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Not much to say. I like games
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Not much to say. I like games
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will continue to get a low rating unless they remove the region lock.

Mortal Kombat: Onslaught


Extremely disappointed in WB for approving this game. There are barely any characters in this and some of them have multiple rarities. Game play is just wave fighting with a character having a special. Combos don't come into play until you get the character more than once. 1.5% is the highest rate they have for 5* There are no voices during the story but we get them during fighting for some reason. The mouth movement during story is odd so I can't even give the game a perfect rating for graphics. Don't know who told WB this was good enough to release. This is not worth it. Let it crash and burn please. That way we get something actually decent.

app size is about 1.5 GB. the tutorial takes like 5 minutes and once you go through it once you can delete the account and skip the tutorial if you're going to reroll.

so the gameplay is alright. you select cards and then theres a rock paper scissors format to decide between you and the ai who prevails.

there seems to be a grind though as far as getting the units to 5* (iconic is the highest rarity but they all start out at 1*)

rate is 3% which is good and so far the rate up is 1.5% of that rate. you get enough to do three 10rolls off the bat.
my main complaint is that if youre looking for some characters (kuroo, kenma, kageyama, oikawa for example) they are only in the iconic tier. and with there being no way for you to select a character you want youll either have to wait for them to get a rate up or be like me and reroll till you get em.

the other complaint i have is the chibi form for the characters but I'm not surprised. the game is more than likely trying to gear towards girls and apparently most of us prefer the chibi style.

ill play the game until i get tired of it.

edit: i changed my rating a bit because kageyama got a rate up but he's only .75% of the 3%, which is bad. you can tell this by how easy it is to get hinata compared to him.

game size is 4.5gb. i downloaded the full thing. not sure how much it is without that. tutorial is long though and deleting your account is the way to reroll.

i really like this. graphics are high quality. as far as gameplay goes its good. think alchemist code where you move on a grid. differences between the two is that this game has more 3d graphics when it comes to the battle and they don't look chibi? also quite a bit of cut in animations. there are less skills than in alchemist code though.

you get enough to do 3 ten rolls and there is a gacha up that guarantees a ssr (very first gacha you see.) you convert your diamonds to coins and it costs 1600 to get 10. bare in mind that the third step in that gacha is paid though. the rate is your standard 3%. you get 10 coins and about 3500 diamonds to start.

only gripe i have with this is the costs for premium currency but i mean if you're never going to spend real money in the game then it doesn't matter.

am i gonna play this? hell yeah. really happy with the way it turned out.

Noah's Heart | Japanese


okay so I'm surprised by this but the game is almost 10gb. only took me about 5min to dl and I don't see a real need to reroll. this being because you have to create a unique name everytime.

this is your standard mobile mmo. so things like vip exist. if you don't like stuff like that i suggest moving on.

you create a character and it does have a decent amount of choices. you use a slider to customize the charatcer so that's nice. the character you create also has a voice and you can choose between them. i know the male choices were yuuichi nakamura (voiced satoru gojou), hiroshi kamiya (voiced levi ackerman) and jun fukuyama (voiced lelouch lamperouge). i didn't check the female voices sorry.

i didn't bother with story. the game has an english option so i suggest playing it to see if you like the story.

the graphics for this is bad. I'm not sure how they managed this with almost 10gb. comparing this to gran saga that is around the same amount of space that game has quality graphics for something from 2021. this one a year later is a nope. how they screwed this up idk.

the gacha is 2.5% for the highest rarity and there is a pity but i don't remember where it started. i believe 60 but i could be wrong. no idea if it'll just be for the main banner or if it'll be on event banners and carry over.

the male to female ratio is fine here. obviously more girls but there's plenty of guys.

I'm not sure about if I'll play this. graphics are bad but you can create charatcers and they have voices not to mention you have charatcers tht you roll from the gacha that are apart of your party.

ALICE Fiction


app size is 1.6gb and it took me about 5 minutes to get through the tutorial. You can skip all of that once you play through it once and delete the account from your homescreen.

It's a puzzle rpg. You stack the characters' attacks to form chains. It's really nothing new. They just added an actual fight area for you to see the characters move.

I didn't bother with the story. The game is in English so if you can read this you can read and judge for yourself. I did find it highly annoying that you couldn't just skip the story to get straight into the tutorial.

Gacha rate is 2.5% and they give you a tutorial gacha which you can reroll. I didn't reroll enough to find out if you can get more than one 3*, which is the highest rarity that you can get from the gacha. You get about 14k gems and it takes 3k in order to do one ten roll.

Know that if you're like me and you came to this game thinking you'd get a decent amount of male charatcers know that you will not find it here. I have seen a total of maybe 5 guys. I'm positive about 3 of them and there are 2 other people who I couldn't really tell. For that reason the sound rating I give isn't high because there aren't enough male voice actors.

I'm definitely not playing this but if you like your waifu games with the rare male character then this should be fine for you.

game size 2.1gb

it took me like 5 min to dl the game and another 10 to get through the tutorial. can't tell you about rerolling because I'm not going to bother. you can login as a guest but I'm unsure if clearing data will work.

the game is in chinese so i have no idea what is going on in the story. looks like you are in some sort of apocalyptic future?? you end up in the hospital with like 2 chicks who i assume you don't even know watching over you. you can choose to be a male or female but i feel like that choice doesn't make a difference. i like the way the design of the characters and the art. the sound is jp voices so that is always a plus.

the game play is pretty simple though. there are some things you can control (like triggering certain skills) but that's about it. gacha rate is 1.5% for ss (highest rarity) the game gives you like 16 tickets to start out with. it allows you to roll in the most basic gacha and then it gives you another 3 rolls for a gacha that guarantees an ss character after 20 rolls.

game is in chinese so if you don't like the VIP stuff know this is included in the game.

maybe I'll check this out if it ever gets released for jp cause i really can't understand what i was doing and reading. then again i rolled some raccoon humanoid looking character and i wanted to jump ship quickly. edit: jp already exists.

size is 1.6gbs and it should only take you about 5 minutes to get through the tutorial if you skip story.

rpg for girls. went in with a low expectation and i was right. don't really do much during battles. not sure what all changed from the original game except the live 2d and some of the guys being available. they still have some that are only in the story.

gacha is 2.5% for the highest rarity which is 3*. you get enough to do a 10roll and 3 singles. you get to do a tutorial 10 roll. no idea if 3* is guaranteed and it's not rerollable. might've bothered with the game if that was the case.

the art is fine and to be honest only 4 of the guys are worth bothering with (for me at least) a lot of them look entirely too young and I'm just not into that.

it has good CVs (that obviously didn't change)

play the game if you want.

GRAN SAGA | Japanese


okay so now that the game allows some IP addresses through i can give a review.

size is 5.5gb. once you download the game once you don't have to re-download if you want to reroll. just deleting the account data is enough. if we eliminate the first download it only takes about 10 minutes to go through a reroll.

the game is fine. you pick from a set of 6 people (3 males 3 females) and you fight as them. we are in a 3d world setting and you can see other players playing. you can full auto if you want but you don't have to. i don't think anyone plays as a specific role which is nice. the game reminds me a lot of Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur without the roles and you can change into some of your weapons (the ssr ones)

the gacha has you roll for weapons and the gran summons is a weapon that your character can turn into for a short period of time. it's the standard 3% for rolling. as of 11/23 you get 7k gems which is enough to do 2 tenrolls and 3 singles. 3k for a 10roll and 300 for a single.

not a big fan of the art. I'm pretty sure it's the same artist that draws for gbf. however the voice actors and the gameplay itself are worth it to me so I'll give it a shot.

Wind Boys!


size is about 1gb. if you read the prologue then the times they have listed is accurate. if you skip it then it just depends on how long it takes you to reroll the initial 10 roll.

game let's you decide whether or not you want to do the 10roll first and then the story or vice versa. the 10roll guarantees two ssr and is rerollable. rates are 5% for singles and goes up to 24% if it's a 10roll. you get enough to do a 10roll and 3 singles.

this isn't a rhythm game so if that's what you're looking for I wouldn't even bother downloading it. plays like that other orchestra game. the description they have of the story is accurate so if it interests you go ahead and play.

a lot of the voice actors in this are well known so there isn't anything to say there.

TLDR: if you're looking for story this game was probably made for you but if you're more interested in rhythm (because it is a game that's focusing on music) then you will be disappointed.

I'm not going to be nice about this game so if you're gonna get upset you might as well skip this.

Game size 3gb (how is a game that just got released already this size? especially for how simple it is, which i'll get into later)

Takes like 10 minutes to get through the tutorial. There is no way to quickly reroll so you'll have to clear data. Major issue that I have here: The game has you do an initial DL of about 300mb then has you download 1.3 gb (which is standard for a lot of games) but even after all that you are STILL downloading 12mb here and 20mb there. wtf? I get if that happens when pulling in the gacha or even in the story because of art and voice but that should not be happening in random parts of the game. You can download the full game from the menu (didn't check to see how much it was.) Another issue was definitely the waiting on the downloads themselves or just on loading screens. I sat there for a good minute at one point waiting for the download to start and when it finally did my screen turned off because I hadn't interacted with it. Well when I went to unlock the phone again it sat there not downloading. Closed the game and opened it and it did the same thing. Literally had to clear data just to get it to work again. Only way to link the game is via a bandai namco ID. You can sign up for one (JP) or if you already have a Japanese one you can just login. Both the login and registration allow you to use another service such as LINE, Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

Let's talk about the actual game itself though. Just when I didn't think a sports game couldn't dumb itself down any further Futsal Boys decides it wants to come smashing on to the scene. You're a manager (nothing new here) for these teams of high school boys (seems to be that whatever school's story you decide to read is where you're the manager? not gonna lie I didn't bother to read much of the story) and you do the most basic of things. For training you essentially just toss the ball to one of them and then they play for a bit. If there's crap on the floor they get upset and you have to clean it up. The actual matches are just as bad. The only thing you really do at this point is cheer at certain times and it's like a rhythm game.

None of the voice actors for the boys were recognizable to me. The voices people will recognize are the coaches and directors from the schools. The art is also whatever. From the roll I did you at least get the boys in various outfits and not just for school or for their team. Another thing that annoyed me was that there was no mention of the ages of these guys. They had birthdays (with no year which is standard) but no actual ages. They all ranged from 1st to 3rd years so I'm guessing the ages were 15-18.

You get a free 10roll (not rerollable) and it guarantees a 3* and higher. 4* is the highest rarity in the game and the rate is the standard 3%. you are given enough to do one ten roll (which is 800 gems) and a single (which is usually 80 but they have a gacha that allows you to do a single for 40 gems once a day.) You also get a ticket that doesn't guarantee anything.

There's an anime coming in Jan of 2022 as well. I feel like if they had added more well known voice actors the game/franchise in general would've seen some interest but I doubt there will be much.

If it wasn't obvious I'm not gonna bother with this game. For all the above mentioned reasons.

all i downloaded was the base 300mb and one episode and it was at 1.14gb. you might as well select the other one that says 1.5 or 1.3gb.

yeah so even if you download the game from the jp store you will still hear English voices.

EDIT: you can change the text/voice to jp in settings. you can't use eng sub with jp voice (obviously)

i don't need to tell you guys about any story because if you can read this you can read English. totally up to you to decide if you enjoy the story.

from what I'm seeing you roll for weapons and you have all available characters. i didn't go any further as my only interest in these types of games are the jp voices which we clearly don't have.

if it doesn't bother you knock yourself out when the servers launch.

Gate of Nightmares


size is 633 mb. take 5 minutes for the tutorial.

this honestly hasn't changed much from the beta (the controls are better and the gacha animation is different.) and to be fair it really didn't need to change gameplay. think of bleach brave souls when it comes to movement and attacking but with some extras (such as an active companion.) the pov is different as well. instead of aerial 3rd person it's still behind them and 3rd person. while bbs does have the ability to move around in the area you're fighting this game has a wider range. also has an area to create creature companions.

not gonna lie I skipped the story and i can't remember what was going on in it but from what i remember it was alright.

you get enough for one ten roll (3k gems) and you get a tutorial roll. it's not rerollable and I'm unsure if SSR is guaranteed. rates are your standard 3%.

Size 3.27gb

tutorial takes like 10-15minutes (including reading the story) the very first time you do the tutorial but afterwards you can skip that and go straight into logging in. simply click on the world at the bottom of the page then click on data deletion.

anyway as many others have said this game has an English translation. its not perfect because some phrases don't make sense but its good enough. also not everything is translated. but the story is so youll be okay.

character and weapons are separated into two different gachas. each have 3% rates on highest rarity (ur)

my only real gripe with this game is the small amount of male characters and the fact that some of the words arent showing up because of how they translated stuff.

no kyoji ssr. in the trash it goes.

Dreamy Clover Town


couldnt get into the game due to "an error" occurring. game is supposed to have english so im assuming there are English servers which means i shouldnt be running into these issues.

please remember that any info i give on size and gem amount is based on the early stages of the game.

app size: 425mb
takes about 5 minutes to get through the tutorial.

this is a puzzle game. if those are your thing you should enjoy this. game features characters from the show that features characters from different shows. you can already see the names of said shows in the description.

gacha is pretty decent. 3% for a ur and the initial roll you get can be redone as many times as you'd like. it can eject at least two ur cards as well. costs 1500 gems to do a 10roll and we are given enough to do three. in order to make up for the long maintenance the game has given extra rewards. 1500 gems and 4ssr or higher tickets given once per week. the tickets start from 9/17 and last until 10/8. once 10/10 hits the amount we get to start off with will be 1500 less.

I'll keep the game installed for now but I'm not big on puzzle games unless it has a ton of characters/voice actors I like. this game is not that. while it's great ainz is here I'm still pretty butthurt seiya isn't here. will probably keep it installed until i get bored of it or need the space for a new game, whichever comes first.

Dr.STONE Battle Craft


app size 360mb (keep in mind this is at the early stages of the game)
tutorial takes like 5 min to do and dl is about the same. all you have to do to reroll is clear data.

gacha has a 5% rate for ssr and i only checked the rate up gacha. seems the rate up is 2.5% which is 50% of the rate. that's very good as most games will only do 40% max. you get enough to do a 10roll and a single. 300 for a single and 3k for the 10roll.

this is a tower defense type game. if that's your style and you love Dr. Stone, you'll enjoy this.



Size is 2.3gb.

rerolling doesn't seem to be easy as you need to login with an account in order to start the game.

the only problems i have with this game currently are the gacha rate which is 2%. and the beginning of the story where i feel like it was just completely unnecessary. I'll change this if something comes up but for now meh. the story doesn't seem to be bad by the way. seems like the mc is studying to be an attorney so its a nice change of pace from having something to do with music or tv or entertainment in general.

the game gives you enough to do a 10roll and gives you one for the tutorial. it seems that the permanent gacha has a pity system. i can't tell if it's after 30 rolls you are guaranteed a SSR or it's 40 because i don't know if the tutorial counts.

anyway you use cards to counter arguments. once the opponent's health is 0 they lose. however if your health goes to 0 or if you don't win within 10 turns you lose. there is an attribute system too so that helps as well.

finally i'll continue to play so long as the story is interesting enough

UPDATE: after finding out that you can convert S chips to roll the value of the game is now 3/5 for me. (2% gacha rate is still not good imo)

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