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Feel free to add me on discord ( bluillis )
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Feel free to add me on discord ( bluillis )
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If you wanna communicate easily with your friends or family which is pretty far away, this app makes it extremely easy for you. It's a great app and I've been using it for several years now, but you have to be caregful because a lot of spambots and other stuff is basically a pest due to the security, so just be careful and take it with a grain of salt

A really really amazing game, you can catch onto the story really quickly, which is very well written. I absolutely adore the characters and the graphics is good as well, the covers are top tier, you'll definitely won't get bored with this game, highly recommend!

Great covers, great music in general tbf and really lovely characters, you definitely have to get used to the gameplay a little bit if you're not used to rhythm games beforehand but it's an amazing game, I highly recommend!

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Project sekai stuff You're looking for someone who can assist you with the 2.5 japanese anniversary friend mission? look no further, I can assist you! I'll basically take anything related to jpsekai, mainly rerolls Read Note
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