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TakanashiRein 9021041

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need more coins for gacha.. n also we cant reroll[大哭]

the size will be more than 6gb, just be aware



hope i could bind account without chinese phonenumber

Witch's Weapon | Japanese


the animation n drawing style is amazing[色色] i love the voice n the bgm. But the freakin gameplay is sucks.. auto attacking but not when u move it, no dash or dodge.

fun gameplay i hope they'll add more feature in the future

Diva Destiny | Chinese


This game often crash or not responding at the loading screen its like keeping me away from the game. But overall its great, the music is fine, the gameplay is fun, n the dance is sometimes funny but its great.

Devil Book | Japanese


slow loading.. takes 1-3 mins to login n get in the game

Tokyo 7th Sister


bad gacha game for my life..

love the guarantee 4 star system

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