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rhythm game enthusiast
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rhythm game enthusiast
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Rhythm Hive


whenever I finish a stage it just makes me restart the whole doesn't take away stamina,but i also get nothing for it, so kind of a waste of time ... (they'll hopefully fix this in the future)
i do like how the stages look and the changing of the member based on who is singing/rapping is also a nice touch
it's not as advenced of a rhythm game (it's much easier than ssbts used to be), so it's perfect if you've just installed it, to listen to your favourite artists.
some aspects of it do feel lazy...some of the avatars are not cut properly (Hueningkai for example) and you can see the white background behind them...

Edit: It does not crash anymore, but the score does not change much for me... It is really tyring the way they put the whole songs instead of just parts of them. Also it is a rhythm game and some notes do not even line up with the rhythm at all...

Definitely one of the easier rhythm games that I've played so far. It's fairly standard except for the added green notes that do make the game a bit more interesting. You get bunch of gatcha tickets, so It's quite easy to buid a team when you're just starting out and the rates aren't that bad eather [微笑]
Love the music,art and the bois of course [憋屈]

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