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Very fun game, it lacks of a better tutorial but I guess its one of those games that you will learn by practicing a bit and learn how to visualize the ball's trajectory.
Good game overall.

Very entertaining and enjoyable game as an alternative to the anime (I dont know if it gets boring in long run) , but if they had the intention to put ENG subtitles to some aspects of the game, why not translating the game fully? An english release would surely bring more fan base. The way I see this is like a good game but with a big question mark. This is my opinion, of course. My suggestion would be to try it out and see by yourself how good it is for you. My vote, for now, is 8/10. It may be subject to change. With good events and new content it may become even better game, if given an english translation it would be even better. Because, to enjoy fully the story you must know and understand what you read, so I think its very important for us foreigners, but its ok if they dont. It would be understandable from their point of view, jap companies have always done that. *shrug*

Kemono Friends Festival


The game is very interesting and has very unique mechanics, also is very fun to play. The only drawback that I see is the same song played over and over while playing. its cool but when you hear that 25345658889 times begins to bore you.

Kanahei's Big Vegetable


This game is so much fun and addicting, I highly suggest you to try it.
The only thing I didnt find out is if it has a social aspect to it.
I mean if there is a way to interact with other players.
If it hasnt, well, it would be great to add that feature.

Venus Eleven | Japanese


A very kawaii game! It would be more cute if it had an English translation, but I think its pretty intuitive even if you dont understand much Japanese.
Its definitely a MOE version of all of those soccer based games.
I highly recommend this game to anyone interested on the genre.

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What the heck is this!? Its 100% impossible that Nintendo would release a Switch game on mobile, especially a Pokemon game. So....can someone explain this to me? I find this really funny but also fishy tbh. Read Note
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