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trust me, I life in people hatred.
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trust me, I life in people hatred.
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My Time at Portia


100% ported to mobile.
But unfortunately there are some low-selection graphics that are less optimized, as well as the text ingame that is still a little plain.
If I should compare it to the pc version, it'll be 9.5/10.

Some of bugs that the player previously complained about have now been fixed. So when I started playing, I hadn't found any other new bugs yet.

The gameplay is focused on crafting and building somethings.
We can marry one of the NPCs girl or boy.
Exploring a big world at Portia, and many more.
So you'll not be bored easily.

For the first time I bought a game this expensive before trying it first. For some reason I agree with some players, at least give us trial access of a few tens of minutes or hours to convince ourself if this game is worth to buy or not. That's why before I had to think twice for not to hesitate to buy it. Yes, because I dont know that this game will be okay on my phone or according to my taste.

But thanks Goodness, this game didn't disappoint me! I really love it. For this one, I promise I won't uninstall it (considering how expensive this would be if it couldn't be discounted) LOL! [憋屈]

Collect Bits!


The game is quite simple to play.
It's also perfect for your sister, cousin, or other kids to play with.

The game is also quite light, doesn't take up much space. However, there are still some bugs that the developers need to fix.

A pretty good game to play with friends or lovers.

Having cute graphics that have always been one of the characteristics of Ragnarok is still the same.

Although this game has Auto Battle, but for instance, you will not be able to auto unless your power is like a whale players. You have to dodge a lot of dungeon boss attacks, even tanks can easily die there if they don't dodge smartly.

There are a few things I don't like;
- Maybe there should be a Dodge / Evade button, I'm sure this will make it easier for players to do instance.
- Gathering plants has a slightly unfair system, like 1 leaf being grabbed by hundreds of players. Yes, that's how difficult it is (Except when it's raining).
- The normal prices for item crystals specified in the game were too high.
- To make someone as a couple must needs 9,999 Favors. Which means it will take quite a long time to achieve that much. Plus the cost of the wedding can reach almost 1 million crystals or more.

But somehow, I still play it. Because I think even so, RoX is still worth it to play in my spare times. 😁

//Since 10 years ago until now I am a fan of Vocaloid musics. But let's put that aside.

⚫If you are a lover of simple rhythm mania mode, then this suits you. But also remember that each difficulty corresponds to the levels.
⚫From my history, just this one that has 100+ musics. So you don't have to worry about getting bored (ofc dont play it 24h or u'll get bored af in a week 😂).
⚫Every week the event is always changing.
⚫Easy to get diamonds.
⚫However, the gacha rate is very bad. (At first ya'll be spoiled, but the further you play the harder it is for you to get what you need from the gacha).
⚫The stories from each Group are very e
interesting, especially the story events.
⚫The voices of the characters are also very spectacular, some are cute, sexy, sweet, mature, masculine, gentle, also energetic.
⚫But to upgrade characters 4★ are quite difficult. Especially the enhanced part. meh.

Another cool thing is;
⚫We can change the Vocal in every available music.
⚫Changed each character's clothing and hairstyle.
⚫Can watch Live Concerts with other players.
⚫Gather and chat with friends in the concert hall.
⚫Also watch the 3D MV version of the musics we like!



A descent puzzle game with cute graphics. bcs am a person who really can easily bored with this kind of game. I'll just write a short one.
If you likes a puzzle game that is not too difficult, then I think this is for you. it doesn't force your brain to think.
With cute graphics ofc.
And for the storyline, I think it's a little unclear.

**Try to watch what the gameplay is like before you really want to buy this game. so you don't regret it 😲



So.. It's been 3 months from my last playing this game, the UI have improved so much, and lil' bit change.

It has an interesting story, about spaces and planets. The gameplay is mania mode (kind of piano) with 7 button's note in total (5 above + 2 below). So i guess this must be a game with no challenges. Nah, I'm wrong.
I've tried the Hard difficulty, and wow my fingers can't handle the blue and red notes at the same time!! It really challenged me, challenged my anger to get 100% accurate! 😤

Fact : This game have the most beautiful musics than the other for my taste!!!

You should try it too, maybe you'll like this new rhythm game. (◍•ᴗ•◍) Oh.. there's a chapter which only available by purchase with real money. So, the game isn't 100% free.

Mitrasphere | English


After my progress for a week here. I can say, this is the best jrpg game.
Moreover, there is an old school nuance vibe, it makes me feel at home.(›´ω`‹ )

Using vertical mode is not a bad thing, it's actually good bcs players won't be bothered holding their phone with full hands.

Having simple gameplay, Auto and Manual are still fun.
Please note that this game is a little more about grinding. So you'll be busy with grinding equipments and avatars.

- Graphics is excellent, smooth. But imo, it's a little less diverse for the effects per weapon.
- Storyline, exciting! I rarely find games with an exciting storyline like this.
- Have a character customize feature at will, as well as choose one of the many sample character voices.

The game is very light when I played it on my old phone, even though the size is ±1GB

Overall, recommend for those who loves 2D, JRPG, Action-Turn based, and relaxed game.(^_^)

Tsuki's Odyssey


It's a best casual game that i've played, since this is my first Tsuki's game, I would say that the game is a bit boring. There was little to do but grow carrots, buy furniture for our tree house, and also fishing.

For the storyline, I found it short, so it felt really quiet. If the storyline were continued or a bit longer, this might have been more interesting and entertaining.

carrotOS feature is so cute, btw. Let's just say every time he moves to different places at different hours, Bunny Tsuki always makes me smile when he does something, it's entertaining me.

Brawl Stars | Global


Based for PvP, Teammatch, Player vs Boss, or else.
I can say this is one of the most friendly for free player.
You can get everything by only progressing your game (Even you can buy Season Pass without ur real dollar).
Yeah, I mean it, as long as you active playing the game.

All heroes are well-balanced ady.
No matter what level and class your hero is, as long as you are good at playing without being BARBARIC or lucky to get a good teammate, then you can easily win. [厲害]

If you still insist on saying it's P2W, I'll come to ya home with knife. (༼•̀ɷ•́༽)

Devil Book | Global


I didn't expect that this game wasn't boring at all, it had nuances like inviting me to keep playing, maybe this is because the influence of the 2D style used is something new. I didn't even bother with auto-battle and auto-track.

On more thing, the skill effects of each heroes are designed very well.

Yes, it is the most simple RPG ever.. even game called SimpleMMO not this simple.
Disini, yang bisa kalian lakukan hanyalah mengasah karaktermu to become stronger, so you can only do fighting with monster for leveling and grinding some gold, or entering the ruins for searching a better equips. Jadi, tidak banyak yang bisa dilakukan.

BUT, interface dan BGM yang diberikan membawa gw jadi sedikit nostalgia dengan game-game retro jaman dulu, quality sangat bagus. So I recommend this for those of you who curious with this.

And yet, I usually playing the Online version from this game. Yes, the game have that version, name is "Simplest RPG - Online Edition". The game provides you to do a many things than this. You could try this one 😉

Stardew Valley


This is my most favorite among the others.
Not gonna lie, cerita tiap karakternya pun unik, tidak membosankan.
Banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan juga, apalagi adanya banyak hal tersembunyi yang dibuat oleh si developer sendiri, itu membuat gw jadi penasaran ingin mencarinya terus menerus.

Sistem dekorasi rumah yang bisa dilakukan secara gratis ketika sudah punya meja perkakas buat gw jadi tidak bosan untuk gonta ganti tema rumah. 😁


Play Together


Simulation your real life in this game. it is really good for you who loves to interact and communicate with friends or even find a new fellas.

No have story, just play as you want.

The game have an education in it (School system), it's so good that your brain won't stop working. [厲害] (I hope adults player will stop to hoping a couple/wedding feature, because this game audiences is for kid to adult 😒 you guys can see it by this School feature).

Also easy to earn money-in-game, as long as you can watch ads everytime you claim the rewards. Ya, the ads only function if you want to claim 3x rewards.

What you can do : Decorating your own house, customize your character, collecting a cute pet, host a party, cooking, fishing, working for earn money, parkour, etc.

But the bad thing imo is, this game is supposed to be light, but it turns out to be very heavy for Android 6.0.
It doesn't have a separate chat log, so whatever you talk, everyone can read it. so, here there is no privacy (except in a house that is set private).



Gw gak berekspektasi kalau gamenya akan sebagus ini. Figment, yang ternyata game lama yang sudah ada dihampir seluruh console game dan kini ada versi mobilenya.

Salah satu game adventure-action yang menurut gw patut disebut "masterpiece". Bed Time bener-bener memuaskan playernya dengan gameplay yang diberikan disini. Walau harga full versinya sedikit mahal, namun menurut gw sangatlah worth it.

Adventure game yang punya sedikit unsur puzzle, juga dibumbui dengan gameplay actionnya dimana sang karakter harus mengejar dan membasmi creatures yang dibuat oleh Nightmare.

Poin plus lainnya adalah storyboard, obrolan yang disuguhkan buat gw tertawa, karena tidak sedikit obrolan mereka dibalut dengan sarkasme 😂😂😂.

Naica Online


after waiting for quite a long time. From so many bugs, no tutorial when starting the game, or the buttons are not very clear, but now... everything GOOD HONESTLY!!!
I felt PIXEL MMORPG vibes revived by this one game, or this smol industry that makes Naïca really loves retro pixle games like me, so they build this amazing mmorpg.
✔️ Can be playable on my Android 4.0.
✔️ Lightweight no taking up space too much.
✔️ Not pay to win (as long as I can see rn).
✔️ Multiplayer online.
✔️ Crowded player.
And many more (I'll edit it later)

Sorry, I immediately review this game as soon as possible, bcs I just want to let everyone know that Naïca is READY TO PLAY, Naïca now is PLAYABLE around the world, and Naïca will bring you to its world.

PS. ping for SEA is a bit high, that is what makes me not give full ★.

Village of Adventurer


I actually loves the gameplay, adventure type and so much freedom, yes it is.
but... I found so much a no no too..
- No tutorial
- No Guide
- No Hint
- No Menus buttons (from the start)
- No Setting button (from the start)
- No detailed story.
But I do believe this game have potential to be more perfect than this.

🌹️just being honest, as always🌹

What I like :
- The graphics is beautiful, perfect, lightweight, run smooth (If you setting highest).
- The jungle system which is my new experience from MOBA, not too simple like the others (thats what I like, more complicated more challanging :v)
- The UI, is simple.
- Every hero have their unique skills (well, yeah, ik, ofc).
- The AI ​​matching system here is very helpful for a busy player like me, because all daily or missions event can be completed by just matching with AI (as long as my experiences playing all MOBAs, this system doesn't exist lol).
- Accumulating the in-game currency used to buy heros is more faster than the otheerrrr.

What I dislike :
- The internet is still unstable for some area in SEA,
- There is no optimize sound automatically when activating the speakers & voice (I was expecting that if I turned on the speaker-voice, the in-game sound would be minimum by itself, but it turned out that I had to manually go through the settings).

OK, thats it.😁

Epic Conquest 2


Well honestly, for tiny industry which only have 3 people, this game is absolutely has improved from the last one.

If you never play Epic Conquest, dont you worry because the story itself is easy to follow. And I guess someone who works behind the storyline have a good sense of humor, this is the first time am actually laughing because of each cutscene here. Good story, good cutscenes, good emotions. brilliant!

Graphics, its still a lil bit stiff, not so much different from EC. But the quality is already in a perfect shape.

Sound, my ears hearing the BGM while playing belike; wooowww... its good yknow.

Gameplay, well I can say this is the type of free-offline-adventure-rpg game that rpg lovers have been looking for for a long time. FINALLY!!

I wish we can rotate the camera... ahahaha.

I do loves the graphics, but the SFX sound is meh.. I'ts little bit annoying if the click's sounds like a music note with high volume, atleast I wish can adjust manually the volume from 0 to 10.

The gameplay is actually relaxing, is perfect for playing during spare time, and I felt like I will get bored quickly if its played for 3 hours nonstop.
Well yeah, all I can do is only do the daily quest, fishing, colecting trash in the town, chatting (if crowd LOL).

Login method : LINE acc.
Total Size (mine) : 1.3GB.
Language : Japanese, Korean, English.

Play casually, don't be rush. ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

PS. I made a Town for Asia people who can speak English or ur language. How to join : add Fimelos - Visit Town - City Hall - Relocate. Come and have fun! ❤️❤️

Wannabe Challenge


Honestly, everythings good and perfect until I realized that 99% the gameplay here is the copy of Mr. Love : Queen's Choice or Evol x Love. I swear. (Then my mind was got suggestion that the developer didn't have their own unique idea for the game at all?) [憋屈][憋屈]

But still, Day7 had finally do the great job to this game. Like how solid the story is, and with korean graphics by Day7 always looks gorgeous in any way.

Then, where is the 1% of that 99% I mentioned above? The 1% gameplay which not copied is that we can change the clothes main character.

PS. This game will release the English Version by Com2us.

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