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KogaP : : Undead & Eve!!
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KogaP : : Undead & Eve!!
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Helios Rising Heroes


i played this because it was made by happyele!
here is my review as a new player.

i thought i would stop playing it after a few hours but surprisingly, i got obsessed and kept playing. [大哭]

i mostly play rhythm games, i'm not really into these kinds of games, but i love this one so much.

this game is generous! if you read stories, finish quests, clear stages, etc. you will get a fair amount of gems you need to gacha! (though it may take some time, i recommend clearing stages to get the most! and if anyone has tips on how to get more gems than what i have recommended please do tell me!)

both the art and the character designs are amazing!

i think you could easily be attatched to characters aswell,
i just started, my favorite character is keith max, i'm already obsessed with him. [鬼臉]

this is definitely one of the favs of the many games i've played so far! cant wait to see more things from this game!

happy playing! [開心]

this is my favorite rhythm game! [賣萌]
this game has cute and awesome characters, nice storylines, good music, and the art is gorgeous!

getting dias is very hard, but happyele gives us free 10 pull tickets from an event login or a mission to complete!

also, koga please come home <3
i love you so so much come home please.

anyway, stan koga oogami, undead & eve!

happy playing! [開心]

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