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Your Top5 favourite person in the world!
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Your Top5 favourite person in the world!
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Graphics look decent. Music is fine.

Is a rogue-like
Not hard to learn. Daily and weekly missions can easily be burned through. After, progress is halted to an impactful extent until missions reset, again.
Is a battery killer. Low performance phones have stutter.

No storyline from what I've seen. Overall, a well-rounded mobile game.

Mahjong Soul | English


Graphics are smooth. UI is Wonderful.

Game's audio is very krisp. Enables you to mute certain characters (Which is pretty funny).

Gameplay is fun. Entices you to play more. Obtaining anything is purely aesthetic. Gacha is immensely slow, unless through paying.

There is no storyline to the game. Has online comics you could read from the website.

Overall value is excellent. Definitely recommend trying the game.



Game is a very good time sink. Visuals are amazing, and actual playing is fun. Music does its job as background noise. Storyline is nice too.

A Girl Adrift


Graphics are pretty, characters are loving. Gameplay is great for a tapping game.

I absolutely loved this game when it existed. Good memories still stick with me. ❤

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Spoiling Myself. Bought myself the first and second book. The art and characters are just lovely. ♡ Read Note
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