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Pokémon Masters EX


Overall, great game. Graphic and gameplay id nice for a change from those Pokémon games. Rate is pretty high at 7% for a 5☆. You don't really need to reroll but i would recommend as we still don't know if we will get a lot of goodies as it take 3000 gems to do one multi. I did and it takes me 2 days (4 reroll, yeah i got busy and all so can only do 4 rerolls in 2 days) until I got a 5☆ (Brendan and his Treeko). I will be playing this as I wait for Pokémon Sword and Shield.
P.S. You no longer need to use VPN, but still need to choose either Singapore or Canada. If yiu choose "Other" it will restart and said "Not available in yiur country."
Edited: As of right now 8/2/19, you need VPN to get into the game again.

One of my many favorite series. The game itself is awesome and then there is the story. Everything is great. I like how they make it so that even R characters can be upgrade to UR. The dress up is a plus. Overall, very nice and awesome game.

First thing first, if you are a fan of Date A Live, then get this game. There's the CN version but the binding account is very confusing and I can't make purchase there as I want to support the developers so I play this version instead. The game is fun with full voice and very F2P friendly. Hope they make a English so I can interact and understand more about the game. Overall, it's a great game.

Overall, this is a good game. Graphics is better when compared to similar game styles. I love the character customization and no gender lock like some other games. Reason why I like it was because I don't want my character to look the same as the person next to me which is super boring.



It's not as bad as some people said it is. 5☆ equipment can drop from normal map and stuff, just low rate. I would said, this is one of the more F2P friendly game out there. Overall, it's a good game.

Tired of waiting for GB and I'm not sure if they will have an option to change voice from Engilsh to Japanese when GB officially release. AxE didn't. I love the JP voice better.

Everything about it is pretty meh. I do like the gacha rate. Tutorial multi pull give me 3 UR, 1500 gems pull give me another 3 UR. Everyone look the same which is pretty boring and gender lock too. If I remember correctly, the game size is about 3GB+.



This is JP version of the KR version AxE. The game is very good graphics wise. I love it already. It stated that you need VPN, well I don't and I'm from the US.

Not bad. The gameplay is quite nice and the best thing of them all NO GENDER LOCK. Almost all Korean game have the gender lock which is a shame as most of their games are great. I don't experience black screen but I do get lag alot and some time crash. I will give it a day or two and see if I will stick to it or let it go.

The Epic of Hero


Overall, it's okay. Gameplay is not my thing but the art is nice. One thing I hate is it constantly kick me to the title screen saying my connection is bad which is wrong as I tested it with other games and browsing the web just fine. Full auto pretty much everything is not my cup of tea as well. I do like the 3x speed battle.

Kind of lag just like in the CBT. Rate is pretty bad and same as CBT but with less gems. Wish they would give same gems as CBT (which is 30k+) for the low rate in gacha. During CBT, with those 30k+ gems, I only got like 5 UR which is pretty bad. Seem fun but not worth the time as it lag and bug.

Dragalia Lost


Overall, it's a great game. People complain about rate but that's gacha game for you. You can progress without those 5☆. Just have fun.

GrandChase | Global


Not recommended as it's not new players friendly. The rate for a SR is nonexistent and good luck catching up as a new player with no help what so ever. I would play it if they at least give some gems for new players to do a multi summon, but nope they give you nothing to help. It's a good game but the lack of help toward new players is not worth playing.

Epic Seven | Global


It's okay, I like the art and skills animation as they are very good. One thing is the no auto repeat when it's kind of a grind and can get annoyed very fast. Waiting for global release.

Download halfway and then the constant download fail. Can't get through it at all.

Azur Lane | English


Waifu here, waifu there, waifu everywhere. What else do you need? Great game and super F2P friendly and no need reroll like a lot of other games out there since you will get all the waifu anyway.

This is one of those waifu games that I like. The best thing about this is that it's super F2P as you can get in game currency pretty easy. Another big plus is the art, it's so beautiful along with the voice, it's the best for a mage like me to play. P.S, it stated that you need VPN to play, you don't need it as I don't need it and still play fine.

Teria Saga


Very good. The waifu is very pretty which is a plus. Beautiful art and skills animation. I would recommend but to each of their own.

very good other than the rate or just that I'm not lucky.

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