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Epic Seven


About the only thing I don't like and I REALLY don't like it is the gacha setup. Not so much the drop rate of 5*...even though that's bad, if 3* and 4* can be developed and there's a good amount of them that can be solid/form a solid team with. Fine, I might can live with that. But it's the items + characters in one pool...and items are higher rate overall (54%). Even with the 30 draws early (a good idea), it's diminished some with the mixing. I will also state my everlasting wish for truly skippable (or short and done) tutorials. I really don't need to be told how to play these games at this point. Have them for people who need them, allow others to skip by and get on with it.

GOETIAX | Japanese


Game isn't too bad. Like the graphics and sound. SR rate isn't wonderful (2% or so) but that's not exactly unusual. So far, the most frustrating thing about the game is the constant maintenance.

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