but not exactly, you see the Story and the Gameplay is actually reaaally fun... which i do not expect it to have... [無語]

the Visuals is Stunning, they even got A WHOLE F#KIN' ANIMATION CREW, like wth bruh it's so good Art Style is Poggers!!! [哇噻][暈]

but well yeah, i'm loss of words... [發困][委屈]



a very good app to replace my other social media [開心]

i already played this alot on Steam platform and this is a VERY great game [開心]

here's a little bit of reason why you should buy this game: [難過]

1. the Visuals is Amazing![色色] This game is combining 2D and 3D elements, by that i mean it still has a 2D style but you can Rotate the world around you for different perspective, for example: if you can't find things that you swear you remember it's there, try to see behind the trees, and to see it you need to rotate your vision[哇噻]
(basically what i'm trying to say is: this game has a unique style)

2. Don't Starve: PE is a single player survival game, so it's very important on how many times you play the game, how many time you die, and how many times you beat the game, this is a survival game so of course you need time to be good at it, but once you mastered it, it becames really fun!! PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!!! [害羞]

3. THE STORY AND LORE of every single character is insane, you do need to play it alot to unlock some of the characters tho (just like what i explain in number 2, you will need time!!)[鬼臉]

4. there are too many things for me to explain, honestly just watch some youtube gameplay for more information and see it for yourself lmao [怪笑]

5. there's a Multiplayer version named Don't Starve Together but it's only available for PC Platform, maybe in the future there will be a Mobile port, but all we can do is just wait [不滿]



this is a good game. [開心]
but i can't just say that bluntly because this is a review. [大哭]
so here's the pros and cons: [難過]


2. it's a strategy game but with Chess type board (not really)

3. good thing this game is F2P Friendly, yes this game has Gacha System on it but it's not that major of a problem because no matter what Heroes you choose, the important part is to upgrade your Heroes and strategically placing your Heroes on the board, depending on the Enemy type

4. even after typing all of that thing on number 3, i'm still addicted to the Gacha system in this game [發困]

5. the Soundtrack in this game is very good, it matches the environment of the Arena for different Invasion levels (even tho most of the time the soundtrack is the same, but it's good imo[發怒])

6. this game has very little Story, maybe even it doesn't even have any lol (all i know is that this game has Lore for everything (correct me if i'm wrong)[憋屈])

7. Overall of the game from me: 8/10 [微笑]



is there really any reason for me to explain why this game is good?[發困]

c'mon man it's literally the most famous Rhythm game for weebs bruhh[發怒]

why are you here?
well anyways bcs you're here, why don't you read my review for this game? 🤓

here is 4 reasons i like this game:

1. i love 2D Pixelated style games
2. this game is one of my favorite gacha game
3. F2P players is literally better at the game than P2W players bruh, like how did that happened? 💀
4. that's it, thanks for reading this goofy ahh review[鬼臉]

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