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I draw stuff! And my husbando is Shin-Ah
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I draw stuff! And my husbando is Shin-Ah
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The game's art, atmosphere, and music composition really keeps me on edge! I always get chills whenever March Hare arrives on screen.

The UI design is really nice and cute. It's like the only comfort you can find in the game.

The story is so complicated to say the least. The ending was bittersweet, it left a gaping hole of grief inside of me. At least Alice was able to escape her wonderland.

It's a really good game and worth your time!

In all honesty, I have been searching for this for a long time, it never dawned on me in checking up on QooApp-- but I managed to do so!

I really love the character designs and the overall atmosphere of the setting.
The puzzles are confusing but not an inside-reference-joke. What I really love the most however was the music of the game. It's calming and gives a whimsical feel.
I feel like Shadow House's composer had worked on the game's music in the past.

The endings can get be confusing but I really love how they have Omakes from obtained hidden portraits and from the ending. I love the character interaction even if I don't understand anything-- I can feel the jokes! The illustrations are that much understandable for a non-Japanese!

Arcana Twilight


I dove in, attracted to the illustrations and character designs without much expectations, and I was obliterated by letting my guard down.
I can't begin to describe how sparkly and handsome and likeable all these characters are!
And maybe I'm colorblind; I never fell hard for as Sirius as a red flag! (ahem, a little pun there) Sirius is like a mix of Kaeya and Sinbad-- except he's more of a Sinbad by nature.

But going around on which characters are realistically dateable, I would rank from husband material to red flag:

I actually managed to get my little sister hooked up on this game and it's hilarious to see her react to the story the very much same as I did. lmao

This game did not have to go that hard into the lore and plot but it did... it really did and I am in tears!

This is a sequel game iirc, which you might want to check out for pc games if you want some deep understanding.
The game drops you in the middle of a plot where you don't have any idea of what the story's about (unless you knew the prequel, which I didn't) BUT the game leaves clues and expositions a lot on the dialogue.

I do wanna say that you shouldn't look into the trailer as it spoils a plot twist.

It's essentially a stage-system idle clicker game. The bgm is really good, I actually turn down Sounds and Sfx as I play because all I want to here was the bgm.

Aphinor's Theme, Darkness Trial, and Light Trial are some of my favorites!

I know it's a dress-up game, and we're not dressing ourselves up but our dolls. But I have a childish complain: WHY CAN'T I ROMANCE THE MEN HERE?!!!
Like this game has fine men in here, but I can't romance them!

On a much more serious note, I think there's an error with the first doll selection process. I understand that we will eventually obtain all the remaining dolls, but I can't choose which doll I want from the beginning. The game puts on a video of me choosing Sakura (which I actually wanted Marguerite).

The game can get pretty grindy but the character designs and your great freedom to set up a scenario at the studio helps pass my boredom around.

Rainbow Sea


Okay, I actually cried for so many of the characters! [大哭]

I really love the character designs, the art is reminiscent of calligraphic Japanese art that you usually expect to see inside a scroll, and the personalities of these characters are just the tip of an iceberg.
Reincarnation, and a mix of Shintoism and Hinduism is prevalent in the story.

In terms of character interaction, you really have to schedule your interactions if you are planning for a proper ending because certain character dialogues won't open in certain seasons, month, time, and character progress.
So you have to do a lot of strategizing around.

There are times when you are asked a question by the characters and be able to type out your answer. And boy, the character reactions from certain answers are endearing and also hilarious.

Give this game a try, we might go for a tea party!

GenEi AP: Empty Heart


The game's storyline plays along with the abstractness of real interactions-- like going deep into the emotions and internal thoughts as your body interacts in real time.

The game was supposed to be a promotion for Harumaki Gohan's music and it's worth it-- the characters are cute, the music is bop (especially Mirage), Harumaki Gohan's self cover is superb, and the development is really wholesome.

It feels like Omori albeit more into music and facing teen emotions: anxiety, nostalgia, imposter syndrome, etc.

MochiCat Collection


Mochicat Collection is a game that makes you squeal with all the cuteness overload in the game. It can get repititive but it's always worth to do the quests especially if there are events going on.

I love that the game allows me to change the mochicat's names because this allows me to put my Twisted Oshis in the game as many mochicats actually looked like the Twist characters.
Also, I'm an old fan of Hydrangea After The Rain which I cried really REALLY hard for, so I am all very glad I got Senia Cat and Hugo Cat in the game.

Genshin Impact


Genshin is a very big game and it continues to be so.
I honestly was worried that Genshin's environment will force me to stick to meta or pull for 5 star characters but I was wrong, it's all about building your character. I'm stacking up my primogems and even if I do get a five star, I ended up benching them because my four star team has been doing oh so well that it changed my perspective of character value. I mean, if these four stars turned into five stars, I bet they all will be demanded even if it's just for flex.

The graphics in Genshin is really detailed, from the environment and characters down to the NPCs. Instead of the characters looking out of place in the environment, the artstyle was applied to the surroundings making the characters feel like they are indeed part of the world they are in but also eyecatching.

The sound effects in the game was very ambient and has proximity, and the soundtracks just blends well with all the ambience. Voice acting also plays a huge part in the game, to which I'm really glad of! (simps as a Kaeya main)

Genshin has a really deep lore and even the game title was clever, and I really love how the character interactions serves its purpose-- will this character be trustworthy, neutral, untrustworthy, spited or pitied, everything!

Overall, Genshin is one of the prime example of peak worldbuilding.

Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is all about a deathly worked up worker in a corporate finding a fresh life in the countryside and work as a farmer (or more).
The game is very relaxing and has a magical lore unraveled by the player. It's very VERY wholesome.

One hilarious thing to note however is you CAN make your character look really REALLY old-- which leaves Lewis' ambiguous age hilariously stretched to 120! But that could also mean that the player was so worked up till wrinkles formed on the face and the hair turned gray!

DragonFlight for Kakao


Dragon Flight was one of the games I dreamed of playing when I first saw it on the playstore, but with the past difficult and expensive way to maintain internet, I never got the chance to play this. And now that I've played the game, it proved to me as a very enjoyable game similar to Messenger Wings game.
I really love how each character have different functions and "canonical" equipment, and the most exciting thing is how each dragon rode by the characters are actually grown-up hatchlings! The hatchling design and the awakening system allows for a hatchling customization, and I really love how flexible each divine crests are to the player's gameplay.
Overall, the game has a surprising lore despite being all casual about it.

Tales of Quests


This is one of the best text-based rpg game with a dice of DnD! There's a whole array of endings/epilogues to get and a lot of routes to go down, especially if you bought (in-game currency) some tales and backgrounds for further exploration. There are traits available in the shop for the players to have perks depending on the traits and certain moral alignments gives more options accessible for the players or the events happening. It can be overwhelming with the many many game content but you can just take your time and see how each adventurer's life goes down. It can get dramatic though if you get attached to characters and end up seeing them die, but that's part of the game's appeal.
The soundtrack and sound effects are really calming and has ambience effect into your choices!

Be sure to checkout their Discord and Reddit community as players have made multiple guides to help the player to complete the game. However, it is recommended to dive in blind first, and value your adventurer's health and sanity.

Not an otome game or yes it is, this game never failed to make me simp and feel part of NRC's students. Welcome to Twisted Wonderland where every character are simpable-- like I thought I wouldn't simp for them but I ended up doing so! They are all round characters, like it feels like they're 3D!
I simped for all of them (except for Crowley and Trein and old man wizard) but I never expected I would simp hard for Jack, Kalim, and Rook!

I love how the world is fleshed out despite its lack of visual presentation of said plots. (If you're a lore geek, it gets fun piecing the world through their dialogues!)

It's funny how everyone in the game, including Heartslabyul Freshman A, Savanaclaw Senior C, and Scarabia Resident B-- and like the extras all needed therapy, but the stronger ones actually got sent to one!

I really enjoy the game's soundtracks as it just feels so Disney!

The game is AFK friendly but needs dedication if we go (our) F2P way!

Overall, Twisted Wonderland is the kind of game I will always keep in my phone!

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Game suggestion please!!! I'm looking for a game that allows you to decorate multiple characters-- if it's offline, great, and if it's online, cool.
I'm fine with city-building game mechanic, I am just looking for a game that allows me to customize characters (to place people I know into that game).
The "old and gone" games that have this style was High School Story, Hollywood U, and Adventure Town.
I am specifically looking for a mobile one.
The none mobile counterpart might be Lobotomy, and Tomodachi Life.
And no, I won't go back to playing Sims.
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