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Not much to say. I like games
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Not much to say. I like games
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no kyoji ssr. in the trash it goes.

Dreamy Clover Town


couldnt get into the game due to "an error" occurring. game is supposed to have english so im assuming there are English servers which means i shouldnt be running into these issues.

please remember that any info i give on size and gem amount is based on the early stages of the game.

app size: 425mb
takes about 5 minutes to get through the tutorial.

this is a puzzle game. if those are your thing you should enjoy this. game features characters from the show that features characters from different shows. you can already see the names of said shows in the description.

gacha is pretty decent. 3% for a ur and the initial roll you get can be redone as many times as you'd like. it can eject at least two ur cards as well. costs 1500 gems to do a 10roll and we are given enough to do three. in order to make up for the long maintenance the game has given extra rewards. 1500 gems and 4ssr or higher tickets given once per week. the tickets start from 9/17 and last until 10/8. once 10/10 hits the amount we get to start off with will be 1500 less.

I'll keep the game installed for now but I'm not big on puzzle games unless it has a ton of characters/voice actors I like. this game is not that. while it's great ainz is here I'm still pretty butthurt seiya isn't here. will probably keep it installed until i get bored of it or need the space for a new game, whichever comes first.

Dr.STONE Battlecraft


app size 360mb (keep in mind this is at the early stages of the game)
tutorial takes like 5 min to do and dl is about the same. all you have to do to reroll is clear data.

gacha has a 5% rate for ssr and i only checked the rate up gacha. seems the rate up is 2.5% which is 50% of the rate. that's very good as most games will only do 40% max. you get enough to do a 10roll and a single. 300 for a single and 3k for the 10roll.

this is a tower defense type game. if that's your style and you love Dr. Stone, you'll enjoy this.



Size is 2.3gb.

rerolling doesn't seem to be easy as you need to login with an account in order to start the game.

the only problems i have with this game currently are the gacha rate which is 2%. and the beginning of the story where i feel like it was just completely unnecessary. I'll change this if something comes up but for now meh. the story doesn't seem to be bad by the way. seems like the mc is studying to be an attorney so its a nice change of pace from having something to do with music or tv or entertainment in general.

the game gives you enough to do a 10roll and gives you one for the tutorial. it seems that the permanent gacha has a pity system. i can't tell if it's after 30 rolls you are guaranteed a SSR or it's 40 because i don't know if the tutorial counts.

anyway you use cards to counter arguments. once the opponent's health is 0 they lose. however if your health goes to 0 or if you don't win within 10 turns you lose. there is an attribute system too so that helps as well.

finally i'll continue to play so long as the story is interesting enough

UPDATE: after finding out that you can convert S chips to roll the value of the game is now 3/5 for me. (2% gacha rate is still not good imo)

WAVE!! Naminori Boys


Game size is 960mb. Took me all of 10 minutes to download it and get through the tutorial.

Again not telling anyone to not play the game. If my opinion doesn't bother you then play the game.

This is the type of game I figured it would be and what Free! would look like if it had a game (just focused on swimming instead of surfing.) Casual card collecting that focuses mostly on the story. And again I didn't even try to read the story because I'm not going to waste my time reading a story only to see my main issue with the game which is explained next.

I'm trying to figure out why this game was released with the missing text. Seriously? Could the devs not take maybe 5 minutes to open and download the game to see that there is bunch of text missing? And they expect people to put money into the game with this shoddy job?

Gacha has a 2% rate for SSR. 23% for SR. 35% for R and 40% for N (yes this game actually included N as apart of the premium gacha.) The gacha that says リリース actually has a rate of 3% for SSR but it only lasts until 3/11. You get to choose a guy and get an SR of him and you get about 7000 gems (takes 3k gems to do a 10roll.) I'm sure people are okay with the 2% but I am not. Far too many games out with at least 3% for these companies to actually release games with less than that.

Voice actors are very good as usual.

Am I going to play? No. It's not even about the gacha rate at this point. The fact that they seriously released this game with missing text shows to me they are far more concerned with making money than making sure the app works properly.

P.S. The "this is a pen" thing is just reminding me of Percy Jackson.

EDIT: and the game is now calling it quits after being in maintenance for from what I could tell was a month. This is what happens when you release a game too quickly.

App size is 1.5gb. Takes about 10minutes to dl and another 10 to get through the tutorial.

Before anyone tries to start drama remember that I'M NOT TELLING ANYONE TO NOT PLAY THE GAME. I say what I like and dislike. If none of what I say bothers you feel free to play the game.

If anyone is looking for a rhythm game know that this is not what that is. It's based around music so one would think there would be a rhythm thing. Anyway from the tutorial all you do is select what i assume are card types and there's a melody played.

I'm assuming this game is one of those games that's focused way more on story and less on the gameplay. However I skipped through the story as lately I haven't had the patience to sit and read through to see what's going on in the story only to find out I won't even bother with the game. Yet again it should've just been released as a VN rather than a mobile game.

Gacha rate is fine however. 3% on singles. doing a ten roll you has 9 spots being at 3% while the other spot is at 13%. You get a 10roll to do during the tutorial (not sure if you are guaranteed a SSR but I did see one. this tutorial roll is also rerollable but I don't know if you can get more than one SSR) and 368 jewels to start. 300 to do a 10roll. You also get 2 SR tickets as well.

Voice actors are good (i rarely give criticism when it comes to that)

Will I play this game? No. Had there been interesting game play I would but in my opinion there isn't. And having a decent story is just not enough to keep me interested in a game anymore.

App size is 1.18gb. Took me only 10 minutes to download it. I haven't tried to reroll so I can't say anything about that. Tutorial is extremely quick. Anywhere from 5-10 minutes there. You get to decide if you want your character to be either male or female (I know some people like me care about this.)

This game looks like what fgo would look like if it had come out in 2021 imo. It plays a lot like the game but there are some key differences in gameplay and gacha that I like. While doing the tutorial, a thing I liked is that during a chain of one person if you kill an enemy the attacks then move on to another enemy. Sprites and in battle animation are really good. The characters in battle look loads better imo.

The gacha is where I have the issue with the game. It has grimoire (which is basically an equivalent to CE) along with characters. As you can guess characters have the lower rate. 3% for SS 5% for S and AI at 35%. While grimoire are 5* 6%, 4* 16%, and 3* 35%. A ten roll costs 2k gems and it guarantees either an S or higher character OR a 4* grimoire. With 4* grimoire being 3x the amount of the S characters you'll more than likely get those.

During the tutorial you get a free 10roll (which you can roll infinitely and guarantees either Zwei or Jin) I didn't try to get both so I have no idea if you can. The game gives 2400 gems and 5 tickets to start. You need 2k in order to do a 10roll.

Honestly if you like Blazblue I'd check the game out regardless. I'm personally just not a fan of those types of gachas so if I ever decide to play it will be when I am desperate for another game to play that has Sugita and Kakihara in it.

Magatsu Wahrheit | Global


Comparing this to the way JP opened you guys are much better off. There's quests for immediate leveling, immediate gathering of materials to evo items, immediate release of the captain weapons.

It is weird to me that they split the weapons and the equipment and made the gachas 2% but time will tell if that's a permanent thing.

If you like RPGs and you're okay with a gacha element then by all means check the game out.

Helios Rising Heroes


App size: 735MB. The tutorial is pretty quick. Pretty sure it only takes like 10 minutes to go through it. The download took another 5 so it's about 15 minutes per reroll.

Okay so this is another RPG for girls. That means there really won't be much imagination when it comes to game play (you select the order in which they attack and you can designate when they can use their burst skill.)

The story so far is okay and the graphics as well as the sound are top notch (I especially like when the units use their burst skill.)

My main problem definitely lies with the gacha. The game has heroes as well as frames (which if I am understanding correctly are for certain skills) in its gacha. There is a 5% chance for the highest rarity (4*) but it's split between heroes and frames. Heroes as you can guess have the lower rating at 2%. Frames 3%. At 3* you have a 5% chance at a hero and a 10% chance of getting a frame. 2* is where they are even at 40% each. Even if you do a 10 roll you are not guaranteed a hero. All you are guaranteed is something at 3* or higher. After 100 rolls in a specific gacha you are guaranteed a 4* hero and it's split between whatever is in that specific gacha. At the start you are given a 10roll ticket as well as 235 gems to start. It takes 300 gems to do a 10roll so that's alright. During the tutorial you are given the choice of selecting one 3* hero of your choice.

I would have no issue with rolling for frames, but they should've been placed in another gacha. They are pretty important so people would have to roll for them regardless.

As far as whether or not I'll play I'm not sure. I'm not desperate for a new game to play (The new tales of game is out and I do have things to do there.) The voice actors that are listed is the main reason I tried the game out (I like most of them and one of them is in my top 3 as far as favorites go.) It's the main reason I'm debating on whether or not I'll play. Game play being second as it's decent enough. I suppose I could reroll and play until I end up getting pissed about how I'm rolling more frames than heroes and then quit, but I'll see.

so I'm going to actually write a review for this seeing as how most just gave it 5 and said some random thing about one of the characters.

app size is 425mb and the tutorial is pretty quick. takes like 15 minutes to get through everything.

despite the fact that i really wanted this to be a game where we actually got to see a division rap battle play out I gotta say the game is fairly decent. It's a rhythm game but it's different from most because it's actually a turn table and the disc actually moves when you hit certain notes.

the story is okay. rather than being a manger or a producer you are a DJ. so its not really different than most rhythm games (they usually have you as either a manager/producer or some form of musician)

gacha rate is good. 3% for a ssr. there is a 15% chance for a ssr if you do a 10roll but I'm unsure of what that means. i assume it means for the last spot but it could mean for the entire thing. you get a free 10roll after you're done with the tutorial and you get 10 tickets to roll as well as 650 gems. takes 2500 to do a full ten roll.

GACHA RATE CHANGE AS OF 9/9. It's now 3% regardless of whether or not you do a 10roll. Rate ups are suppose to make up for 2% of the 3% total. Game has introduced a pity system and after 150 rolls you are able to exchange for a unit.

i wish we had the option of just having a random member from one of the groups to show up on your home screen (i don't have a favorite in this franchise) but alas you have to take what you get.

definently not going to say the game is perfect but it is slightly different from most rhythm games so its a plus. if you like hypmic and rhythm games you'll love this.

P.S It takes an hour for one stamina to refill. Your stamina does not increase once you level up but it does refill.

P.P.S I haven't gotten a SSR in about 7-9 10rolls. If by the next 10 roll I don't see one I'm completely uninstalling this.

game size is 738mb. it takes only about 10 minutes to get through the tutorial and the download (provided you skip the explanations)

i really like megaman so i wanted this game to work. the gameplay is a bit like kof all star (side scroll arpg) the controls work a lot like it too but there are times when I'm trying to duck to avoid taking damage and its just not working out.

there is a gacha in this game and I'm not happy with it. while it does have a 3% chance for the highest rarity (s) its got both weapons and units in it. your chance of rolling a unit of any rarity is always lower than your chance of rolling a weapon. in the highest rarity you only have a 1% chance to get a unit and a 2% chance it'll be a weapon. granted there are only a few of them but that's still pretty bad. doing a 10roll doesn't guarantee you'll get a unit either it just guarantees that you'll get an item that's at least grade A (second highest rarity in the game.) i wouldve overlooked this if the shop had a better way to aquire the units via fragments. the problem is that the fragments that show up are random. it takes 40 fragments to get an S unit 30 for A and 20 for B. in order to get the A unit you would need to spend 600 gems (they sell the fragments 2 at a time and they cost 40 gems in order to buy them) i have to assume S characters' fragments are going to cost more which more than likely means you will be paying over 1k gems (which is a 10roll) for one S unit.

i got about 2k gems to start and that's enough for 2 ten rolls.

if you can look past what they did with the gacha then you will enjoy this game. the game is available in english so don't worry about not being able to understand the language.

Disney Twisted Wonderland


Game size is 1.3GB. The tutorial is quite long even when you skip through the story. You can't skip the "battles"

Anyway I'm going to try and be as nice as I possibly can without insulting anyone.

I was not expecting anything from this game and I'm glad I didn't. The game was hyped up and it's pretty boring. You have two different parts to the game: a part where you tap to the rhythm of whatever song is in the background while you ward off ghosts and then you have another part where you fight them. I'm sure the hard (I I didn't see an expert mode) version of the rhythm part will be more difficult but the fact that that's all you're doing is boring. The other part doesn't even seem to have any skills to activate. You are just choosing two people to fight and they both take a swing at the enemy. Enemy does the same and then you repeat the process. Both parts are done in a super simple fashion. Not sure why they didn't just pick one to work on and make it the main gameplay. There is a lesson part of the game but you have to finish some of the story before you even gain access to it.

Let's talk about the gacha. The rates are terrible. 1.5% chance for a SSR which is the highest rarity in the game. There is some sort of pity system. After 100 rolls you get a guaranteed SSR. I'm not sure if that resets if you get one before then or not. The game allows you to reroll the initial 10 roll and it seems to guarantee you get a SSR. Didn't reroll it more than once so I'm not sure if you can get more than one SSR. Now I'm not sure if I missed something but there was nothing in my inbox so you only get 110 gems to start out with. That's not even half of what it takes to roll in the gacha (takes 300 gems for a 10roll.)

The only positive thing I can say about this game is that the voice actors are good. This game is a hard pass for me.

P.S What the hell was up with the summon for a SSR? You literally just sit there while the mist goes. I had to tap before it finally showed the image.



Game size is 804mb. Takes 15 minutes to get through both the download and the tutorial.

If you are a fan of Show By Rock you'll probably enjoy this game. It's obviously another rhythm game and it isn't doing anything new.

Gacha rate is 6% for a ssr
8% for a sr
36% rate for an rr (was there seriously any reason to add another rarity??)
50% for a r.
The game gives you 2 tickets and enough to do an eleven roll (Or was it ten? I can't remember)

If you don't know anything about Show By Rock know that there are males in the game (If that's something you don't want to deal with) and that they have animal ears and will look like animals going through certain parts of the game (yet another thing people might not like.)

The voice actors was the reason I bothered with the franchise in the first place. I was hoping we wouldn't really have to see their animal form that often in this game (That way all that would really bother me is the animal ears) but that isn't the case.

Machigai Breaker Re:Quest


App size 735mb. Takes about 15-20 minutes to go through the tutorial.

I'll start off by saying this is a quiz game so you need to be able to read Japanese in order to play effectively. You can use the hint button but you only get 1 hint per question and you only get 7 hints in total per quest. The auto option only works after you clear the quest once.

Gacha rate is the standard 3% for highest rarity (4*) and the initial 10 roll you get during the tutorial can be rerolled as many times as you want and it can give you multiple 4*. You get enough gems after the tutorial to do another 10roll and that 10roll guarantees another 4*. You are essentially equipping those items you roll to the main characters. Figured I should mention this because I know some people don't like that.

I personally enjoy the art as well as the graphics so I'll more than likely keep the game installed.

edit: service is ending 6/30/20, which is expected. most games that go into maintenance for a while in order to rework themselves usually don't last much longer after they come back. oh well. game was still enjoyable for the short time we had.

app size is 528mb. takes about 15minutes to go through the tutorial. the gameplay is like othellonia so if you enjoy playing that game you'll like playing this.

the gacha rate for the highest rarity is 5% which is good. my problem is that it only gives you 3 rolls at the start along with a ss (highest rarity) ticket. you can however choose your favorite charatcer to start out with. just keep in mind not all of them are there to choose and not all of them are ss. another problem is that it has what amounts to weapons in the gacha along with the characters.



Here we go again. A rhythm game that isn't doing anything special. how surprising. [發困]

App size is 605mb.

This is a beta for the game and it's a good thing. Every time I hit the skip button I'm seeing the renders for faces. also running into many communication errors.

Gacha is 3.5% for a ssr and with the game being in beta once you fill out the forms about your opinions on the game and how to improve it you get a total of 500 gems (technically all you have to do is click them and it'll count. However please fill it out as this company is going to need all the help it can get with this.)

For me this game is a hard pass but as always if you like rhythm games and you like cute guys go for it.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


app size is about 250mb.

the gameplay for this game is pretty boring. you use cards to complete tasks (which is basically the demon brothers in chibi form dancing. they are competing against the npcs to see who can fill the gauge the quickest. if you don't get past a certain point within a certain amount of seconds you fail.)

you get the cards from the gacha (its called nightmare in this game though) the rate is bad. the game doesn't give you the exact rate at which you can pull the cards but doing a bit of math it seems that UR is the highest and it's at about 1%. didn't look at the other one's because that's bad enough.

the game has a 10roll at the tutorial area but this is a fixed set of people you get. you get enough to do a 10roll after the tutorial. also rerolling is impossible unless you use an emulator and make multiple instances/drives.

the story is the most interesting thing so far but it is a "you're a human at a demon academy" story. the game has the voices in Japanese but you can play the game in English.

EDIT 1: something that bothers me greatly about this game is how touchy feely these guys are. they are supposed to be brothers. that shit is fucking creepy.



app size: 710mb

Not going to go into full detail about the game. you can skip the tutorial and go immediately into the dl.

Gacha has a 3% rate for a SSR and 10% for SR. they give you an r of everyone in the game so don't be surprised if you end up like me and manage to only roll one new card.

Game is doing absolutely nothing special so this is a pass for me.

Hoshinari Echoes


I've been waiting on this game for what feels like a year and I'm pretty underwhelmed.

The tutorial is super quick but there is a download of about 650mb (the game size in total is a little over 1GB)

Game plays like your typical otome game that has a battle system (mostly auto. you activate skills.) So the game clearly isn't doing anything new.

The gacha rate is the standard rate of 3% for the highest rarity. The game gives you 1SR and 3R of the team you choose (who gets the SR is random) and then it gives you a 5* ticket as well as enough to do a 10roll and 10 gacha tickets.

There are females in this game (there's only like 5 of 'em.) Kinda irritating because I've been rerolling for six hours now and all of the 5* I've gotten have been girls.

Anyway I'm on the fence as to whether or not I'm going to keep rerolling this, but if none of what I've said turned you off then check it out.

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