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I'm just a regular guy who likes to play game
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I'm just a regular guy who likes to play game
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Rice Shower is the reason I've play this game, and I really love the game, This Game has the best 3D modeling atleast for me.
The gameplay is quit fun and headache, RNG Is almost everything for this game

Blue Archive | Japanese


This game have a really good artworks and Character design. But the gameplay is remind me of Princess Connect but better and less boring i think.
PVP is kinda broken because you can't win meta team at all.
For the BGM i really love it so much.
And gacha is 2.5% for SSR and it's pretty salty but they gave us tons of gem so reasonable ?
Crystal get per week is too low for gacha it's about 1/4 of 10 pulls(Please correct me if I'm wrong) It's pretty bad for me
And I'm tired of gacha tired of pvp tired of no meta in my team. I'm done with this game
And it's almost useless if you pull SSR that you already own one because you will get a st*pid 50 character crystal for buy a character crystal again why?
( Sorry for my shitty English )

Azur Lane | Japanese


Great character design and artworks and reasonable gacha.
You don't have to pay for gacha that much all you need to spend with is skin. And this game so much lewdness in it so be careful!
For the gameplay is really good tons of bullets and topidoes

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Is there any update from the twitter ?
I still can't play this game 
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