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The Arcana


I love Asra! [厲害]

If you want a good ending you must pay the game, like buying the outfit to make a male character in the story you play like you more.. I don't like it when a normal ending become bad ending(friend zone and the male chara that you like will lost something important for you) just like what---? although you make a right choice of all choice in the story you'll never get a good ending untill you pay the game...

A3! | English


Masumi is da best boi! [怪笑]

Nozomi Banzai~ [開心]



Very good app to play Granblue Fantasy!
If you don't want to play in game app you can use this SkyLeap then, It's good than Chrome and you can get 1500 crystal for playing Granblue in SkyLeap too! (ж>▽<)

Yeah.. SEEC never make me disappoint. A very good game and good story too even the graphic is not so good like Yotsume God or Tasokare Hotel but the story are very interesting, I'll give they 5 star for sure and hope they will translate the other games too [害羞]

P.S. I think they should fix some sentence when they translate.. like Robin she's a girl right? but in game sometime they use " he " sometime " she " .. or maybe Robin is a tra— just kidding!

Hmm.. Don't know what to say, look like good but.. well guess it's okay?(for others) Honestly I download this game and play for just a little I think it so bored (just my opinion) and maybe this game just like fate too.. Also I don't like some game that we must use VPN. So that is why I delete this game bye-bye Starlight! ∩(●︿●)∩

Shoujo City 3D


Um.. Okay..?

It's a good game but too many maintanance.



In my opinion,Good graphic but story and game play is so-so about gacha rate.. think it must use your own luck? I spin gacha 10 time and get SR card just 1..
Man,I'm dissappoint



I really enjoy and really like this game but if you have add add friends system,can buy character and can invite friends to play with player in they match I think it would be more fun! hope you release this game again soon... (´・ω・`)

I really love this game but I want them to make more hair,voice and more faces. Also in my opinion I think if they have a choice that player can select partner to be a man(The one beside Koharu) or a women(Koharu) it would be great. (^・ω・^ )

Alchemia Story


Don't know what to say.. but this is a good game! yay~ [開心]



English version please ~ (╥ω╥)

#COMPASS | Japanese


I really love this game it very very so much fun! but please make english version,I want to know about character info or card status about mission and event too. (;ω;)
Ps. I want this game to have some trade event characters with other event characters.
Example if some event like Satsuriku no Tenshi everyone would want Zack&Ray but they pay and they don't receive this character just like me.. I pay for 3 time but I don't receive them and it very make me feel bad-- (lol) So I want this game to have trade event characters function like " Event Characters 1 player have > Trade to > Event Characters 1 else that player don't have " or when event collab have come I want you to give player some 1 event gacha ticket.
Please make my wish come true.. think as for someone like me who have luck E when spin gacha (lol)

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