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Touhou Dungeon Dive


Not as much content, hopefully added event in future

Play a bit on global before, once I know there japanese coming out... I knew i need to start from release. Overall it worth it, the reward given is more and 1 SSR is given.

If you just want casual game and refresh your math skill sure play it... else there nothing good bout it.



If you can play DMM Fanza ver... play that

Soukou Musume


Those 2d art is cute as heck~~ The gameplay is standard, gatcha is not bad similar to Mega Miracle Force or Princess Connect re:Dive where you can get 1star ~ 3star, then need shard to raise the unit star. Also as fan of LBX, karina summon lbx Archilles in battle is wholesome.

Shard gatcha(120 for ssr, 60 for r), the battle mechanic is auto battle like clicker game, that used bad and slow animation.



Used clip from the show for a quick time event.... it drag too long that it boring. Talking about boring, the battle felt that the time have slow down... even though just couple of seconds went by only.

No comment



A free puzzle game that kind of fun to play whem bored. Not bad for a game that get created in 1 week for a event.



The art is alright, though the 3d for the battle is kinda shit. The drop for a game that is heavily paytowin is not bad... though this game is boring

Time Refrain | Japanese


The game is good... unit is still op and free to play friendly as cchina ver xD

Crash Fever | Japanese


As for now been playing for 4years, character artworks is great, the game keep on improving it function with updates. Old unit also got buff to keep up new boss. Havse some nice OST.

Eshigami no Kizuna


Fragment gatcha, now 40 for a character. Still need 2980gem to do 1 10xrow(you only get 40 per stage as first time reward) though. Oh there also VIP system :/

The main highlight is the character.... it so cute. However the skin is not buyable using free gem. This game is a great time killer I guess. Other than that, seem like you can only get the vampire girl with only spending real money. (full release)

The beginner gift is not bad too, currently been given 5x 10row gatcha ticket, plus 6k currency gem. (Beta test)

Senki Strike | Japanese


The art is good. The girl is cute.....

Magic Burns 9 Times


to pull a 10row is gonna be really really hard, the game is ok



I prefer the old chibi style a bit more, however the 2Dlive is a nice thing~~ The drop rate for ssr(current highest rare) is not bad considering out of 16 reroll, atleast 10 of those reroll got 1 ssr.

The game is polished, the character is 2DLive, the gameplay is smooth, the character also have voice... also Megumin!

Ilike the anime but this game is shit... can't skip scene, can't claim the quest reward, the gameplay is basic and it boring.

Neko Pazu


What you see is what you get, just one gameplay with scoring system that give you ad every 2~3 round or so.

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So the full release is out correct? Anyone still keep their beta test data.. I not sure if I overwrite it but when i enter the game it registered as new user.(i did bind my account prior) Read Note
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