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Echocalypse | SEA


nothing difference w/ low drop rates, nice art style including in combat

RAID: Shadow Legends


would be a good game but poor company behind them. There is a way to complete EVERYTHING f2p from late game to farming xp stage (12-3 brutal) as f2p- it is tedious if you go this way.
Context: talkin about using rares, and common. If you add rng you can get decently in there but Plariun is a trash company and QoL is a joke and they DO NOT listen to community most of time.

Game is trash cuz of greedy company.

Eternal Evolution


Easy to get free, usually around 60 out of 60 required to get ssr hero, on events.

can farm gear, level cap material, skill pts, and diamonds are handed out like candy which is required for more farm attempts.c
farm attempts are required of 1 auto and how maby attempts you used is correlated with your stuff u farmed.

good QoL, sweeping "abyss game modes", arena and guild boss (regular one).

very few booba but theres a demon succubus girl sooooo..(not anime).

No power creep yet, everyone has uses.

--> limited summon pity CARIES over to NEXT BANNER.
can also get old limited heroes if u missed any, dupes required or use a universal fodder item for ssr heroes instead- which is aquired to limit summon for half price of getting new hero (60 for new, 40 for universal fodder item).

good game, sadly does not compete with raid shadowlegends ;-;

pro: gameplay (auto) focused on strategy and placement, art, rewards (atleast for starting out), sound is good i guess but not crappy, amazing VA.

neutral: pvp does exist, and gacha rates could use a boost but not rigged so its ok, story (i skipped it)

con: no dude characters ;-;

Stingy gacha tickets unless through events like through this app, make sure to go for a 2 ssr on the infinite re roll.

Heroes Evolved


good game

pro: Character obtainability, rewards, gameplay, 10min avg matches, short match making time, balanced heroes.

neutral: skins are $, nearly no p2w, not super intense matches, and strict on afk, trolls, and those who leave team randomly in match- regardess if it was irl or just a troll all is treated equally.

con: very few matchmaking issues


Good timekiller or constant play available, there are nice character designs and, skins if u want support them. Game has been up for 6 yrs, and conpared to wild rift of mobile legens bang bang- this game is short paced w/ actions and balanced.

This game does little to no advertising thought, yet has support from player base to keep it running.



good merger game w/gacha system[不滿]

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Half hearted guide characters who can help you atleast start and mid game:
(using character descriptions for those who didnt use translator)
-Lyfa [Maid with shield and silver hair]: Good defense and hits in 2 blocks straight. obtained through gacha & available in infinite re roll pool. Tank class.
-Bell [Pink hair loli cat girl w/ mech paws]: Good atk dmg, increases her own atk. Available through Qoo app event installation (download through Qoo app not apk sites.) "Warrior" class.
-Franka [Loli nun girl & a poster girl of this game in loading screen] Good healer, up to 3 blocks total so usable even if enemies hit up to 2 squares. Plus shes cute. Available through Qoo app installation. "Healer" class.
-Evegnia [grey hair mecha girl in booty shorts & white crop top] She hits good with amazing range 3 block on target enemy & 3 block behind them in a regtangle shaped range. 
Available in infinite reroll. "Assasin" class. 
These are characters that i currently use, i did not list all of there skills and abilities just notable ones. 
Names may be off cuz i used Qoo translator. 
Thanks for reading, and there are other character in game and none of these are "meta" or over powered just good caries. Im new and dont got all characrers to make a tier list. 
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