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Dr. Mario World


Quite a text-book style puzzle game, nothing too spectacular yet nothing disappointing. I think most people play this game is because of Mario tbh.



The gameplay of this game can get boring quite fast as you are just shooting ballon down to gather resources and use them to build energy generators to charge up your phone in order to play the game installed in it. As the energy in your phone will be used up very quickly, it is frustrating when the battery runs out when you're about to finish the level.

The game, however, does promote the concept of using green energy so give props to the dev of this game. [不滿]



I have dowloaded it for a few days and I really enjoyed playing it. Like others have mentioned, it feels like splatoon as you run around and capture towers instead of shooting paint ball towards one another (thx nintendo XD). The game is fast-paced so that each game wont take long, the characters are typical cute Japanese anime style and most importantly the gatcha system is VERY GENEROUS as it has a rather high percentage to get good weapons when compared to other games (yea im talking about you FGO). Although it might be a bit grindy to upgrade your weapon to the max in the late game, you will still be able to enjoy this game very very much[害羞]

This game has amazing plot as players can only figure out the werewolf's identity bit by bit which help create an intense situation for the players to enjoy the vibe of a mystery genre game. The art style of the game is quite similar to the Danganronpa series (though im not complaining) so that players like me who have played the Danganronpa games would feel like playing a spin-off of it. That being said, this game is still great for those who enjoy playing detective game. If I really have to complain one thing about the game, that would be its advertisement. They are just so annoying when you're about to proceed into the next chapter as the tempo of the story is just utterly destroyed by the popping-out of it. If you can omit them then you could fully enjoy this game.

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